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Let Flight Sim Labs Know You Want Concorde X In P3DV4

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In a rather unusual announcement on Facebook, Flight Sim Labs has made a plea to the community: if you want to see Concorde grace the virtual skies one last time, then let us know!

The team are extremely passionate about bringing the supersonic jet to flight sim and want to see it one last time in a modern simming environment. To make sure it’s suitable for today’s market, they will be looking to update it with a brand new virtual cockpit, dynamic lighting, an all new sound set, weather radar, improved external texturing and much more. Of course, it will be fully compatible with the P3DV4 SD.

Flight Sim Labs are estimating that the cost back to the community for developing Concorde in the 64-bit environment will around $100.

However, this post isn’t confirmation that this is going to happen. Instead, it’s to gauge the level of interest from the community. To show your support, you’ll need to write the team an email.

Send the email to [email protected] with the subject “I will buy the Concorde on P3D V4!”. Then make sure you include your full name, age and tell us that you will support the idea.


So if you really want to see Concorde grace the skies one last time, then let them know. The entire FSElite team will be – shall you?

Here’s the list of anticipated updates to Concorde.

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Carenado Release Synthetic Vision System

Carenado has released their synthetic vision system for most of their GA line. This is rather ground breaking as this is the first complete synthetic vision simulation for flight simulator, this of course originally shipped with their new Cessna 172SP. The synthetic vision system works with the following Carenado Products: C208B Grand Caravan EX FSX/P3D CT182T Skylane G1000 FSX/P3D CT206H
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Rfscenerydesgin Airport

RFSceneryBuilding Updates Various Scenery for P3DV4

Tenerife North developer RFSceneryBuilding has released a range of updates for their scenery to make it compatible with P3DV4. We've covered a few from them before, but now both Verona Villafranca (LIPX) and Reggio Calabria (LICR) have been updated. Both products now include dynamic lighting, higher resolution ground textures and of course full P3DV4 compatibility. To enjoy the scenery, you'll need to
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Carenado Announces D18 ‘Twin Beech’

Carenado have announced their new project, the Beechcraft D18 'Twin Beech'. According to their Facebook post it will support FSX/P3D as usual and they went ahead and posted some initial renders. Definitely a step back in time for them as we've seen many modern day turboprops and jets being rolled out in recent months, very curious to see how this
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Aerosoft Release Gibraltar Professional

Gibraltar Prof 4

Aerosoft has released their very popular Gibraltar scenery for P3D v4, being the next scenery to inherit the ‘professional’ tag. This release came as quite a surprise and was accidently leaked on the Aerosoft website yesterday for what was just a few minutes. Modelling the entire airpot and surrounding area, SimWing’s Gibraltar scenery is excellent for those that enjoy a challenging approach and wonderful scenery.

Gibraltar Professional is available for a price of €23.14 for those that are buying it new, although those that have previously owned Gibraltar X are able to use the upgrade service and purchase it for a price of €4.82. Available from the Aerosoft store.

There are no major updates included in Gibraltar Professional bar the standard P3D v4 jargon of dynamic lighting and the other features that come with it.

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Aerosoft Airbus A318-A321 Professional Delayed Until 2018 – Looking to Use TrueGlass and RealLight

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Since the release of Prepar3D V4, there are plenty of people who have wanted to see their Aerosoft Airbus’ in their shiny new 64-bit sim. At first, it was planned to be a quick and dirty update that simply allowed the aircraft as it currently stands to be functional within the sim, but that project turned out to be a lot more complicated that first anticipated. Since then, it was confirmed that Airbus Professional series would be a brand new product, with the A318-321 series being released by the end of 2017. Today, Mathijs confirmed that due to a few reasons, it has now slipped into 2018, along with their highly anticipated A330 series.

The reason for delay was attributed to the additional features and development time this has incurred. With the development teams working non-stop for the past year, it was time for the teams to wind down for the holidays. As a result, the teams will be offline in December, meaning the product won’t see a release until early 2018.

Aerosoft are keen to ensure that the products delivered are at a great standard without the need to supply additional service packs in the future that add large features or details.

Mathjis said that “we are not too bothered about this as I explained, we do not want to mess this up. It’s a big project.”

Whilst the delay will come as a disappointment to many, it’s not without reason. It was confirmed that Aerosoft has been looking at utilising both RealLight and TrueGlass modules to add to the immersion of the aircraft. Both modules have been developed by TFDi Designs and are available for developers to use in their products. RealLight provides a 3D lighting environment in the cockpit, whilst TrueGlass enables weather effects to impact the cockpit windscreen. You can try both of them in TFDi Design’s 717.

In the mean time, you can see some previews from November.

Does this effect you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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FSElite First Look FSFX Packages ChasePlane V.04 Redesign Beta

ChasePlane Beta 0.4 Released

A little over a year after the very first Alpha release of ChasePlane, it has come out with probably it's biggest update yet. FSFX Packages, developer of the very popular camera addon, has released Beta 0.4 of the tool. The update comes with some huge improvements. We'll take some time to go through all of those down below. Make sure
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FlightFactor Release 757 v2 Professional Extended

Just recently, some preview shots were shown off of a new update coming to FlightFactor's popular 757 aircraft. Including 2 news variants: the 757-200F and 757-300, completing the 757 fleet range. Providing for a new diversity of routes that can be flown with one of the world's most popular narrow-body jets. For a price of $84.95 this aircraft bundle can
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