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Flysimware Releases Falcon 50 For P3D & FSX

208122 F50 011

After weeks of open beta testing, developer Flysimware has released version 1.0 of their Falcon 50 trijet for users of P3D and FSX.

The three-engined business jet first took to the skies in 1976 and was available to customers starting in 1979. The first business jet capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean with legal fuel reserves, the jet boasts a cruising speed of 430 knots and a ceiling of 45,000 feet.

The Flysimware version of the jet has custom coding to ensure accurate systems, custom animations, and Flight1 GTN and RealityXP GNS integration support. The cockpit features the Collins APS-85 autopilot system and gauges, an active TCS unit and an external panel management tool.

This plane also includes a custom sound set showing off the Garrett TFE 731-3 turbofan engines.

The plane can be purchased from SimMarket for $51.08 USD.

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SkyMaxx Pro

SkyMaxx Pro Updated to Version 4.7

X-Aviation, Maxx-XP and Sundog Software has updated SkyMaxx Pro to version 4.7. As alluded in our previous article about FS Global Real Weather, the biggest new feature that comes from the update is the new integration with the aforementioned weather engine. Although quoted as providing "more accurate cloud types" when used with FSGRW, it does also inject with other weather
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Official Trailer PILOTs Alicante Airport LEAL AviationLads.com

PILOT’S Alicante Airport Official Trailer Released

As Alicante from PILOT'S gets closer to release, as do the promotional material. Our friends at AviationLads has produced the official trailer for the product. The 2 minute video showcases the level of detail the team have achieved in the release. You can see the detailed interior modelling, aerial satellite imagery and of course the impressive terminal building. Beta testing
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Shot 02

PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather Updated to Build 403

PILOT'S weather engine, FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW) has a brand new update available and includes a bunch of nice new features for users. The primary new feature is the integration with Maxx XP in collaboration with Sundog Software. This integration of the two products will mean users will experience a wide range of cloud variety in their sim. For
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Ma Prag (5)

Update: Aerosoft Mega Airport Prague Available for Prepar3D V4

Update 12-Dec-2018: Aerosoft has released an 'official' version via their webstore. Users will find the new version in their customer account. The old serial and email address will work just fine. Owners of the boxed version can acquire an update by writing to the support team at XHT Labs. The product page also states that the developer has now taken full
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Little Navmap 3

Little Navmap Version 2.2.2 Released

We were recently informed of a neat little piece of freeware available called Little Navmap. "Little" - it's anything but! The research we did on the product shows it's a highly comprehensive map display tool that gives you a range of features including automatic flight plan calculation options, elevation profiling, aircraft performance planning and integration with VATSIM and IVAO. Little
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BRIDGE Release Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

Chengdu Shuangliu Int Zuuu 6

Chinese airports are few and far between, but developer BRIDGE has been slowly releasing quality add-ons for the sim in region. Today, the team have released Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is located in the Sichuan Province and serves a wide-range of domestic airlines, as well as a large variety of international carriers. Such airlines include KLM, Etihad, United Airlines and of course the likes of Air China and China Eastern Airlines.

When it comes to the product itself, a feature list wasn’t published. However, we do know that both SODE jetways and dynamic lighting is included. The screenshot previews provided do give an indication of what to expect. Based off of those, it would appear that there has been extensive work on the ground polys, 3D bridges, moving traffic and custom built 3D objects surrounding the airport.

You can buy Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport now from SimMarket 25.00 Euros for both P3Dv3 and P3Dv4.

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Aerosoft Bergamo Extended

Aerosoft Bergamo Extended (LIME) Released for FSX & P3D

Following the successful release of the Prepar3D v4 version, Aerosoft has released Bergamo Extended (LIME) for FSX/SE and Prepar3D v3. Bergamo is one of Ryanair’s many bases meaning that there is a vast amount of routes available to fly within Europe. As Bergamo is an important cargo hub, there are also European cargo routes in and out of Bergamo with DHL and
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Active Sky XP Hotfix Released (B6919B)

Only released a couple of days ago, the team at HiFi SimTech are hard at work listening to feedback from the community regarding Active Sky XP (for X-Plane 11). Today, they released a small update which was causing issues for some users. Those fixes include a wind aloft issue and the occasional hanging of the application upon exit. Hotfix B6919B is
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207914 2

AeroSky Production REALSHADE Released

AeroSky Production has released REALSHADE for Prepar3D v4 on simMarket. REALSHADE is an all-in-one set of shaders for those who want to get to flying rather than fiddling around with profiles and complicated settings. It is to provide a similar result to Prepar3D Tweak Assistant or TomatoShade without the hassle of setting up. You can grab a hold of Aerosky
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SP 30 06.thumb.jpg.2323e0db41e1fdccef389d801bde9937

Mad Flight Preview Upcoming SP-30

FSElite recently received a tip from a guy named Neil telling us that Mad Flight has released multiple preview shots of their new SP-30 on X-Plane.org. The developer advised that all of the 3D modelling and systems programming is completed, and that he is working on fixing bugs at this point.  He also plans to write a manual, first in
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Sim-Wings Announce Paris CDG Professional


Spanish developers Sim-Wings has today announced plans to developer a more up-to-date version of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. The new ‘professional’ version of the productwill feature interior modelling, high resolution texture and updates to the airport to reflect the current airport’s status. The team are fully committed to the project as they have confirmed they have purchased 0.3m/px resolution imagery for the aerial photography.

The team confirmed that work has started, but it won’t be ready until sometime in 2019.

The team also announced that they are working simultaneously on other projects including new Spanish Scenery. Although nothing confirmed, it can be added to the list of work on-going including Gran Canaria. Sim-Wings also assured fans that they are working on various scenery products at the same time, splitting resources across multiple things. For example, their 3D modeller is working on aspects required for each project, their AFCAD person on another, and so forth.

You can read the official statement on their Facebook page.

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HiFi SimTech Release Active Sky XP

HiFi SimTech has today released their highly anticipated Active Sky XP. The new edition of the popular weather engine is the first from the company for the X-Plane platform. HiFi have taken all the best bits from their weather engine for Prepar3D and designed a feature rich add-on for X-Plane users. This includes their active air effects, high-performance weather depiction
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PFPX Updated to Version 2.03 – Full Download

A few days ago, we reported that PFPX had been updated to version 2.00. Some members of the community reported some issues with the version as well as some suggestions for improvements. Acting fast on the community's feedback, developer Flight Sim Soft has released update 2.03 which fixes those issues and adds a few new features to the mix. As
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RobinsonR22 (3)

Aerofly FS 2 Updated to v2.04.03.15

Announced on the Aerosoft Blog, the widely popular flight simulator recently renowned for it's out of the box VR capabilities, Aerofly FS 2 has received a minor update. Version brings along a new aircraft, the Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter (previews below), liveries, the addition of over 120 helipads, added controller compatibility, existing aircraft fixes and more which can
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