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Flight Sim Labs and their DRM Methods

Fsl 320 Fselite

Overnight, a few users had reported to Flight Sim Labs that their anti-virus was picking up a possible malware file with the name of “test.exe”. This file has since been confirmed to be a program that is able to look up Google Chrome usernames and passwords saved to the users computer.

This alarming file was then addressed by FSLabs boss, Lefteris. In this forum post, he shed some light onto what the file is, why its there and how it works. Due to the importance of this story, I’ll copy and paste his quote down below.

1) First of all – there are no tools used to reveal any sensitive information of any customer who has legitimately purchased our products. We all realize that you put a lot of trust in our products and this would be contrary to what we believe.

2) There is a specific method used against specific serial numbers that have been identified as pirate copies and have been making the rounds on ThePirateBay, RuTracker and other such malicious sites.

3) If such a specific serial number is used by a pirate (a person who has illegally obtained our software) and the installer verifies this against the pirate serial numbers stored in our server database, it takes specific measures to alert us. “Test.exe” is part of the DRM and is only targeted against specific pirate copies of copyrighted software obtained illegally. That program is only extracted temporarily and is never under any circumstances used in legitimate copies of the product. The only reason why this file would be detected after the installation completes is only if it was used with a pirate serial number (not blacklisted numbers).

He then goes onto say that this method has been successful in catching those who have stolen their content and is being used in ongoing legal battles.

Later the same evening, Lefteris added another statement, telling customers that they would never do anything to violate trust of simmers. He then commited to this by uploading a new version of the installer without the “test.exe” file in it.

Here’s that statement:

I want to reiterate and reaffirm that we as a company and as flight simmers would never do anything to knowingly violate the trust that you have placed in us by not only buying our products but supporting them and FlightSimLabs.

While the majority of our customers understand that the fight against piracy is a difficult and ongoing battle that sometimes requires drastic measures, we realize that a few of you were uncomfortable with this particular method which might be considered to be a bit heavy handed on our part.  It is for this reason we have uploaded an updated installer that does not include the DRM check file in question.

I want to thank you all for voicing your concerns in a considerate manner on our forums and elsewhere.  We do listen to our customers because without you, there would be no FlightSimLabs.

This is obviously a very sensitive subject for everyone involved. We will be reaching out to people to find out anything further.

We do ask that you respect the comments section below. Any concerns or questions, I recommend you head to the FSLabs forums and raise it there so that the team can address you directly.


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ImagineSim KATL Atlanta 2016 (P3DV4 Version): The FSElite Review

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is an incredibly busy airport; it’s the busiest and biggest airport in the world. It has about a million aircraft movements and more than 100 million passengers every year. It’s a major hub for Southwest, but Delta is the main airline in Atlanta. Atlanta is also jokingly called “Delta International Airport”. The airport has about 300
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Flight Factor Airbus 320 Ultimate For X Plane 11

Flight Factor A320 Ultimate Released for X-Plane 11

The P3D community had their fix of Airbus sims today, with the release of the FSLabs A320-X update. However, the X-Plane community haven't been left behind either! Today, Flight Factor released the first public build of their A320 Ultimate for users to purchase. The Flight Factor A320 Ultimate aims to be the most in-depth, realistic and detailed aircraft yet released
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FSElite Giveaway: Win Leonardo SH Fly The Maddog X MD-80

Since the announcement of the Leonardo SH Fly The Maddog X MD-80, we've been following development very closely and providing you with plenty of coverage to get you excited. It's shaping up to be an incredible aircraft and one we're confident the community will enjoy. Whilst watching videos, looking at screenshots and enjoying Mungo fail at flying on his first
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FlytheMaddogX MD80 Releasing February 20th

193575 17

You may recall Leonardo providing a brief update on their upcoming MD80 just a few days ago where they said the release was close, they weren’t kidding!

It has recently been spotted on their purchase page for the Maddog on their website that the FlytheMaddogX will be releasing on February 20th, or this coming Tuesday!

The Simmarket page has already gone up for the 64 bit edition of the product, priced at 70.00 euros, but it should be noted that it is not currently available to purchase, only available to add to your wishlist or notify you when its available.

I’d like to reiterate that the aircraft will be priced at 57 euros plus VAT for the 32 bit edition and 70 euros for the 64 bit edition, with a 5 euro discount being available for all customers throughout February! The team do plan on offering legacy owners 5 Euros off the 32-bit version (only), but it’s still being worked out, due to the various different stores that processed older orders. It’s been recommended to take advantage of the Feburary discount.

As for those wondering if you’ll be able to buy the 32-bit edition and then upgrade to the 64-bit version at a later date, right now, there are no plans to do so. As both versions are unique and offer varying features, it’s currently not planned. This may change in the future, but our advice would be to buy the version you intend to fly with the most in the future.

For those interested in the included liveries, a list of all the liveries can be found below!

We’ll be sure to let you know when the FlytheMaddogX releases, in the meantime feast your eyes on some screenshots of the aircraft in action!

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193733 Lebb2018 @p3d 1

TropicalSim Bilbao 2018 Released

Recently, TropicalSim has released their latest scenery for FSX and P3D; Bilbao 2018! Bilbao's terminals have a sleek design with two symmetrical "wings" and a sharp tip at its center. This design originally granted the airport the name of La Paloma, or "The Dove". The airport has seen a constant increase in its traffic with the old terminal already being
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Aerosoft Update On Their Upcoming A320 Professional Product Line


In an update after their weekly dev meeting, Mathijs of Aerosoft has taken to the forums to provide us with an update on the current status of their upcoming A320 Professional product line!

First off, Aerosoft has completed all their tests with P3D v4.2 and found little that could cause issues. One possible issue in 4.2 is for people with lower end hardware is that GPUs with less than 8GB of VRAM could be problematic and cause lower FPS than in v4.1. They are still looking into this issue but according to Mathijs, the new Airbuses will demand at least 6GB of VRAM but 8GB is preferable, in line with Lockheed Martin’s recommended amount of VRAM.

Next up, Aerosoft has decided to add models with the “ugly” sat domes due to most airlines quickly adding them.

All of the lights in the VC are now completed and Mathijs will make a video later this week showing them off.

You may recall Aerosoft running into a snag with clickzones in v4.1, and Mathijs is happy to report that the issue is now solved in 4.2 thanks to Lockheed Martin! Testing will resume since this issue has now been solved.

They also think that they have enough information to create Lufthansa’s new livery, and will make it into the  included liveries upon release of the product.

As a closing, Mathijs says to not expect the reading light to stay on when the window is open as their modelers spent hours on it to no avail.

Lastly, a few screenshots were provided showing off the new VC lighting, enjoy!


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