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Sierrasim Simulation Releases José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (SEGU)

Sierrasim Simulation has released José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (SEGU) for Prepar3D v4 and v5. This is the second biggest airport in Ecuador and handles over 3.7 million passengers per year. Destinations to Madrid, New York and Amsterdam frequent the airport regularly.

The airport features photo-realistic ground textures, PBR textures and various autogen updates around the airport. It also functions with SODE jetways and objects, 3D grass and also dynamic lighting.

You can buy José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport for €17.00 on simMarket.


  • Photo-realistic ground textures based on aerial images
  • Emblematic buildings of the Guayaquil City
  • PBR texture
  • Real Autogen Update
  • Airport Objects
  • Optimized for good performance
  • SODE Jetways and objects
  • Compatibility with: Orbx, GSX, Vector, Open LC South America, FreemeshX
  • 3D grass
  • Taxi 3D ligths
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Military and Cargo buildings
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Our best issue yet. Our third physical FSElite Magazine will be packed with new, unique and original content perfect for those long-haul trips or quick regional hops. Pick up, read and enjoy with the perfect cup of hot joe. Reserve your copy today for £5.99 UK / €8.99 Europe / $9.95 US and the rest of the world (plus shipping). Be amongst the
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A319 StdDef 14 1600×900

ToLiss A319 and A321 Updated

Both the ToLiss A319 and the A321 has been updated to version 1.4.1 and 1.0.4. The new updates are relatively minor but do fix some common issues users were reporting across both aircraft in X-Plane 11. In their recently released A321, the update fixes some issues with the ECAM text colours as well as some other issues relating to the
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Self Loading Cargo V1.5 Development Preview

Self Loading Cargo Updated to Version 1.5

The utility app known as Self Loading Cargo has been updated to version 1.5. This is a major version of the product and many new features, tweaks and changes since version 1.41 released back in October of last year. Some highlights for this update include the ability to see passengers board in real time, integration with SimBrief and an all-new
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Ultra Weather XP V2.6 Promo

Ultra Weather XP 2.6 Video Preview and Feature List

The developers behind Ultra Weather XP for X-Plane 11 has shared a new video along with the feature list for the upcoming new version of the utility plugin. For those who may not know, Ultra Weather is an addon for X-Plane that generates more realistic weather and environment textures into the simulator. Whilst version 3 is still very much under
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Kelowna International Airport X Plane 11 (3)

FSimStudos Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) X-Plane Released

FSimStudios, in conjunction with Canada4XPlane4XPLANE, has released Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) for X-Plane 11. This is a conversion of the original Prepar3D release. The airport product features a detailed representation of the whole airport, along with areas beyond the airport fence. In total, over 330 square KM of seasonal orthoimagery has been included, which also covers the whole city of Kelowna.
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SimToolkitPro Version 0.6 Details Revealed

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SimToolkitPro, the Electronic Flight Bag empowering users with instant access information, will soon be updated to version 0.6. The free tool which has been under development for months now continues to add new features and functionality to improve the service offered by the team.

Whilst the new version is not out yet, SimToolkitPro developers wanted to share the confirmed features coming to the platform in a future update. Something many have been craving is support for a Mac and Linux client, which will be coming with version 0.6. Beyond that, a new data storage system will also be coming which enables data to be stored in a single file, have online account and sync, as well as the ability to backup data.

Other new features include an internal app server which will enable you to access your OFP and flight data from any mobile or tablet device on the same network. Other improvements will include a drop in ram usage, a random flight generator and much more. The full list of confirmed changes is down below.

To help you better understand what SimToolkitPro is, we’ve provided a first look video. This is from a slightly older version, but it gives a good overview on what to expect.

Once version 0.6 is out, we’ll let you know.

Thanks to Midds for the heads-up.

Confirmed 0.6 Features

New data storage system

  • Data now stored in a single file database, improves speed and compatibility with online sync system

Online account and sync/backup
XP11 Linux Plugin

  • Still struggling with a Mac XP11 plugin

Mac and Linux STKP Client

  • Official releases of the STKP client for Mac and Linux

Streaming Overlay Designer

  • Fully customise the streaming overlay with variables, custom CSS and custom code

Internal App Server

  • Will allow web access to your OFP and flight data from any mobile/tablet device on the same network

New Website

  • Full new website for STKP including account area with instant data export and account management including deletion

SimConnect server

  • Alternative to FSUIPC server in use at the moment, will become the default client, FSUIPC will still be available

Huge Performance increase in RAM usage

  • Drop in used RAM by removing a lot of information from immediate storage

– Multi computer account sync
– Diversion/Alternate Support
– Automated fuel tracking and recording with flight logs
– Automated log completion based on improved sim integration
– Improved scenery detection for P3D
– Map 2 will be the default map, Map 1 will still be available in settings
– STKP Charts

  • ChartFox replacement/alternative as reversion in core modules means ChartFox will no longer work. More to come on this later

Random flight generator

  • Select an aircraft in your fleet, then a duration and STKP will find a matching flight (can be filtered by scenery owned too)

Other Features/Fixes

  • Dispatcher now shows units and OFP type without having to dig into the advanced table
  • Custom twitch commands for the bot
  • Improved performance on logs/fleet
  • Probably a crap load more fixes here too before it ships

0.6 Features probably not in at release but that will be in eventually

  • Standalone WX injector app
  • MSFS Support
  • Twitch chat integration with overlay
  • Mobile/Tablet apps for accessing the new app server


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Tfdi Design Md 11 P3d (2)

New TFDi Design MD-11 Renders

After TFDi Design's announcement the other week, people are very excited for the MD-11. Whilst the aircraft is still very far off from release, a brief presentation shared by TFDi Design revealed some brand new renders for the upcoming aircraft. The new renders are from an external standpoint. As from their past announcement, the team at TFDi Design said after
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MK-Studios Shares Details of Tenerife South (GCTS) Update

Scenery developer MK-Studios has shared more details and a changelog for their Tenerife Vol.1 V2.30 scenery update. The update, made over on the company's Facebook page, included a few screenshots and went into detail on what we can expect from the latest renditon of this popular tourist airport. The scenery is said to include an all new 2m/pixel resoloution mesh
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Parallel 42 Confirms Aerosoft A320 Immersion V2, Looking for Testers

Parallel 42 has officially confirmed that an Aerosoft A320 V2 is in the works after the original product reached end of life last month. The news confirmed on Twitter by the team also saught applications from the community for those interested in testing the new product on anticipation for a release. As you can see from the Tweet, you
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Single New Preview for WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong (VHHH)

Announced a few weeks ago, WF Scenery Studio will be bringing Hong Kong Airport (VHHH) to Prepar3D soon. Despite competition from Taxi2Gate, WF Scenery continues to showcase the airport with the latest coming from Facebook. This is just a single new preview of the airport. The screenshots we've seen previously from WF Scenery Studio highlights various aspects of the modelling
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PMDG 777 PBR (1)

PMDG Issues Statement Update for NGXu, 777 and More

Robert Randazzo of PMDG has taken to the PMDG forums to issue an update on various products including the 737 NGXu, the 777 and also their DC-6. Whilst the update covers these aircraft, it's worth noting that none of these aircraft has received updates since the publication to his post. Starting with the PMDG 737NGXu update, Robert said that adding
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Orbx Previews Burbank Airport (KBUR) and CityScene for Prepar3D


Orbx has announced their next project for Prepar3D: Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR), along with a Burbank CityScene, Van Nuys and Whiteman airports (KVNY and KWHP) and several helipads.

The airport was first hinted in the 2019 Orbx roadmap and had not been heard of since then.

Burbank Airport is being developed by Matteo Veneziani, who has previously developed Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (LIEO). The scenery will cover the entirety of the San Fernando Valley around the airport, totalling about 1400 km². The airport will be in complete PBR and will use Ultra HD textures. The ground textures will use 30cm imagery and the overall scenery will feature a 10m elevation grid mesh. Knowing the area is already hard on FPS, extra optimization steps have been taken to ensure adequate performance. According to Orbx, these techniques have previously been used in Innsbruck and Palm Springs airports. Major Points Of Interests, such as the various cinema studios, Griffith Hill Observatory, the Hollywood sign and many others will also be included in the scenery. In addition, Van Nuys and Whiteman will come in as “Lite” airports, but still feature key techniques. Burbank Airport and CityScene will be available for Prepar3D v4 and v5 and are made to integrate seamlessly with Orbx Global Base and NA Southern California.

Hollywood Burbank Airport (formerly known as Bob Hope Airport) is located in the northern part of Los Angeles, not far from many of the major film industry headquarters and shooting studios. The airport served just shy of 6 million passengers in 2019. The airport has two crossing runways (15/33 and 8/26), both of which are relatively short, measuring 6900 and 5800ft respectively. Due to noise concerns, special noise abatement procedures are in use, with aircraft taking-off runway 15 and landing runway 8. This particular layout and the overall very busy Los Angeles terminal area can make the cockpit quite busy when operating in and out of Burbank. Both Burbank and Van Nuys are some of the busiest business aviation airports in the USA by aircraft movements.

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FS2Crew QualityWings 787 Edition Trailer

FS2Crew QualityWings 787 Updated to v1.1

Released a couple of weeks ago, FS2Crew has updated their QualityWings 787 to version 1.1. The new free update provides a range of changes based on feedback and reports from the community since release. The full list of changes is highlighted below, but we'll cover a few highlights. To being, the UK voice set has bee completely reworked. No exact
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Vc10 Professional Xplane 2 Ss L 200527081754

Just Flight Shares First VC-10 in X-Plane Previews

Just Flight has posted on their Facebook page the first previews of their upcoming X-Plane port of their VC-10. In the mean time, the team added further screenshots on the product page on the Just Flight website. The screenshots show the aircraft in various situations, flying around the Orbx Southampton (EGHI) scenery, parked on the ramp and during the landing
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