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Aerosoft A330 Professional Launch Trailer

Aerosoft has released what is anticipated to be the last major look into the Aerosoft A330 Professional for Prepar3D V4. The launch trailer, produced by YouTuber Jeroen Doorman, highlights a range of what to expect from the aircraft upon release. This includes the PBR textured external model, the numerous system features and the included EFB. There is also an assortment of liveries on display.

Further to the trailer itself, those keen to get their hands on the aircraft have been quizzing the team on the forums. When asked what time, people should expect the product to be available, a response was given to be around 13:00z. Of course, that is tentative and subject to change. It’s good to know that the release is looking very likely to be tomorrow.

Whilst people may be excited, project manager Mathijs Kok does want to set some expectations before everyone rushes to the download button. Be sure to read this recent forum post with some notes to read prior to release.

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Uk2000 Scenery Bristol 2019 Hd (4)

UK2000 Scenery Bristol 2019HD for X-Plane Released

After a slight delay, UK2000 Scenery has released Bristol 2019HD for X-Plane 11. The scenery package brings the Southwest airport to the simulator and is available free to those who purchased the P3D/FSX version, which released last month. The airport has grown in traffic over the past few years with easyJet dominating the airport, along with other airlines such as TUI,
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T 37B Tweet Introduction

SimWorks Studios T-37B Preview Video

Developer SimWorks Studios has shared a new preview video for their upcoming T-37B aircraft for Prepar3D V4. The video highlights some of the features users can expect once the product is released. This includes specular texturing, PBR materials and has been built in accordance with the manual. It is also confirmed that pilots who flew the aircraft have tested it
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