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Tailstrike Designs Previews Reggio Calabria Airport for MSFS


Tailstrike Designs has recently released previews of Reggio Calabria Airport (LICR), for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The airport, which is previewed through their Facebook page, has received many thumbs up from the community. For those who are familiar with Tailstrike Designs work know that the developer accurately designs realistic renditions of airport scenery primarily for P3D. Furthermore, the developer has previously released Reggio Calabria Airport for both XP and P3D.

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Digital Designs Releases Tenerife Airport v2

Scenery developer Digital Design has released Tenerife Airport (GCTS) V2 for Prepar3D v5. The newly released airport is an upgrade for the original version released by the developer in 2018. The new version expands on the original by adding aerial imagery for the whole island, new sloped runway and taxiways and newly made PBR materials. This takes full advantage of
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Airline2Sim IniSimulations Airbus A300 600R First Look Part 1 Meet Captain Girardey

Watch Airline2Sim Preview the iniSimulations A300

Airline2Sim is known for their detailed (and great) tutorial video content that puts a pilot in the simulator to tackle some of the add-ons available. In the latest video from Airline2Sim, we see Ben and former Monarch Airlines Captain Eric Girardey take a look at the iniSimulations A300 for X-Plane 11. In this series of videos, Ben is taken on
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Boundless Simulations Previews Birmingham Airport for XP

Boundless Simulations has taken to the X-Plane forum, a few more previews of their upcoming scenery, Birmingham Airport (EGBB) for X-Plane 11. The developer is actively sharing work in progress previews on the forum. In addition, the latest images posted on the forum entail the buildings to the East of the airport. Most of all custom buildings to the East of
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StarSim Releases Austin Straubel Green Bay for XP

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New developer on the X-Plane market, StarSim has released their first scenery, the Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport (KGRB). The scenery takes advantage of all PBR modeling and sits on a high resolution ortho image. All buildings are modeled in details. The scenery has custom animated jetways, detailed ground handling with animated workers and blends well in the surrounding environment.

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LatinVFR Hartford Bradley Intl. Airport Released

Hinted a few months ago through an FSElite interview, LatinVFR has released their Hartford Bradley International Airport (KBDL) scenery for P3D. The scenery comes at the usual high standards of LatinVFR, with PBR objects for the entire airport, ground included. The scenery makes extensive use of SODE animations in order to control the jetways, season and rain effects. Dynamic lighting
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737 NGXu Cargo Expansion 2

PMDG 737 NGXu Cargo Expansion Previews

PMDG has shared new shots for their upcoming 737 NGXu Cargo expansion via a new product page today. The previews presented highlight this unique aircraft. The 737 freighter is a modified passenger 737 to carry cargo. At the moment, Boeing offers makes these changes to the -800 only, with another companies able to convert the -700 and -800 into a
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PerfectSoft Studio Previews Liège Airport for MSFS

PerfectSoft Studio has posted on their Facebook page previews of Liège Airport (EBLG) for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. Liège airport is located in Belgium and is mainly used by cargo operators connecting the globe. The only passenger airline serving Liège is TUI fly. Furthermore, the airport is a two runway configuration with the longest of the two being runway 04R/22L,
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Leonardo Software EFB Update Out

Leonardo Softhouse have released their much anticipated Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) update for their MD-80 series add-on. This new version is the open beta 17b722. In addition to the EFB, the PBR textures of the cockpit have been tuned, and several logics were revised. As to reflect the new changes, new PFPX profiles have been created and added to the
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Partnership Series

Microsoft Flight Simulator Partnership Update with

Microsoft has shared its latest in a long line of development blog posts with today's focusing on one of their close partners: The partnership series video focuses on how Blackshark transform the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator from having 2D ground imagery to a full 3D world and environment with authentic-looking building, vegetation and structures. Whilst photogrammetry data is
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WF Scenery Studios Hong Kong International Released

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Announced only a few months ago and following a streak of nice previews WF Scenery Studios has released their Hong Kong International Airport scenery for P3D. The Hong Kong by WFSS comprises all the latest development techniques such as PBR modeling, dynamic lighting. The airport is available in its current state with the third runway under construction, the new Skybridge on the northern part of the ramp and the midfield concourse with other central remote stands. The terminal interior is also modeled. The developer has also included the famous Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge which has aerial and underground parts.

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PilotPlus Updates Bristol and Wycombe for XP

Scenery developer PilotPlus has mentioned in their news page an update for Bristol and Wycombe for X-Plane 11. A separate update for each product adds new features and fixes. Bristol airport has been updated to V1.3 with a number of new features and fixes. The update for Bristol adds custom taxiway signage, new tower interior, and primary asphalt textures. For
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SamScene3D Shanghai City Times Released

SamScene3D has released their Shanghai City Times for FSX and P3D. SamScene3D is known for their series of city landscape products for the ESP engine simulator. This time, the developer concentrated its efforts on Shanghai City. The scenery consists of over 10.000 dedicated autogen buildings, the most famous city landmarks and sits on a HD photo texture of the city
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FLYT Simulations Previews C16 Frasca Field in MSFS

Brazilian developer FLYT Simulations has posted on their Facebook page pictures of their previously released C16 Frasca Field on Microsoft Flight Simulator. This scenery was previously only available on X-Plane 11. Further in the post, the developer stated that all their future products would be released on MSFS. As a reminder, FLYT Simulations is currently developing University of Illinois-Willard (KCMI)
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