FSElite Exclusive: Navigraph Charts Cloud (Beta)

As you now know, Navigraph were kind enough to give use the chance to be part of the closed beta for their new chart system. This includes a brand new charts cloud system that allows you to track your flights progress as well as have a clear representation of your route. Covering the whole globe, there is no limit as to how and where you wish to use this new system. Although primarily designed to work with larger airports, small GA airports are also available providing much more diversity to the operational use of this product. The biggest change to note with the new system is that the chart provider has moved away from the LIDO charts that we have become used to over the years to Jeppesen. Although the changes are not overly significant, the new layout and design of the charts will be noticable. The benefit of using these new Jeppesen charts? A far greater expanse of airports are now supported.

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FSElite Exclusive: Navigraph En-Route Charts Android (Beta)

The team over at Navigraph have been working hard on providing their next update to their incredible charts system for desktop, iOS and Android. They’ve provided plenty of details so far and have advanced to their next stage of inviting people to join their beta team.

I was lucky enough to be selected to join the beta team to test out the Android version and I can tell you that this is already a vast improvement from their current app. It’s clearly been built from the ground up supporting the same look and feel as the rest of their product line. It’s already slick, fast and enables you to view your aircraft flying along routes in real time.

I’ve taken some screenshots below and added some annotations explaining what each is doing.


Just Flight C-46 Commando Development

Just Flight has announced that they have added their C-46 Commando to the development section of their website.

C-46 Commando was a twin engine transport aircraft used primarily by the military but also civilian operators, particularly in the cargo role. C-46 is modelled using real-world plans, the aircraft feature multiple animations and highly detailed engines. The faithfully recreated virtual cockpit features 3D instrumentation, wear and tear, and realistic systems functionality.

For latest info make sure to follow FSElite as well as Just Flight on Facebook.

Loads more screenshots and details can be found at Just Flight website.


Airline2Sim 777 Cadet+ Training Program Coming This Summer

We’re huge fans of the guys over at Airline2Sim. The team have worked tirelessly to create wonderful video training packages, with the latest being their fantastic 777 Cadet Program. We loved it and you guys should take a look at buying it as even veteran users will learn something new.

Whilst the 777 Cadet Program was great, there’s still much more to the twin-engine beast. Airline2Sim weren’t going to stand still as work has continued on their 777 Cadet + Program, which will bring a new range of lessons for the advance flyer. This will include  ETOPS and North Atlantic tracks, ETPs, enroute diversions, rapid decompression and much, much more. This package will focus primarily on the long-haul operations of the ultra-long range bird.

We spoke to Ben from Airline2Sim who confirmed that the course structure will be the same as the 777 Cadet Program and that pricing will be less than the follow up programs we’ve seen before. He also said that the content will also “look back on the Cadet [program] and some additional content on things that may have changed since we shot it”. He went on to say that there is also some more content on the flight deck controls also.


It’s a thrilling sounding package and we can’t wait to see what Ben and the team get up to this Summer.

FSDG News – Reunion + Mauritius

FSDG – Flight Sim Development Group has just released a new update for their FSDG Reunion scenery in France.

If you already installed the previous version please follow these steps to successfully install v1.1:

If you already purchased the scenery from our shop you’ll find all important information on how to access your download in this thread.

Changes to Reunion compared to v1:

– Light bug at FMEE & FMEP fixed
– Flickering textures fixed at FMEE
– Missing objects added at FMEE cargo area
– Potential crashes on FMEE final fixed
– Some smaller bug fixes

FSDG has also announced a new ETA for Mauritius scenery that will be released in July this year.

For more information, head over to FSDG at Facebook and their Forum.

Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World! And everything that Entails.

Dovetail announced Flight Sim World. In a move surprising no one, yet still garnering a lot of attention. I want to talk about the trailer and some observations I had from it. As well as some theories. We will be mentioning the other sims that will be coming out, or have already. For the sake of clarity go watch the trailer here if you haven’t. Alternatively if you don’t want to watch the trailer, Christian Thomsen wrote a brief summary on it here. With that out the way continue reading this if you so wish. Also know that I will be making comparisons to Dovetail’s other game Train Sim World; And possibly comparisons to other games not centered around Flight Simulation. I also emailed some questions to the brand manager for Flight Simulation at Dovetail Games, Aimee Sanjari. Hopefully her answers can put to rest some of the rumors that have started since the release of the Trailer.

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UK2000 Release Norwich

Just a few days ago we showed off some screenshots of UK2000’s Norwich Extreme scenery that at the time was approaching release. That day has now come and the scenery has been released. It can be purchased from UK2000’s website for the standard price of £16.99.

Norwich airport is a minor internation airport within the City of Norwich in the county of Norfolk. The airport severs a variety of traffic ranging from passenger jet liners down to small GA aircraft. A great option for those who enjoy multiple forms of flying within the sim. Just to give you a taste of the airport, a few of the routes operated to from Norwich include Amsterdam, Tenerife-South, Aberdeen and Manchester.

From what I can see, the scenery looks once again to reach UK2000’s common high standard. Norwich is just one of the airports amongst the list that UK2000 aims to bring out this year with others including Gatwick V2, Bournemouth, Isle of Man and Newquay. To see the whole list check out our article on UK2000’s roadmap for 2017.

Don’t forget, a free version of the scenery is also available with less features and detail.

Final Preview Shots of Orbx CAG8

Update: It is now RELEASED and is FREE. You need to make sure you have NA Pacific Northwest for it to work, however. Remember, the Orbx sale is currently on!

We’ve covered Orbx CAG8 Pender Harbour a few times now and with good reason: the harbour airport looks sensational. As always, Iain has got his hands on it to provide his finals – which we all know means a release is just around the corner.

Not much to add, but just enjoy the high quality texture work and detail that Larry has included. Don’t forget to head over to the Orbx forums for more info.

More SimWings / Aerosoft Barcelona X Evolution Screenshots

SimWings and Aerosoft continue to push on previewing their version of Barcelona with some new screenshots of the surrounding areas. We’ve seen some shots of the airport, but as Thorsten describes, you’ll now also have a “nice approach at El Prat from all directions”. This is because their version will include a huge coverage area between Tarragona, Lloret de Mar and Manresa.

The resolution of the shots will be 0.5m/pix for the surrounding area, whilst at the airport, we can expect 0.25m/pix. This will also include complete autogen and some other goodies as well.

How this will fair against LatinVFR’s and JustSim’s Barcelona we’ll have to wait and see. Great to see developers continue to push the boundaries of the sim.

Keep an eye on the Aerosoft forums for any further updates.

Turbine Sound Studios Preview of Trent-892 for PMDG 777

Despite the fact that PMDG have only modelled the GE-90 engines for their impressive 777 line-up, many fans have eagerly awaited other engine variants and aircraft model types to be added. Right now, it doesn’t seem like it will happen any time soon. However, Turbine Sound Studios have stepped up to the plate to offer a soundset for the Trent-892 which will be fully compatible with the PMDG range.

The engine type is found on the 777-200, 777-200ER and 777-300 (not ER which is modelled by PMDG). Right now, PMDG haven’t made any further announcements on plans for these, but the sound pack will add the engine sounds.

Of course, this doesn’t add the characteristics of the engines themselves, but for those who just want to hear the raw power of the beasts, then this will work just fine. TSS, uploaded a quick preview to their Facebook page. We’ve embedded it below, but if you’re unable to view it, check out this link.

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