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DCS: Mosquito FB VI Released

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A great week for enthousiasts of warbirds. After the release of the Supermarine Spitfire for MSFS by Aeroplane Heaven, DCS will welcome the de Havilland Mosquito to its ranks. The Mosquito is a very versatile combat aircraft, that served a great many roles during WWII. It was mostly used as a fast and agile bomber, but also had great fighting capabilities. The plane was also used for photo-reconnaisance, pathfinder, and many more things. The Mosquito flew with the Royal Air Force in the European, Meditteranean and Italian theatres of war. The Mosquito was particularly remarkable because it was built mostly out of wood, to save scarce building materials.

The DCS version of the plane is the Mosquito FB Mk. VI variant of the plane, which is also the most produced version in real life. It’s powered by two Rolls-Royce Merlin Mk. 25 engines, and carries 4 .303 Browning machine guns, 4 Hispano 20mm. guns, and 250lbs and 500lbs bombs in the bomb bay and under the wings. The plane also comes with full simulations of the fuel system (including external tanks), electrical system, hydraulic system and the pneumatic system. The flight dynamics are based on official reports, Eagly Dynamics’ own CFD research and pilot feedback. The Mosquito also supports the new internal, structure-based damage model in DCS.

The DCS: Mosquito FB VI is available right now for $59.99, with a sale going on for $47.99. It should be noted that the plane is available in Early Access, and it may contain bugs or other incomplete features.

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Flybywire Simulations A32nx Update 0.7 (7)

FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Updated to Version 0.7.0

Following on from the news that the FlyByWire Simulations A32NX will no longer come back to the in-sim Marketplace (and won't be released for the Xbox version), the team has released stable version 0.7.0. The update has been described as the biggest update yet with an entirely custom fly-by-wire system, reworked flight model, custom soundscape and much more. The biggest
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Enhanced Skyscapes 4

Enhanced Skyscapes by BiologicalNanobot Released for XPL

Developer BiologicalNanobot has released Enhanced Skyscapes for X-Plane 11. The feature list is limited to two items: it includes fully volumetric clouds and works with other weather injection addons such as Active Sky XP. Otherwise, we learn from the product page that Enhanced Skyscapes replacing default sky and clouds with a realistic procedural shader-based sky. According to Threshold, the developer says
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Leal Msfs Release Shots 06

PILOT’S Releases Alicante Airport for MSFS

If you're ready to head to Spain in Microsoft Flight Simulator, then PILOT'S has you covered with the release of Alicante Airport (LEAL). Alicante–Elche Airport is located in the south of Spain just south of the city of the same name. The Spanish airport sees over 15 million passengers visit each year. The biggest airlines to operate to and from
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Fenix Simulations A320 Msfs Performance (6)

Fenix Simulations A320 Development Update for Sept 17th

Fenix Simulations continues to update the community with their upcoming A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator through their weekly blog posts. Whilst this week's is a little lighter in content, there's an interesting piece of news in the update that will hopefully have a positive impact on performance with the aircraft. As mentioned last week, Fenix Simulations said they were expanding
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Updated to Version with New Hotfix

A brand new hotfix for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released, bringing the platform to version The new version fixes a number of issues, along with adding additional functionality to the sim based on user requests and feedback. The latest hotfix addresses the broken night lighting when the render scale was not set to 100%. Furthermore, there have been
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Pyreegue Dev Co. Announces Glasgow for MSFS

Glasgow Airport Msfs 01

Following on from their success in Scotland with Edinburgh, Pyreegue Dev Co. has announced they are working on bringing Glasgow Airport (EGPF) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Speaking on the Orbx forums, the development team shared a number of renders of the airport, along with a few minor details.

As with other releases, the airport will come with a fully detailed rendering of the terminal building, along with impressive interior modelling based on the real airport itself. In addition, a number of static models will be placed around the airport, including airport firetrucks, static aircraft and other ground service equipment.

Glasgow Airport is the primary airport for long-haul travel out of Scotland. A number of airlines offer flights to the US, the Carribean, Dubai and other locations around the world.

To continue following the development of the airport, check out the forum thread over on Orbx’s forum. Finally, check out our review on Pyreegue Dev Co’s Edinburgh Airport.

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Airport Ben Gurion Xp (19)

Windsock Simulations’ Airport Ben Gurion Released for XP

Windsock Simulations has brought David Rosenfeld's Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG) over to X-Plane 11. The airport located in Tel Aviv is the largest airport in Israel with 3 primary runways, two terminal buildings and plenty of cargo spots. Rosenfeld's original work has been brought over to the platform with accurate renditions of the terminal buildings, dynamic lighting and detailed ground
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Uk2000 Jersey Airport Scenery Msfs (16)

UK2000 Scenery Releases Jersey Airport for MSFS

UK2000 Scenery has headed to the Channel Islands with the release of Jersey Airport (EGJJ) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport features a short 5,597ft runway that primarily sees domestic travel to parts of the UK. However, some seasonal charters to Malaga, Palma, Tenerife, and Dusseldorf also take place from airlines such as British Airways, Volotea, and Eurowings. The product comes
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Dc Designs Concorde Msfs (8)

DC Designs’ Concorde Is Looking Shiny in MSFS

A series of new images from the upcoming DC Designs Concorde has appeared on Facebook courtesy of the developer. These new shots show the aircraft in numerous states and it's looking pretty sharp in the simulator right now. On Facebook, DC Designs said that the conversion from Prepar3D is currently ongoing and has been for some time now. In fact,
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B742 PW Felis 2021 04 21 02.52.18

Felis Releases 747-200

Announced back in May 2018, the Felis Boeing 747-200 Classic has now been released for X-Plane. The Boeing 747 first entered service with Pan Am in 1970 with the first flight from New York to London with the infamous Clipper Victor 747-100 which later collided with KLM flight 4805 in Tenerife. The 747-200 was an enhanced version of the original
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BOUNDLESS Gloucester Airport Xpl (3)

Boundless Releases Gloucester Airport for XPL

Scenery developer Boundless has released Gloucester Airport (EGBJ) for X-Plane 11. Gloucester Airport is the busiest GA airport in the UK, with numerous flying schools, clubs, and spotting locations.  Being situated near the countryside means you will get stunning views of English fields immediately after take-off and as you complete circuits around the iconic airport. The airport product comes with
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Laminar Research Scales Back FlightSimExpo Plans, Sharing XPL Next Gen News Soon

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Whilst FlightSimExpo is still planning to go ahead next week with both an in-person and online event, some developers are deciding to scale back plans a little in order to keep their teams safe. Whilst the event is going ahead, Laminar Research has made the choice to limit its presence at the show.

Firstly, Laminar Research will be present at the show but with two members of the team. Whilst they are at the show, they have made the decision to not host a booth at the event in order to reduce the risk by extended face-to-face interaction.

This may be bad news for those going to the show, they still intend on presenting their keynote event on Saturday afternoon. However, this will consist of a pre-recorded presentation. During this presentation, Laminar Research will unveil more of the Next Generation of X-Plane to the community.

Another element of Laminar Research’s presence at the show included the landing competition. Whilst the final will be conducted in-person, it has been decided that the qualifying round will be held virtually. More details will come soon on how this will take place. Finally, the Captain’s Corner presentation on Friday will continue as planned.

In the meantime, you can learn a bit more about the upcoming Next Generation of X-Plane in our previous post, where new autogen technology and more was shown off.

As for the show itself, if you intend on attending, it’s worth noting the current news about FlightSimExpo. As a reminder, the show is due to take place between September 24th and September 26th 2021 in San Diego. If you are looking to learn more about the show but can’t attend, then you can register for the online-only event which includes all seminars, presentations, competitions, and more – all for $15.00. You can register at the FlightSimExpo website to get the full detail.

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FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Not Returning to MSFS Marketplace, No Xbox Version

Popular freeware development team, FlyByWire Simulations, has today announced that their A32NX freeware aircraft will not return to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. The news comes from their latest news blog post and cites multiples reasons as to why this is the case. Initially, the A32NX was removed from the in-sim Marketplace due to incompatibility with Sim Update V. However,
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Orbx Releases Stockholm Bromma

Orbx has released Stockholm Bromma for MSFS. Stockholm Bromma Airport (ESSB) is Sweden's third busiest airports, and is the closest airport actually located to the city compared to other passenger airports. Stockholm Bromma was opened in 1936, and it was the first European airport that had paved runways from the start. Nowadays, Stockholm Bromma serves a small number of airlines
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MK-Studios Releases Vagar for P3Dv5

MK-Studios has released a new version of their Vagar (EKVG) scenery for Prepar3D v5. The new version of the scenery includes several improvements over the original, such as PBR material textures, new satellite imagery and updated landclass for the islands. The scenery has also been optimised for P3Dv5. MK-Studios Vagar for Prepar3D v5 is available for €12 from SimMarket. Customers
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