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Aerosoft Heathrow Professional Service Pack Released

ASD 1959b

P3D V4 users can rejoice because Aerosoft has released a service pack for Heathrow Professional, update 1.01.

By looking at the change log we can immediately see that mainly AFCAD and lighting is updated. As well as some minor changes on Taxi signs. The EGLLConfig gives you the option to select AFCADs based on what you prefer.

It covers the following in the change log:

  • Using “HDR” in P3DV4 caused the apron lights and light effects at the light poles to appear too bright.
  • This was caused by a wrong bloom
  • Afcad now selectable for Takeoff/Landing fixed
  • EGLLConfig changed to select Afcads
  • Glideslope Elevation changed to fit to PAPI
  • Light Effects corrected for better HDR compatibility
  • LOMAN Taxi sign fixed

The update is available for download from Simwings and is a 2.6 MB download for you.

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Flightbeam Denver 2.0 is released

Flightbeam has today released their updated version of Denver International airport. It's available for download through your Flightbeam Manager. Inside the Flightbeam Manager under Denver you can install FTX Global textures or turn on and off Dynamic Lighting etc. For users that already have the earlier version of Denver installed in Addon Manger must first deactivate it and uninstall it.
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EVRARIX Riga For Prepar3D V3v4

Justsim’s Riga is now out

JustSim is now released at Simmarket for 18.80 EUR without VAT and a preview video is above. It's developed for P3D V3 and V4 platform. Soon a version for the XP 11 platform will be released as well. Features of Riga: Fully compatible with FTX Global OpenLC Europe Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings Ground
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IMG 1645

PMDG Update on 747-8 and General Items

The guys over at PMDG have had an incredibly busy year. Back in January, they released the 747-400 and a few months later they brought the DC-6 to FSX and P3D. Of course during this time, they delivered on their promise to bring their latest products to Prepar3D V4. Oh, and they announced that the JS41 would be coming to
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MK-Studios Fuerteventura Updated for P3D 4.1

Today MK-Studios has released an update of their Fuerteventura 1.02 scenery for P3D 4.1. Their installers are brought up to date and sent to shop customers with download link. Check your email for the download link. For Simmarket customers, files are delivered to them in the morning today and is available shortly. Changelog: -Added windmils, -Changed VOR model, -AFCAD reconverted, -Models compatible
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Carenado Fokker 50 Preview

Carenado has unveiled even more preview shots of their upcoming Fokker 50. It's being developed for both FSX and P3D platform. Yet no more info is available but we will update you as soon as we have it. For more visit Carenado's Facebook page. In the meantime, take a look at these preview shots below.
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FSLabs Releases A320-X For Prepar3D V4

Fslabs A320x Review Fselite 2

After months of waiting and anticipation, FSLabs has released their A320-X for Prepar3D V4. The new version of the A320-X includes more than just 64-bit compatibility for the professional sim.

Version provides all new textures, sounds, fixes and features that will enhance your Airbus flying further than ever before. You can read the full list of changes here.

Lefteris wrote on the forums a few notes that you’ll need to be aware of.

First things first, if you already purchased the A320-X for Prepar3D V3, then the 64-bit version will be available free of charge. You’ll just need to provide your purchase details when ordering.

With the sim now in 64-bit you will need a new version of FSL Spotlights which is only compatible with P3DV4. You’ll be able to have dynamic lighting in the virtual cockpit as well as on the external model.

If you’re still using FSX or P3Dv3, then you can expect some of the changes and fixes to be rolled out to your versions soon enough. Some things like the higher definition textures and sound system won’t be coming due to the constraints of 32-bit. Going forward, FSLabs will release Service pack 1 for both 32 and 64-bit sims, but expect that will be the last update for the older sims.

Finally, those who are awaiting home cockpit functionality and the professional version, the team wants to reassure you that it’s coming and that they have been demonstrating it during various flight sim shows.

For now, make sure you go ahead and download the A320-X now from your account and enjoy the plane in glorious 64-bits. We can’t wait to see your screenshots.

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TrueGlass Official Reveal Trailer

FlythemaddogX MD80 Will Feature TFDi Design’s True Glass

During the Cosford show the other weekend, TFDi Designs announced they would be bringing the much-anticipated 'rain-drops' to Prepar3D V4 thanks to their in-house software: True Glass. True Glass enables developers to add the effect to any aircraft and will be completely modular meaning it will be easy to update across multiple aircraft. When TFDi Designs announced True Glass, they
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FSLabs A320 X In P3D

FSLabs Updates the Community on Prepar3D v4 Changes!

Today, FSLabs has provided the release notes for the updated version of their Airbus A320 for Prepar3D v4. From the phrasing used on their forum post, it sounds like the changes detailed are only going to be released for the new platform, at least initially - the FSX/FSX:SE/P3d 1-3 versions are referred to as the 'older products'. The list of updates
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RFscenerybuilding Releases Will Rogers Airport (KOKC)

RFscenerybuilding has released the main hub for Oklahoma City, Will Rogers Airport (KOKC). Will Rogers is a medium sized airport with four runways that serves just under 4 million passengers a year. The airport will see a new expansion with a new terminal. RFscenerybuildings Will Rogers Airport is available for FSX and all versions of Prepar3d (including v4) for €20.
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