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iniBuilds Announces Shoreham General Aviation Airfield for MSFS

Iniscene Shoreham Airport Msfs (2)

iniBuilds will be extending its product range and opening up a new branch called iniScene. This new development arm of the business will produce a variety of products starting with Shoreham General Aviation Airfield (EGKA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Shoreham Airport, also known as Brighton Airport, is located in the south of the UK and hosts a range of general aviation events and home to many pilots in the region. With plenty of iconic sites to see along the coast and with close proximity to London, it’s used often by a magnitude of pilots.

iniScene has said that the airport will feature “some amazing features” when it does release. Information for the product is extremely limited, but there was a few screenshots shared via the Facebook post.

Finally, Ubaid M, CEO of iniBuilds, confirmed that the development team will be making products for Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D. We’ll share more news when we have it.

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JAPAN Update Shrine

Microsoft Flight Simulator Planning to Go DirectX 12 In The Future

Yesterday Microsoft shared their latest development blog which focuses heavily on the announcement of the free Japan 'World Update'. However, the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that Microsoft has confirmed that Flight Simulator will eventually transition to the DirectX 12 engine. The news was documented in the Feedback snapshot under issue #11 related to how "reflections look grainy, even if
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Aerobask Epic Victory Update Coming

Aerobask has brought to Facebook that an update was coming for their Epic Victory. The update will make the aircraft compatible with X-Plane 11.50+. It is a complete overhaul, with a new VR compatible 3D model, new sounds, a new flight model and a G1000 avionics suite.  The sounds will simulate a PW617F engine, while the real aircraft was equipped
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SimAddons Releases Canadian Airports for MSFS

Canada flyers will be glad to hear that SimAddons has numerous Canadian airports for sale. Whether you enjoy bush flying or heavy iron flying, SimAddons has you covered in Canada. From small airports in Nova Scotia to larger in size airports such as Winnepeg and Halifax have been accurately modeled for Microsoft Flight Simulator. All the work has been accomplished
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Aerosoft Further Previews CRJ for MSFS

Since our last review almost a month ago, Aerosoft has released yet another update on the development of the Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has released a video on their news page showcasing some of the features. Key buttons and switches such as operative radio knobs along with a detailed programmable MCDU have been
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Japan World Update Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator First World Update Will Focus on Japan, Out Next Week

Microsoft has confirmed that the first world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be entirely focused on Japan. In a video featuring Jorg Neumann during Tokyo Games Show 2020, he confirmed the first details for the 'World Update' which will release next week. The first of many 'World Updates' will start by covering the country of Japan with a huge overhaul
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Magknight B787-9 Updated to Version 1.6.0


A new update for the Magknight B787-9 has been released on X-Plane 11. The new update brings both the new cockpit and also the next-generation EFB. Furthermore, version 1.6.0 also brings full X-Plane 11.50 support (Vulkan/Metal) and a host of bug fixes.

The new cockpit brings high-resolution textures for the cockpit and cabin, along with more complex lighting for the cockpit. Modelling has also been improved to make sure that the dimensions of the cockpit is more accurate than before. In addition, the new cockpit brings new animations for all buttons.

As for the “Next-Generation EFB”, Magknight has included an all-new WTBAL calculator which will support various cabin configurations and load-outs. Also, a new takeoff calculator has been added which will take into consideration INTX and runway slope, max weight for the runway along with calculating automatic derate calculations and also trim calculations.

The new update is fairly extensive in also fixing a range of bugs that have been reported. For example, ACARS messaging formats have been rectified, along with numerous alterations to how the EICAS is handled in the simulator. A full list of those bug fixes and changes can be found down below.

The update is available now from the store or via the Magknight updater tool. That said, the team are recommending that people update with a fresh installer due to the large file size and amount of changes.

If you haven’t picked up the Magknight B787-9 for X-Plane 11, you can do so from the store for $44.95.

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FSimStudios Releases Kelowna International Airport for MSFS

An all-new Canadian airport has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. FSimStudios has released Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) for the new simulator, enabling users to travel to the airport which sits north of Kelowna, British Columbia. The airport itself features a single-runway and sees regular services to Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Seattle and also Cancun. It may not be the largest airport but
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Key West International Airport

FSDreamTeam Releases Key West Airport for MSFS

In a surprise announcement from Simultech on Facebook, the developers announced that a new FSDreamTeam airport is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. That airport is Key West Airport (KEWY) located in south Florida. This airport has been made specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator and features new technology. The airport product has numerous animated people, full dynamic lighting and also interior
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Aviotek Simulation Software Announces Frankfurt, Teases Multiple MSFS Airports

Scenery developer Aviotek Simulation Software has today announced that they are bringing Frankfurt Airport (EDDF) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a teaser post shared on the company's Facebook page, the team will be bringing the German airport to Microsoft Flight Simulator and also X-Plane 11. This is the first time Aviotek Simulation Software will venture into creating German airports, so to
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Flytampa Sydney V2 P3d (7)

FlyTampa Sydney v2 Previews for Prepar3D

FlyTampa took to Facebook earlier to announce and preview that Sydney v2 would be coming soon to Prepar3D v4.5 and above. The scenery product will expand upon the original with all-new features thanks to the improvements in the simulator technology. Sydney Airport is the busiest in Australia handling over 42 million passengers per year from a variety of airlines all
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Vertical Simulations Announces Norfolk for MSFS

Scenery developer Vertical Simulations announces Norfolk Airport (KORF), for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Norfolk is a two-runway configurated airport with its runway 5-23 (for its length) being the main stomping grounds for cargo and passenger operators. United, American, and Delta are the primary carriers visiting Norfolk airport. The airport has been previously released by the developer for the X-Plane 11 back
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Orbx Announces TrueEarth US Southern California for Prepar3D v4 and Above

Orbx TrueEarth P3D Southern California (2)

Whilst many developers appear to have a strong focus on Microsoft Flight Simulator at the moment, Orbx are continuing to bring new content for Prepar3D users. The latest in their long-line of TrueEarth products for the simulator will take fans to Southern California in the US. TrueEarth US Southern California will build on the existing products from TrueEarth and bring over 79,000 square miles of aerial imagery, millions of placed trees and buildings and also over 760 custom points of interest to explore.

The coverage area of the region is vast with it including coverage to locations such as Death Valley, Palm Springs and even Santa Barbara. The region is a great backdrop for those looking to explore VFR across such a large area between numerous Orbx hand-crafted airports.  All of the aerial imagery has been colour-corrected to match the surrounding area and scenery, and also includes night-lighting.


This is just the first preview of many coming from Orbx for the scenery package. We’ll bring you more details as and when we see them.

You can view the remaining previews over on the Orbx forums.

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SamScene Announces Tokyo Landmarks for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Scenery developer SamScene has announced that they are bringing Tokyo Landmarks to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new scenery product appears to add plenty of new and accurate 3D models to the Japanese city. The information and previews were shared earlier today from a Faceook post. No details for the product features, included buildings or other vital information were shared at
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Mk Studios Dublin Airport Msfs (2)

Further Previews of MK-Studios Dublin Airport In MSFS

Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon get a Dublin Airport add-on thanks to MK-Studios. The development team has already made the famous Irish airport for Prepar3D but soon users will be able to explore the capital's airport in the new simulator. As already shown off, the airport is nearing completion and the development team decided it was time again to share
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Blackbox Simualtions Plane Msfs (2)

Black Box Simulation Shares More Details on L-19 Bird Dog for MSFS

Aircraft developer Black Box Simulation has shared some new details and previews for its upcoming release of the L-19 Bird Dog aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft product is based on the Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog and will be released with 3 variants included in the package. Included, according to this Facebook post, will be the standard version of
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