Captain Sim Releases C-130 Hercules

Captain Sim’s C-130 Makes a Return.

Posted: 21-Apr-2024 @ 10:46z
Captain Sim Releases C-130 Hercules

Captain Sim has released their C-130 Hercules for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The C-130 Captain was originally released just over two years ago. In a remarkable and often criticised move, the developed decided to get rid of the virtual cockpit for that release. Captain Sim has now released the C-130 Hercules with the inclusion of a virtual cockpit. Although the naming of the C-130 Hercules is still under the C-130 Captain brand name, the aircraft type modelled is the C-130H. The previous aircraft was modelled after a C-130E.

Simmers can now finally opt to fly the C-130 Hercules from the front seat and no longer need to switch to the exterior to get an idea of their instrument readings. The cockpit has been accurately remodelled after a classic C-130, according to Captain Sim. It features “advanced simulations” for the normal procedures, custom animations and adjustable cockpit lighting.

This new release has been created after the C-130H Hercules. There is optional equipment that can be toggled on or off. The developer has also included a lot of “signature animations”, including hatches and doors that can be opened on the aircraft.

Captain Sim’s C-130 Hercules is available for $49.99 from Captain Sim’s website.


  • Cockpit
    • Highly detailed and accurate model of the true classic C-130 cockpit
    • Advanced simulation of the C-130 systems (normal procedures)
    • High resolution textures
    • Hundreds of custom animations
    • Adjustable cockpit lighting
    • Custom views
  • Exterior
    • Highly detailed and accurate model of the C-130H Hercules
    • High resolution textures
    • Cabin with 3D windows, interior and animated Air Force pilots
    • Complete cargo cabin with animated ramp and doors
    • Custom antennas and optional equipment
    • USAF #820057 Alaska Air Guard 2003 livery
  • Captain Sim Signature Animations
    • Radome
    • Radar
    • Oxy hatch
    • Interphone hatch
    • Pilots windows (2)
    • Pilots show/hide
    • Pitot plugs (4)
    • Breakers hatch
    • E/P hatch
    • Escape hatch
    • Flag
    • Entry door
    • Engine cowlings (24)
    • Engine intake plugss (4)
    • APU intake door
    • Gear access doors (2)
    • Wheel chocks
    • Access hatches
    • Toolboxes (2)
    • Refueling hatch
    • Paratroop doors (2)
    • Cargo door and ramp
  • Misc Features
    • Custom flight model
    • Stock turboprop soundset which sounds like the C-130 thanks to the custom flight model
    • Supports most features of MSFS2020 (rain/icing effects and more)
    • Supports a growing number of livery packs with numerous variants of optional equipment
    • Sim Ops
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