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Flight Sim Development Group Releases St Lucia for MSFS

Fsdg St Lucia Tlpc Msfs (3)

Developer Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) has released St. Lucia for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery package brings a realistic rendition of George F. L. Charles Airport (TLPC) on the Caribbean island, along with additional landmarks around the airport.

The airport is commonly known as Vigie Airpor and is one of two airports on the island. This particular airport is smaller in size and sees airlines such as Caribbean Airlines, LIAT and Air Sunshine visit on a regular bases providing routes to various nearby islands. The runway at the airport is 6,227ft, typically meaning only smaller aircraft types can visit. There is also a helipad at the airport.

The team has included the latest technology such as PBR, dynamic lighting and HD ground textures for a realistic recreation of the airport. Furthermore, there has been a variety of landmarks added around the area and also static ships in the nearby port for more authenticity. A manual has also been included to support simmers get started with the airport product.

Those wishing to pick up St Lucia TLPC for Microsoft Flight Simulator can do so from simMarket for €10.00 (excluding tax).

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Flight Sim Labs A320 X Sharklets P3d (17)

Flight Sim Labs A320-X and A321-X Sharklet Previews

Over the past day or so, social media and the Flight Sim Labs forums have been full of new previews of the upcoming Sharklet expansion pack for the A320-X and A321-X. Those who have the beta version of the upcoming Flight Sim Labs A320-X-SL and A321-X-SL are now able to share their previews as the NDA has now lifted. We have
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Skypark Costs

Parallel 42’s The Skypark Introduces Costs

When we last spoke to Edson at Parallel 42 about the future of The Skypark, we tried to get him to spill the beans on how costs would be implemented with the newly implemented game modes. After all, flying any type of cargo has an associated cost and The Skypark is all about how you interact as a pilot within
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Black Box Simulations Bn 2 Islander Msfs (3)

Black Box Simulation is Bringing Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander to MSFS Soon

Black Box Simulation has confirmed they will be bringing their Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander to Microsoft Flight Simulator soon. The BN-2 Islander is a twin-engine aircraft that was first introduced in the 1960s and used regularly for island hopping and exploring more remote areas of the world. The British aircraft is incredibly versatile and has been in production for over 50 years.
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Aerosoft Airport Brussels Msfs (1)

Further Previews of Aerosoft Airport Brussels in MSFS

Jo Erlend has taken to the Aerosoft forums to share new images for the upcoming release of Brussels Airport (EBBR) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This particular developer really has an eye for detail with these close-up shots of the airport. Even the apron lights have copious amounts of detail throughout, none of which would be seen day-to-day. The same attention
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Orbx Announces Caernarfon Airport For MSFS (4)

Orbx Releases Caernarfon Airport for MSFS

Developed by Orbx developer Tony Wroblewski, Caernarfon Airport (EGCK) offers simmers the ability to discover the Welsh airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Created using on-site photography, this is an accurate rendition of the small airport. The airport sits not far from the historic town of Caernarfon and offers a quick flight to the stunning Snowdonia National Park and other rural locations
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FlyJSim Development Update 6 Focuses on Q4XP

Flyjsim Q4xp Xpl (13)

FlyJSim, known for their 727 and 737-200 on X-Plane 11, has taken to their blog to share a new development update with the community. The extensive update gives us insight into how development on the Q4XP has been going, along with a brief catch-up on the 727 and 737-200 aircraft.

As mentioned, this particular update from FlyJSim heavily focused on the upcoming Q4XP. The long-awaited aircraft will bring an accurate rendition of the De Havilland Canada Dash 8 to the simulator. Built from the ground up, the aircraft promises to include several features to make it accessible and realistic for simmers.

The development update started with an overview of the visuals for the aircraft. The team reports that modelling is complete, with the texture work 99.9% complete. The majority of the work which hasn’t yet been shown is for the virtual cabin. Based on the 78 seat configuration of the aircraft, the team say that this is the “most interactive and complete cabin [they] have ever made.” Particular attention was drawn to the fact that the Master Display Panel (MDP) is simulated from within the cabin. This unit allows the cabin crew to control the cabin environment and lighting. Pilots have the ability to override the cabin temperatures should they wish to do so. Lighting was also mentioned with working sidewall lights, overhead lights, toilet and stair lights.

As the Dash 8 features no autothrottle, the team is conscious about how simmers will handle power management. While the development blog goes into considerable detail about the challenges they faced, FlyJSim said they will include some accessibility options to make the experience fun and realistic. You can read much more on the development blog on how the process works and why it’s been developed.

Outside of the aircraft, the team has reached out to various painters in the community who have already started work on various liveries for the plane. FlyJSim has confirmed that the default list of liveries is locked in, but more could appear at launch thanks to the fact numerous painters already have their hands on the plane.

727 / 732

Whilst this update heavily focused on the Q4XP, a brief mention was made for the classic aircraft by FlyJSim. A new patch for the aircraft is in testing, which will add changes required for multi-crew flying. This could be about the upcoming Shared Flight utility being developed.


A somewhat detailed FAQ was also shared by the team, possibly answering your questions. For example, the team said that the team is focused on the X-Plane platform only at the moment, with no focus on Microsoft Flight Simulator at this time. You can read the full FAQ shared at the bottom of their development update.

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Cockpit Master CS 737X CDU Announced

Home cockpit builders will be pleased to see that a new player is on the scene with a brand-new standalone plug and play 737 CDU module. Developed by Cockpit Part Aviation Technology Co. Ltd, the new Cockpit Master CS 737X CDU enables simmers to simply plug in the device into a PC and use it seamlessly with a variety of
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Aerosoft Airfield Perranporth

Aerosoft Airfield Perranporth Released for MSFS

Aerosoft Airfield Perranporth has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Situated in the southwest of Cornwall, England, Perranporth Airfield (EGTP) is a popular place for general aviation pilots looking to discover the views of the area. The airport is run by the Perranporth Flying Club and offer a range of experience flights and training courses for those seeking to get
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FlyInside Bell 47 Released for MSFS

Whilst we usually let our friends at keep you up to date with the latest in the world of helicopters, the release of the FlyInside Bell 47 is fairly significant for the simulation community. It's the first payware helicopter made available for Microsoft Flight Simulator and comes with a custom flight model. The team at FlyInside have often defied
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Magknight Updates 787 to Version 1.7


Developer Magknight has updated the 787 to version 1.7. According to the developer, this is the “biggest update since the initial release” and includes a number of improvements to the cockpit, the modelling, fuel systems and much more. Magknight has said that the update can be downloaded through the SkunkCrafts update tool, but they do recommend that you download from the store first as it is likely to be faster.

The new update sees changes throughout the aircraft with many new additions and features that many customers will appreciate. Some of the standout changes with the new version for the modelling and animations include the new cockpit hatch, additional GPU models and toe brake animations. The fuel system has also seen major improvements including automatic fuel jettison, crossfeed and also pump loadsheeding.

Another improvement is the inclusion of a more detailed CPDLC/ACARS system which also integrates with HOPPIE. The new update enables users to get clearance requests for oceanic procedures or pre-departure clearence on the ground at various airports. Furhtermore, you can now use Simbrief to uplink aircraft loadout, configuration and also flightplans.

The team has reconfirmed that the Magknight 787: Aviator’s Edition is compatbile with X-Plane 11.50 and Vulkan. This is a free update and can be downloaded from your original store account or by using the SkunkCrafts update tool. A full changelog is provided to customers, but an abridged version is below for an overview on key changes.

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HST Announces Weatherman Weather Engine for XPL

In a new development post from HST, the team has announced a new weather engine called Weatherman. The new weather engine will be delivered with xAmbience Pro once it's made available and the developers claim Weatherman will be "better than other weather engines" on the market. The bold claim was made based on the fact that the weather engine uses data
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Aerosoft Airport Ørsta Volda MSFS DLC Official Trailer Aerosoft

Aerosoft Releases Airport Orsta-Volda

Released in time for the upcoming World Update which focuses on the Nordics, Aerosoft has released Orsta-Volda Airport (ENOV) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport is situated in Hovdebygda, Norway and features a short single 3,510ft runway. The airport only sees regular services from Widerøe to destinations such as Bergen, Oslo and Sogndal. Aerosoft has recreated the airport with full PBR
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Flightbeam Biarritz Airport Now Available for MSFS

Flightbeam Biarritz has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developed by Dreamflight Studios, developers of Teterboro, the airport is a recreation of the French airport in impressive detail. The airport hosts a number of domestic and international routes from a variety of airlines but also sees plenty of traffic from local aviation schools. Furthermore, the Dassault Aviation Hangar sees numerous private jets
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