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Imaginesim Releases Austin Bergstrom International For P3Dv4

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Developer Imaginesim has released their new version of Austin Bergstrom International Airport (KAUS) for P3Dv4. Highlighting ‘vastly improved’ performance, the result of a complete model optimization and recompile.

A post on the developers Facebook page says the airport features a big improvement in performance because the procedures are optimized for P3Dv4. According to the developer, this results in a 25 percent increase in framerate speeds over the previous P3D version.

The airport also uses high-definition building texturing and improved ground polygons. According to the developer, all of these improvements promise fluid usage even with complex airliner cockpits and high density AI coverage.

The airport can be purchased directly from the Imaginesim website for $29.99 USD. The update is free to existing KAUS P3D and FSX customers via the Imaginesim Operations Centre.

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New Exterior Previews Shown of HotStart TBM-900

A few weeks ago we reported on the announcement of a new TBM-900 by a fresh name to the X-Plane development world, HotStart. Since then, the first official previews of the exterior model have been shown off over on the X-Pilot forums. These previews came from Goran of Leading Edge Simulations, who is working on the modelling in this project. With a proven
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Milviz SR-71 Blackbird Exterior Preview

When we last shared a preview of the cockpit of Milviz's upcoming SR-71 Blackbird, it was met with an extremely positive response that was completely unexpected on my part. Many said that they'd either didn't know the project existed, or that they'd be buying it when it released. Today, just 17 days later, Milviz are back with another preview, this
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Aerosoft Köln/Bonn Previews

It’s been a while since we last reported on any new previews of Aerosoft’s upcoming Köln/Bonn scenery, and we apologize for that. Since our last post, Aerosoft has shown off nearly 24 more previews of the scenery in their preview forum, and since they just recently showed off their latest batch last Sunday, we thought it would be a good
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JustSim Tease UUWW Vnukovo for P3D and X-Plane, Next Project Hinted

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Usually forgotten by scenery developers, but in no way unimportant, is the country of Russia. Not often do we see too many sceneries around that part of the world, so those looking for a quality Russian scenery to fly in and out of will likely have great surprise and delight in the announcement on Facebook that JustSim has been collaborating with Eugene Baturin from Drzewiecki Design and Digital Design to bring us a cross-platform scenery of Moscow Vnukovo UUWW.

The announcement on the JustSim Facebook group teases us with a blurred over screenshot of the finished product, with the accompanying text from Andrei Bakanov telling us that the project is now completed and in the coming days we should expect some final (less blurred) screenshots to keep us keen for the release – of which no date is specified – and that in JustSim style, this product will be released simultaneously for P3D and X-Plane.

Furthermore, Andrei tells us that the next project is already underway, hinting that the location is nearby to the Mediterranean Sea. He also goes on to say that an update isn’t far away for users of their Nice Cote d’Azur product, along with 2 other European airports (without specifying which).

We’ll be sure to post up the finished screenshots of this Russian airport as soon as they’re made available.

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UK2000 Announce Edinburgh Xtreme X-Plane Edition

Another announcement while our servers were being uncooperative (were developers conspiring to leave all of their releases and product announcement until we were down?) was UK2000 announcing Edinburgh Xtreme X-Plane Edition. With a single screenshot of an arriving Ryanair 737 posted to their Facebook page, UK2000 revealed what users can expect in the upcoming scenery. The existing scenery on the FSX/P3D platform
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Blue Sky Star Soundpack for FlightFactor A320 Released

While we were having server troubles over the past 24 hours, Blue Sky Star (often abbreviated as BSS) released their long-awaited soundpack for the FlightFactor A320. The soundpack brings many new and improved sounds to the cockpit, cabin and exterior of the Airbus, including engine sounds, cabin immersion noises such as hydraulics, and much more. Check out the video above
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Cessna 172SP 1

Skyline Simulations Releases Sangster International for X-Plane 11

Skyline Productions, in partnership with LatinVFR, has released Sangster International Airport (MKJS) for X-Plane 11. Described as the first detailed Jamaican airport released for X-Plane 11, the software features detailed airport buildings, PBR materials, ground reflections, and extremely detailed resorts and hotels placed around the airport. Located less than 5 kilometres east of Montego Bay, MKJS serves as the most
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Orbx EGCB Manchester City, 3 Freeware Airports Released for X-Plane

It seems like just yesterday that Orbx released Meigs Field for X-Plane as their entry into Laminar's simulator space (check out the FSElite review if you missed it). Shortly after that, Bill Womack re-joined the team after some hiatus to develop his iBlueYonder brand, and the X-Plane products from his time away were assimilated into the Orbx catalogue. Excitingly, the
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TOGA Projects Updates EnvUpdater

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TOGA Projects has released a new version of their EnvUpdater software that adds functionality and makes it easier for the user to keep all of their Env products up-to-date.

Writing in a post on their Facebook page, the developer says the latest update gives the EnvUpdater tool the ability to update EnvDir, Envtex, and Envshade without any additional input from the user. Previous versions of the EnvUpdater were only able to update the Environment Director (EnvDir).

Along with the ability to update all of the Env products, the updater software will also handle the shaders installation process, and will ensure that you can install the correct shaders to your simulator.

If you already have Envdir installed on your computer, you can simply launch Envupdater by clicking “Check update” from the help page and the new version will be downloaded and installed automatically.



  • Auto-detection of Prepar3D versions for shaders installation
  • Added products updates from the user interface

Envtex 1.1.4

  • Added updates from the user interface
  • Envdir compatibility

Envtex 1.0.3

  • Added updates from the user interface
  • Envdir compatibility
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737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD Official Promo

Immersive Audio previews 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD

Immersive Audio has posted an incredible preview of their upcoming 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD to their YouTube channel. The soundpack, which is expected to release in the coming days, contains high-quality, uncompressed sound improvements to all stages of flight for PMDG's 737NG product, but is also compatible with other freeware add-ons. While the preview video is compressed due to the
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Cessna 172SP 8

xEnviro 1.09 Released

Hot on the tails of the much-anticipated xEnviro 1.0.8 update, the world was introduced to xEnviro 1.0.9, an incremental update to the large changes made by v1.0.8, including the inclusion of crepuscular rays, cloud shadows, and an option to enable/disable the new crepuscular rays. The full changelog is provided here: Version 1.09  (April 17th 2018) ### Added - Cloud shadows
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