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SimWorks Studios Update on PC-12 and More for MSFS

SimWorks Studios provide sweeping update on much of their product line.

SimWorks Studios Update on PC-12 and More for MSFS

SimWorks Studios provided an update on the status of their PC-12, RV-8, RV-10, and Zenith for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The developers opted to not cover a ton of detail about their PC-12, as a lot of it was covered in a livestream on TwoToneMurphy’s Twitch channel, which you can check out here. They did share, however, that the PC-12/47 is in the final build stage of the flight model and aircraft systems with the wrap-up of the PC-12 being only days away.

SimWorks Studios also announced that the development of the RV-8 is at its final stages; the artwork is now largely complete with the focus now on fine-tuning the aicraft’s handling. The RV-10 has had issues with screens going blank, for which a fix is currently being pushed out. Finally, the Zenith has also been updated, fixing an issue with some localization issues that occured with the included bush trip.

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