Pimax Announces Crystal Super and Crystal Light, 60G Airlink

Pimax’s Frontier Event sees the introduction of two new VR headsets.

Posted: 15-Apr-2024 @ 20:27z
Updated: 15-May-2024 @ 18:02z

Pimax has announced their latest VR innovations on their Pimax Frontier event. The event covered a range of topics and technologies, and saw the announcement of several new products. Most notably, Pimax announced a budget version of their current flagship model, the Pimax Crystal, called the Pimax Crystal Light. They also announced a high-spec model, the Pimax Crystal Super. The company also introduced their wireless VR streaming technology, called Airlink.

Pimax Crystal Light

Requested by many, the Pimax Crystal Light is a more budget friendly version than the regular Crystal, with lower specs, allowing people to gain entry to the virtual reality market at a lower cost. It features lower specced hardware, and misses some of the coveted features of the regular Crystal, such as eye tracking, dynamic foveated rendering and airlink support, but also comes in at a much more affordable price, starting at $699 USD.

For now though, the Pimax Crystal is only available for pre-orders that can be placed through Pimax’s own website, at a $30 USD refundable pre-order fee.

Pimax Crystal Super

While the Crystal is getting a cheaper brother, Pimax’s Frontier event also showcased the Pimax Crystal Super, a more expensive variant of the current Crystal with higher specs, making it the new flagship model. The Pimax Crystal Super will support both QLED and Micro-OLED screens, and the headset will allow you to quickly swap between them by swapping the optical engine – an industry first for these headsets. These screens feature a higher resolution of 3840×3840 per eye, and massively boost pixel count to 29,5 million pixels, while increasing the pixels-per-degree count from 35 on the regular Crystal to 57 on the Crystal Super. The Crystal Super will also slightly reduce its size and weight, which was pointed out often as negative feedback on the Crystal headset.

Pimax’s Crystal Super will become available starting at $1799 USD, but until then, you can sign up to the pre-order queue at $0.99 USD (non-refundable).

60G Airlink

If you’re tired of feeling the restriction of cables with your Pimax Crystal headset, Pimax has now got you covered with their 60G Airlink. The Airlink will create a wireless connection between your computer and the headset, eliminating the need for the display port cable that is currently required to use the Pimax Crystal. The 60G Airlink will coordinate controller and position interactions, while maintaining the Crystal’s native 2880×2880 resolution. The 60G Airlink is available only for the Pimax Crystal and will start shipping in Q3 of this year. The 60G Airlink will be available for $299 USD, but current Pimax Crystal owners will receive a discount of $50.

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