Review: SimWorks Studios Kodiak 100 Series II for MSFS

Tom shows us SimWorks Studio’s Kodiak 100 Series II for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

07 Jan 2022 15:05z
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Version reviewed: 1.0.0
Press copy produced by: SimWorks Studios
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Tom shows us SimWorks Studio’s second aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Daher Kodiak is a great all-round tourer and makes a great addition to the sim.

Video produced by: Tom’s Planes

FSElite Bottom Line
Overall, the Kodiak is an impressive little aircraft. It’s a great all rounded bird for bush flying to IFR touring. The aircraft performs well in terms of frame rate and how close it handles when compared to real world data tables. The SimWorks Studios team appears active in responding to bug fixes, despite the holiday season of release, so I’m sure the issues I mentioned will be sorted in short order. For the price, this aircraft is well worth it. With top tier sounds, Working Title G1000 NXI integration, which should only get better, challenging flight dynamics that are accurate to the real plane, attention to detail between models, and the ability to go almost anywhere, the Kodiak 100 Series II is one I can definitely recommend.
Modeling and texturing
Dynamic payload models
WorkingTitle G1000 NXI integration
Challenging flight dynamics
Some minor bugs on release version

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Video Producer
Tom’s interest in aviation began with FS2000 and CFS1 and only grew when he was taken spotting at McCarran Intl. He sets out to learn as much as he an about aviation and he has continued to use flight sim as his primary tool. When not on the sim, Tom enjoys designing, building, and flying remote-controlled aircraft, plane spotting/aviation photography, experimenting with 3D printing, and playing other PC games.
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