SimWorks Studios Sending their PC-12 To Pilatus for Approval Before Release

SimWorks Studios are so confident they are sending it to the aircraft manufacturer to get it greenlit for the simulator.

Posted: 30-Jul-2023 @ 12:50z
SimWorks Studios Sending their PC-12 To Pilatus for Approval Before Release

SimWorks Studios (SWS), known for their Kodiak 100, is so confident in their PC-12, that they are going to soon send it to Pilatus itself in order to get it tested and greenlit prior to a release. A new post on Facebook by the team gave us a brief update on their projects.

Before we get to the PC-12, SimWorks Studios wanted to address the problems they had with their website. They are fully aware of the issues and are working to resolve the problems. If customers has any issues, they should drop the team and email or open a ticket on Discord in order to speak to staff. It’s good to note that the team intend on taking a short break from 14th – 25th August, so support will generally be unavailable.

Moving back to the PC-12, SimWorks Studios says that they anticipate the work to be completed in the next 2 weeks. This time will be spent finalising and cleaning up the product in preparation for a release. Then, on August 11th, the team will send it to the aircraft manufacturers themselves to verify that they are happy with the plane. Pilatus will test it themselves, before then giving SimWorks Studios the go-ahead that the plane is up to snuff for simmers. In the Facebook post, SWS also showcased some videos of the interactive cabin and the engine covers.

The target release for the Pilatus PC-12 by SimWorks Studios is mid-September, but of course, dates are subject to change. SimWorks Studios is confident that they will achieve this, but we’ll of course continue to follow them to then let you know.

SimWorks Studios is also working on the TBM and the Kodiak 900.

Update: Removed reference about the Dash 7 with PILOT’S upon request from the developer as they informed us they are no longer working in conjunction with them.

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