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MK-Studios Vagar on Short (Snowy) Finals

Mk Studios Vagar Snow 1

Only a few days ago did MK-Studios reveal they have been working on Vagar airport. Today, they previewed what they called the “last” previews before release. It seems like 3D snow is all the range lately after Orbx’s recently snowy airport (ENSQ Kiruna Airport) as MK-Studios has also included the same 3D snow effects at Vagar.

The Prepar3D V4 airport will also have 3D people, SODE windsocks, specular and bump mapping on the ground polys as well as 50cm/pizel satellite coverage surrounding the airport. As you would expect now from MK-Studios, they will also include realistic precipitation effects on the ground, optimised dynamic lighting and custom mesh for all of the Faroe Islands. Heli-fans will also be pleased to know there are some custom helipads dotted around to test your skills at.

We’re surprised to see a scenery announced and released so soon after – when it’s officially ready to download, we’ll let you know. You can view the original previews on the announcement thread.

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Sky Simluations MD-11 v2 Released

Sky Simulations bring their McDonnell Douglas MD-11 to P3Dv4. Myself, like many others, have been dying to get their hands on an MD-11 for Prepar3D version 4. Well, we are in luck! Sky Simulations, who brought us the DC-9, have released the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 for P3Dv4. A large number of features have been added to this new version. The McDonnell
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FSCharter Announced

A recent post on Reddit has showed information on a "A Flight Sim Career Platform for the Modern Age" Reddit user Ekion has announced FSCharter which has been claimed to be "A Flight Sim Career Platform for the Modern Age". From the Reddit post, Ekion has stated is far from complete, however 1/3 of the features have already been implanted.
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3D Everest Park (3)

3D Everest Park Releasing in December

Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini has today confirmed that their next project, 3D Everest Park will be released on December 1st 2018. Situated on the tallest mountain on the planet means you won't be short of challenging approaches, lush views and plenty of fun scenarios to try out at Lukla Airport. Lukla Airport is deemed one of the most challenging
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Flight1logo 400×400

Flight1 Release New Purchasing Agent

A new generation of the Flight1 E-Commerce platform is now available for download. This major update includes new and some of the best features from the previous version. You can now manage all your purchases through one application on your computer. Most of the addons will be transferred over to this new system. If there is an update to an
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AeroG Release UV-4 eVTOL for P3Dv4

AeroG have updated their UV-4 eVTOL for Prepar3D Version 4. Since this is a fictional UAV (Unmaned Aerial Vehicle) there are no real specifications for this, however AeroG has done a great job creating what looks like a very real, futuristic VTOL (Vertical TakeOff and Landing) UAV.  This isn't design to be a spy plane like the MQ-1C Gray Eagle
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JetStream Designs Show off More Paris Orly Previews

LFPO 1810 11

JetStream Designs has shown off some exciting new shots of their upcoming Paris Orly scenery over on their Facebook page. These shots show off some of the excellent progress that has been made with this scenery.

Included in the post is a range of shots which show of the wonderful work that has been put into this much-needed scenery. JetStream stated on their Facebook page that this scenery will be accurate circa 2019 with all new terminal extensions modelled. It’s good to see developers preparing their products for the future by implementing new aspects that are soon to come in the real world.

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QualityWings Simulations’ BAe146 In Beta for P3Dv4

QualityWings Simulations announced that their beloved BAe146 was due to come to Prepar3D V4 back in January 2018. Since then, it's been pretty quiet with very little information from the team. However today, in a short post on Facebook, the team confirmed that "an old friend" is now undergoing testing for a new platform. That platform is of course P3Dv4.
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Turbulent Designs 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Now Freeware

Over on their forum, Turbulent Designs has announced that their 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field scenery is now freeware. Every penny made from scenery before has been donated to the children’s charity: Over The Wall. It appears as though that the target donation goal has been met and the scenery has now been released as freeware. Turbulent Designs would like to thank everyone who purchased
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GRP Design Release La Florida Airport

It's not a big secret that there are not that many third party sceneries and addons available for the South American continent. Especially the more Southern counties are severely lacking. Developer Golden Retriever Pilot Design (GRP Design) clearly shared this sentiment as they have developed and released their second scenery, La Florida Airport (SCSE), in Chile. La Florida is a
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Bo06 Fselite

A2A Looking to Bring Accu-Sim to X-Plane

Although posted a week ago, this was missed by us and was brought to our attention by kind reader. Prepar3D / FSX users have had many years of flying GA and other aircraft using the A2A Accu-Sim engine. The custom built engine works with the SimConnect API to deliver results far beyond what the default sim can offer. A question
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JustSim Previews Brussels (EBBR) For X-Plane 11

After a short delay due to the team taking time off, JustSim has made an announcement regarding the release of Brussels (EBBR) for X-Plane 11 over on their Facebook page along with some previews. These previews show the airport in a pretty-much complete state. It has been announced that we will see a release for X-Plane 11 this week. No price or feature list
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New PFPX Update Coming Soon – Previews Included

Pfpx Update 1

Update: Fixed a minor typo in the store link below. Apologies -CM

PFPX released many years ago as a great tool to enable simmers to plan routes effectively with fuel burn, flight time, enroute weather and also advance planning like ETOPS and enroute alternatives. Over that time, it has been updated with new features and fixes. The last major update was back in 2016, and fans have been asking on the Aerosoft forums about any new features in the pipe-line.

Earlier today, Judith from the team at FlightSimSoft released a statement confirming that updates are in the work, but time has been limited due to the birth of their second daughter (our congratulations to their family.) To not let fans down, they also shared some information about the update in the works, which will hopefully release in the “next few weeks”. In fact, the plan is to release it before WorldFlight 2018.

Some new features to come (based on the below screenshots) include a new terrain view for the world map, Significant Meteorological Information (SIGMET) and the enroute wind analysis chart. This chart includes details such as GRID MORA as well as your engine out altitude.

Hopefully some more news comes from the team soon with even more information. If you don’t already own the product, you can download it from FlightSimSoft for 41.62 euros.

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Hot Start TBM-900 Release Date Announced

Finally, the plane that the entire X-Plane community has been following the development of, the Hot Start TBM-900, is approaching release. Cameron, the founder of X-Aviation - the storefront on which the TBM-900 will be distributed through - made a post on the X-Pilot forums today to announce that the aircraft is due for release this coming Saturday at 00:00
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Alabeo Releases C421 C Golden Eagle Update

In a recent Facebook post by Alabeo, they have announced an update for their C421 C Golden Eagle add-on for FSX and Prepar3D. Version 1.3 brings along minor bug fixes, improved flight dynamics, adjusted landing gear warning conditions and a flight director bar and INOP flag adjustment. Alabeo state that for customers who wish to update, it is important to
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SimCrew Annouces Van’s Aircraft RV-7

In a recent post on the Forums, we were introduced to yet another new development team for the X-Plane platform. The post detailed some of the features we can expect from this project, depicting the popular, American-made, kit plane: Option for 2 or 3 blade props Toggleable wheel fairings Tail-dragger to nose wheel configuration available Dynamic persistence plugin to
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