TFDi Design MD-11 Aiming to ‘Feature Complete’ by April 30th

Just a few more weeks before the team reach a major milestone with their aircraft development.

Posted: 09-Apr-2024 @ 17:45z
TFDi Design MD-11 Aiming to ‘Feature Complete’ by April 30th

The TFDi Design MD-11 is one of the more hotly anticipated releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D, thanks to its unique nature in the real world. It has been under development for a lengthy period of time at this point, having even had an ‘early-access’ with people already flying it in a more developmental state.

As a result of the early-access status, the team has been keen to keep the community updated about how things are progressing. Using the status page on their website, they have been able to give granular details on how things are moving for the MD-11. According to that page, everything is at 90% or above in terms of completeness for the initial release.

What is more, the aircraft itself should be ‘feature complete’ by the end of April 2024. A bug with the simulator itself prevented the team from completing this any sooner, but with the support of Asobo, it has been squashed and things are now moving again.

After the plane reaches this stage, according to their development status page, the team will stop adding features and will work on fixing the plane, addressing bugs and providing that last bit of polish. To be clear, April 30th is not a release date, but a target the team is working towards to prevent feature-creep.

Once bugs, polish and everything else is ready, TFDi Design will then look to release the MD-11 for everyone.

If you have faith in TFDi Design to deliver on the MD-11, then you can always pre-order now for $80.00, which is a discounted price from the final sale price once it is made available for all.

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