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GSX Version 2.8 Released (Free Update)

FSDreamTeam has issued a brand new update for the popular GSX software for FSX and P3D. The new version, version 2.8, adds many new features such as Quick Pushback, which will help users with a more accurate push back from their gate at the airport and also other improvements to the nodes.

In the video above, the developer highlights many of the new features included and how users can implement them via their simulators. To get the perfect curve, nodes can now be adjusted individually and also based on specific headings. You can now make almost all variations of shapes to ensure you have the most realistic push back possible.

Along with the new node system, you can now have multiple pushback slots from your GSX in-sim menu. No longer will you be constrained to LEFT/RIGHT, but now you can add as many as you like based on your own push back designs. You can then have GSX autoname them or customise it yourself. To make things easier, the new update also includes the ability to “mirror” the custom push backs so that both directions can be added with minimal effort.

Finally, the other big change is the integration with the new SODE VDGS product that was released recently. With GSX, no customisation is needed and you can simply select the new SODE system directly from the GSX menu.

The update is available now free of charge via the FSDreamTeam updater tool.

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Eaglesoft Citation X G4 P3d (2)

Eaglesoft Previews Citation X G4

After the release of the Eaglesoft Citation XLS G3 earlier this month, the team shared a few new previews for the next generation of the aircraft. G4 for Eaglesoft means that the aircraft will be released on 64-bit platforms. They confirmed their intention to release the Citation X G4 on Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D and also the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.
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Just Flight Robin Dr 400 Xplane 11 (6)

Just Flight Showcases Robin DR400 In X-Plane 11

Just Flight continue to port aircraft to X-Plane 11, with the latest being the Robin DR400. Shown off already on Prepar3D, the aircraft will likely feature many of the attributes we've seen previously from Just Flight's X-Plane aircraft. That includes 4K texturing, PBR work and plenty of custom-coded features. Whilst we await the information, a selection of previews were shared
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Orbx Issues Statement on openLC Product Development

Orbx's John Venema has taken to the Orbx forums to issue a statement on the development status for their long-running series of openLC products. This article covers both the long-awaited openLC Africa and also openLC Asia. John started the forum thread by saying that development for openLC Africa has been ongoing for over 2 years. Ever since openLC South America
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Stairport Sceneries Releases SAM Version 2 and Seasons for X-Plane

Developer Stairport Sceneries has updated their already successful Scenery Animation Manager to version 2 which includes season functionality for X-Plane. Stairport Sceneries is known for its airport scenery developments published by Aerosoft which include, Tromso, Helgoland and St. Tropez. Stairport Sceneries is also known for its Scenery Animation Manager or SAM for short. SAM enables third party airport scenery developers
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FSimStudios Edmonton Releasing This Weekend


After many posts regarding Edmonton (CYEG), FSimStudios has announced that they will be releasing their latest scenery, Edmonton International Airport this weekend. This scenery is chocked full of exciting features for Canada’s 5th busiest airport.

To kick things off, FSimStudios have stated that it will be “pre-released” on their website. You will be able to pick it up at SimMarket after a few weeks. FSimStudios have been making quite the name for themselves by bringing airports that either need an updated scenery, or just need a scenery in general. Adding Edmonton (CYEG) to the list, this will drastically change those who operate Canadian flights. With a detailed terminal building with the new control tower, the level of detail is incredible. High-resolution textures with PBR Dynamic WetFX which change depending on the weather conditions at the airport. Also included are PBR SnowFX to go along with the 3D snow, snowdrifts, and steam effects. SODE Jetways and Windsocks, as well as dynamic lighting, will be included out of the box. This is the tip of the iceberg of what to expect.

But wait, there is more! FSimStudios have also announced that they are currently working on Calgary V2 CYYC. This will include a fully updated and remake of the airport, Downtown Calgary and will feature high-resolution textures of the Rocky Mountains. Calgary V2 CYYC is expected sometime next year, but no major timeline has been stated as of yet. With the addition of Edmonton and the new Calgary, flights between these two airports will be spectacular!


That’s not all either. FSimStudios announced a few weeks ago that they are developing “another Canadian favourite airport. They are hinting that it is 2 more great destinations to fly from Edmonton. There are many major Canadian airports that still have not been covered, or have been covered, but are not optimized for the 64bit platform or are outdated. Please feel free to post guesses in the comments.

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Detroit Metro Sunskyjet

Sunskyjet Status Update on Detroit Metro Airport

Developers Sunskyjet has released a brief statement, along with previews, for their Detroit Metro Airport (DTW). The new statement on Facebook suggested that those in the beta program will have received an email with a new download link for the airport. In the latest build, the developer has said that there has been many fixes and improvements on the original,
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Flightsim Survey 2019 Rectangle

The FlightSim Community Survey 2019 Now LIVE – Get Involved

As with previous years, Navigraph has put together the biggest FlightSim Community Survey for the community to partake in. Between November 20th 2019 and December 2nd 2019, community members around the world will be able to take part in conducting a vital piece of research for developers and media outlets. The survey has an emphasis on the major flight simulators such as Microsoft
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JUSTSIM Edds X Plane 11 (2)

JustSim Previews Stuttgart Airport for X-Plane 11

Released yesterday for P3D, JustSim/Digital Designs' Stuttgart Airport will also be coming to X-Plane 11 in the near future. To demonstrate the progress, developer JustSim has shared a range of new previews for the airport. The new previews, originally shared on Facebook, show off the terminal buildings, aircraft apron and a few areas from outside the airport fence. No word
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Airport Newcastle Xp 04

Aerosoft / Stairport Sceneries Releases Newcastle XP

Scenery developer Stairport Sceneries has released a new conversion of Newcastle XP for X-Plane 11. The UK airport sees many flights from low-cost carriers and charter airlines, as well as the occasional 777-300ER flight with Emirates down to Dubai. The airport was shown off during their presentation during Flight Sim Show 2019 in Cosford. The airport features 20cm/pixel photoscenery, along
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Charleston 01

Orbx Announces CityScene Charleston

Orbx has surprisingly revealed that they are working on an all-new CityScene product. The next in the long-line of CityScene products will be Charleston. Situated in South Carolina, the city is known for its historic and cultural buildings, plantations and other points of interest. In 2016, it was voted "World's Best City". The product is a continuation of the technology
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PMDG Releases New 737NGXu Update [Build 9961]

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 9

Although a little later than planned, the new update for the PMDG NGXu is now available to download for Prepar3D V4. The new update focuses primarily on performance after hearing community feedback. In total, 43 issues were addressed including elements of the geometry, texture work and a variety of small fixes to various systems.

As mentioned at the start, this update sees changes to the aircraft to improve overall performance. According to the post from Robert on the PMDG forums, he said that the team had been looking at the feedback to better optimise the NGXu in “order to reduce the lead we have on the processor.” The team will continue to look at data if there are further optimisations to be made going forward.

Further to the optimisations made, the team went on to also say that there is now a new option in the FMS OPTIONS menu to use a new experimental way to change the draw rate on the EFB moving map. Here is what Robert said on the subject:

“This is an experiment, because we know that drawing the EFB, then subjecting that screen to HDR correction, then having cockpit lighting interact with those results, which then have to be recomputed and rendered once more, can have an impact on FPS. We thought it might be interesting to see if, instead of drawing that screen each tick we skip a few frames in the middle and see if that alleviates a burden from some with mid-range hardware. We played around with it and thought it was interesting, so we figured we would pass it along as an experiment to see if it helps…”

To get the update, you will need to open up the PMDG Operations Center v2 and download and apply the update. This will then change the required files on your system rather than having to download a whole new update.

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Mk Studios Lisbon Pbr Update (6)

MK-Studios Release Lisbon (LPPT) PBR Update

Teased earlier this month, MK-Studios has released their free PBR update for their Lisbon scenery on Prepar3D V4. The new update primarily updates the scenery to include all new ground and building textures which are now PBR. This new effect adds a range of special effects for added immersion. Further to the PBR material updates, other updates to the scenery include
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Aeroplane Heaven Hurrican Mk1 (10)

Aeroplane Heaven Hurricane Mk1 “Nearing Completion”

Aeroplane Heaven took to Facebook earlier today to share the news that their upcoming Hurricane Mk1 is "nearing completion." The warbird developed by the team has been in the works for a while but is soon to be made available to the simming community. The aircraft product will feature full PBR materials and texturing both externally and also internally. The team
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UK2000 Scenery Shares 2020 Roadmap

After the release of Bristol 2019HD this week, the team at UK2000 Scenery has announced what their intentions are as we head into 2020. Announced on Facebook, the team has confirmed that no more airports (other than the X-Plane conversion of Bristol) will be released during 2019 and instead, the focus is now on creating airports for 2020. On the
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