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FSDG Releases Mayotte Pamandzi for FSX and P3D

Mayotte Pamandzi 2

FSDG (Flight Sim Development Group) have been incredibly quick at releasing a host of content lately. Their beautiful Mauritius was followed up quickly by ‘lite’ versions of Bodrum and Bangalore, yet each release was detailed, rich and a great addition to the flight sim library. Today, the team released their next airport: Mayotte Pamandzi.

The airport serves as a great stop-over between Madagascar and the African continent. FSDG have worked on this airport to allow you to island hop between some of the most stunning places in the world. With a great approach and a wonderful airport, FSDG says that “Mayotte offers it all”.

The scenery covers the entire Mayotte Pamanzi as well as an accurate and detailed rendition of Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport (FMCZ). Jetways are compatible with both SODE and AES, and the team have done their best to ensure that 3D lighting is performance friendly, without impacting the visual quality.

You can buy it now from FSDG’s website for €12.00.

As per their previous post, it would appear that La Romana will be the next airport to be released followed by Antalya and possibly Casablanca.

Full feature list below:

  • Coverage of Mayotte Pamandzi
  • Aerial imagery with night lights
  • Accurate and detailed rendition of
  • Ultra realistic shadow and light rendition with volumetric lights
  • Jetways compatible with SODE and AES
  • Performance-friendly 3D lights technology
  • Optimized for great performance and visual quality
  • Compatible with all known addons including ftx products, UTX and FSGlobal
  • Manual included
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KABQ Albuquerque 2

Albuquerque Intl Sunport (KABQ) Now Available For X-Plane 10 and 11

Short Final Design has released Albuquerque Intl Sunport (KABQ) for X-Plane 10 and 11. The New Mexico airport is the largest commercial airport serving Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It features both the airport and a huge range of photoreal detail covering the area. Albuquerque Intl Sunport also features highly accurate models for the terminals, hangers as well as custom high resolution
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New FlythemaddogX MD-80 Beta Screenshots Showcasing True Glass and Real Light

The hotly anticipated FlythemaddogX MD-80 has been in beta for some time and with plenty of previews coming out frequently, it's hard to not get excited. The most recent announcement of the aircraft using TFDi Design's incredible True Glass and Real Light gave fans yet another reason to want to invest in the aircraft. The latest round of previews have
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FSElite Exclusive: Previews of Latinwings Almeria (LEAM)


We’ve teamed up with AviationLads to bring you some exclusive images of the upcoming Latinwings Almeria (LEAM). The scenery itself is in the final stages of development and serves as an intermediate scenery before the team releases their highly anticipated Madrid scenery in the near future.

Almeria (LEAM) is developed by both Latinwings and PILOT’S and the results are already highly impressive. The screenshots demonstrate the amount of detail that has gone into this little Spanish airport. Not only has the airport been fully modelled to the finest detail, but there’s also been a considerable amount of work done on the surrounding city itself.

Head of development, Trino Rojas had this to say: “Almeria apart from being a work done with passion and dedication, we travel there to take pictures, talk with the airport authorities to get permission to enter and take photos, have a total representation of the city.”

As mentioned above, Almeria was a necessary project to help with the development of Madrid. Quite simply, as such a complex airport, Madrid required a large investment and it was felt by developing a smaller airport in between will help fund the project to ensure it will  be an excellent product in the future.

Finally, it was confirmed that Santiago de Compostela (LEST) is also still in full development and making good progress. Furthermore, the Spanish city of Alicante has also started development work with the team already working on the ground poly.

Lots of Spanish airports in development and we hope you enjoy the shots. This will be the first of many partnerships with the team at AviationLads. Make sure you give them a like on Facebook or check out their Visual Mod – Cold Season as part of our Featured YouTube Community.

Make sure you also like LatinWings and PILOT’S on Facebook for future updates.

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Carenado Release Synthetic Vision System

Carenado has released their synthetic vision system for most of their GA line. This is rather ground breaking as this is the first complete synthetic vision simulation for flight simulator, this of course originally shipped with their new Cessna 172SP.

The synthetic vision system works with the following Carenado Products:

  • C208B Grand Caravan EX FSX/P3D
  • CT182T Skylane G1000 FSX/P3D
  • CT206H Stationair / G1000 Extension PackFSX/P3D
  • 50P Phenom 100 FSX/P3D
  • Navigraph E50P Phenom 100 Extension Pack FSX/P3D
  • EMB505 PHENOM 300 FSX/P3D
  • Navigraph EMB505 Phenom 300 Extension Pack FSX/P3D
  • PA46 500TP Malibu Meridian G1000 FSX/P3D
  • Navigraph PA46 Meridian Extension Pack FSX/P3D
  • SR22 GTSx Turbo FSX/P3D
  • TBM 850 HD Series FSX/P3D

This is not a stand alone product, you will need one of Carenado’s product’s mentioned above to be able to use this. It has been released for FSX/P3D only and at a price of $29.95USD. Check out the post on their Facebook Page for more product info and a link to Carenado’s web-store to unlock is futuristic panel.

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Rfscenerydesgin Airport

RFSceneryBuilding Updates Various Scenery for P3DV4

Tenerife North developer RFSceneryBuilding has released a range of updates for their scenery to make it compatible with P3DV4. We've covered a few from them before, but now both Verona Villafranca (LIPX) and Reggio Calabria (LICR) have been updated. Both products now include dynamic lighting, higher resolution ground textures and of course full P3DV4 compatibility. To enjoy the scenery, you'll need to
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Carenado Announces D18 ‘Twin Beech’

Carenado have announced their new project, the Beechcraft D18 'Twin Beech'. According to their Facebook post it will support FSX/P3D as usual and they went ahead and posted some initial renders. Definitely a step back in time for them as we've seen many modern day turboprops and jets being rolled out in recent months, very curious to see how this
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