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Immersive Audio NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion SP3 Now Available

The other day we shared with you guys a new preview video showcasing some of the new effects you will be able to enjoy with the new free version of the Immersive Audio NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion. Today the team has now made SP3 available to download.

The change log includes enhanced cockpit ambiance sounds, reworked pack sounds and a brand new wheel trim sound. Those who prefer the old one can find it in the ‘alternative’ folder. More excitingly, the new service pack includes some brand new sounds. These include speed brake noise with cockpit vibration, nose gear airflow and flap turbulence noise with cockpit vibration.

As said, all of these changes and improvements are free of charge. You can grab them now via your SimMarket account. If you don’t already own it, you can buy it for 10.70 Euro.

Don’t forget, that the add-on to this product, the 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD will be available shortly also. More details on that when it’s available.

You could also watch our first impressions video.

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Leonardo SH Fly The MaddogX Version 1.0.3 and Paint Kit Released

After the highly successful release of the rebooted MaddogX, developers have been hard at work fixing bugs, painting planes and getting them out as fast as possible. FlytheMaddogX V1.0.3 Change log: Load Manager problems with certain windows localisation. Stuck brakes in certain version of FSX. Added possibility to disable RealLight, and have ‘FSX style’ panel lightning (no dimming). Further to
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Orbx Releases CityScene Gold Coast

After the surprise announcement just a few days ago, Orbx has today released their first use of brand new technology in CityScene Gold Coast. CityScene Gold Coast product is a highly detailed, accurate representation of the City of Gold Coast and surrounding. It’s made up of a majority 60cm ground textures, while around the Southport Flying Club area this has
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FSElite Event: West Coast Dash – Final Reminder and Details

Westcoastdash Feb 1

Our first event group will be taking place in one hour! At 21:00z, virtual pilots will be filling the West Coast of America flying between both San Francisco (KSFO) and San Diego (KSAN). The event is due to last for 4 hours (until 0100z Sunday 25th Feb) and we’re expecting a huge turnout!

With this in mind, here is some final notes to help you have a great experience later tonight.


If you’re going to stream the event, let us know (message us, email etc). We’ll then feature your channel on FSElite for others to watch you in the event.

Route details:

Depending on which way you go, we have the following routes for you to be prepared with.



Traffic Flow:

We are expecting a large number of pilots to take part in the event tonight. As a result, there will be some pilot patience required. Please be mindful of others and appreciate that the work load for the controllers will be quite high. You are reminded to take a LOT of fuel with you, especially if you’re heading to San Diego. The airport can only handle between 20-25 arrivals per hour meaning you may be placed in the hold. It should also be noted that emergencies will probably not be allowed by the controllers – but that will be at their discretion as always.

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FlyTampa Boston Rebooted Released

It has been just a day since FlyTampa announced their rebooted Boston scenery would be released this weekend, and they weren't kidding! FlyTampa Boston Rebooted has been released for P3D v4 exclusively, and features high resolution terminal textures, animated and static vehicles, dynamic lighting, and more! Boston Rebooted can be purchased from FlyTampa's own website for a price of 26
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FlyTampa Boston Logan Previews and Release Date

In a post on Facebook, FlyTampa has detailed a release date and feature list for their upcoming Boston Logan Airport scenery. First up, Boston Logan for P3D v4 should release this weekend and will feature high resolution 2k textures, 3D tunnels, bridges and airport coastline, Dynamic lighting, volumetric grass, and more. A full feature list is found below. They have
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UK2000 Announce East Midlands Xtreme X-Plane Edition

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In a brief Facebook post, the UK2000 team have announced East Midlands Xtreme for X-Plane is currently in the beta stages of development.

Features that are currently listed for the British airport, are items such as custom lighting, custom taxiways, AI traffic ground routes, and physical based rendering of the terminal buildings.
They tease that there may be more visual features to be implemented prior to release, but do not go into any further detail.

The developers say that the price for this scenery will be £16.99, but don’t note an expected release date.

Head to the Facebook post linked above for the full set of screenshots.

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JustSim Larnaca International (LCLK) Released for X-Plane, Hints At New xEnviro Features

JustSim has released the newest addition to their portfolio of beautifully detailed sceneries for X-Plane; Larnaca International Airport. Larnaca (ICAO: LCLK) is the main international airport serving the island nation of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. Cyprus, and indeed the Mediterranean as a whole, is a major tourist destination for those seeking a sunny vacation. Larnaca handles more than 5 million passengers
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Drzewiecki Design New York Airports V2 for X-Plane Released

Over on Facebook. Drzewiecki Design announced that version 2 of their New York Airports package for X-Plane has been released! Changes from v1 to v2 include much custom shadows, 100% of objects re-exported, new ground polygons with better textures, better detailed objects, up to a 200% performance increase, extensive LODs, and more. This scenery package is compatible with X-Plane 10
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SODE V1.6 Available

SODE Updated to v1.6.0

The SimObjectDisplayEngine, or more widely referred to as SODE, which enables features in scenery such as custom animated jetways, season switching, and dynamic windsocks has been updated to v1.6.0. This update is a big one, and I will only cherrypick a few notable changes. Changes in v1.6.0 include an added monitoring system of user beacon light and engine RPMs for
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