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FSX Multiplayer How To Configure Your Router For Multiplayer In FSX Steam

[Flightsimguy] How to Configure Your Router For Multiplayer in FSX Steam (FYC)

Facebook: This clip shows you how to setup FSX Steam for multiplayer flying.  A few points to remember: Only one player (the one hosting the gaming session) needs to do the port forwarding. You can only multiplayer with another person using steam.  You can't multiplayer with other flavors of FSX thru port forwarding alone. Using the VPN won't make
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iBlueYonder Nantucket Island XP Beta – Preview

Today, the iBlueYonder devs announced that this weekend the Nantucket Island XP scenery is entering the beta stage. Let us hope it goes through smoothly without any hick-ups, if it does we will have our hands on very soon in our X-Plane platform. For more information about this scenery visit iBlueYonder's website and Facebook page.
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FSElite Exclusive: [LIVE NOW] Join us LIVE For a FlythemaddogX MD80 Preview

Watch live video from fselite_twitch on UPDATE @ 17:35z We should be live in about 10 minutes! UPDATE @ 16:30z Sorry folks, we're experiencing a bit of a delay on this. Our streamer is on his way home soon to set everything up and be ready. We'll update this post with a more accurate time! Sorry guys -
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Aerosoft Helgoland for AeroFly FS 2 Preview

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Aerofly FS 2 has a secret scenery that they have worked on – Helgoland which is the first scenery in Germany for this sim. As of writing this it is not yet released but they are working on it. More info about is available here at this link with some screenshots as well. Airport is on the German island of Düne in the Helgoland archipelago in the North Sea. Also the perfect place if you want to fly a helicopter out to oil rigs in the North Sea. Or just explore with your favorite GA aircraft the area.

For more visit Aerosoft’s Facebook page.

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Imaginesim KLGA P3D v4 Development Update

In a short Facebook post recently, Imaginesim has given us an insight into how the development of the upcoming P3D v4 version of KLGA is coming along. KLGA in P3D v4 will bring an entirely new version, free for all existing KLGA 2016 customers. Included in the new version are new optimization LODs and performance improvements of a third when
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Flightbeam Release KPHX v2 for FSX and P3D

Flightbeam has released v2 of their Phoenix Sky Harbor International scenery for FSX and P3D. Concluding Flightbeam's move away from the FSDT Addon Manager to their own platform, v2 brings a host of improvements such as dynamic lighting (P3D v4 only), a native P3D ground poly, as well as moderate to substantial performance improvements. A full feature/change list can be
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Drzewiecki Designs Tallinn v2 Previews

Coupled with a bunch of preview shots, Drzewiecki Designs has announced to be working on a v2 update for their Tallinn scenery. The original scenery was released in August 2014. Tallinn is a bit of an underdog when it comes to flying. However, with a very nice rendition of the airport and an equally beautiful rendition of the old town, Drzewiecki
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Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls

Introducing Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls

Honeycomb Aeronautical is a brand new hardware developer who is focusing on creating quality yokes and throttles for a reasonable price. The premise behind their designs is to ensure maximum comfort, usability and durability for a range of different aircraft types and configurations. In the video above, you can see it in person as Nicki demonstrates the product. It's due
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Aerosoft Preview Their Upcoming A320 Professional with TrueGlass

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In a forum post recently, Mathijs of Aerosoft has shown off a couple of screenshots of TrueGlass in their upcoming A320 Professional for P3D v4.

For those concerned about performance with TrueGlass, Mathijs has you covered. He reports 36.4 fs with it enabled, but 39 fps with it disabled. That’s right, there is an option to disable TrueGlass if you’d like to! Though we don’t see a reason to for a difference of 2.6 fps with the additional immersion it brings!

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Drzewiecki Design Preview KSEA Screenshots

Drzewiecki Design has previewed screenshots of their upcoming KSEA scenery for FSX and P3D recently in a Facebook post. Their upcoming scenery will distinguish itself from Taxi2Gate's version by modeling the airport in its finished state, after all of the planned upgrades and expansions have been completed. The scenery will depict KSEA with its new terminals, strengthened runways, lengthened A
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Captain Sim 757 Captain III Hotfix 1 Released

The release of the Captain Sim 757 Captain III was eagerly anticipated by many upon release earlier this year and has since been the primary aircraft for many. However some users reported a couple of issues that prevented them from fully enjoying it. Over the past few weeks, the Captain Sim team has been works on a new update to
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Turbine Sound Studios Release Beechcraft B-1900D Soundpackage for FSX and P3D

Turbine Sound Studios has released their Beechcraft B-1900D PTC HD Soundpack for FSX and P3D. If you're not familiar with Turbine Sound Studios, also known as TSS, they are known for creating high quality soundsets for addon aircraft. They have packages available for many aircraft including the QualityWings 787, the PMDG 777, the PMDG 737, and have also made the
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