Sim Update 15 Delayed, New Beta Release Now Available

It has been delayed, but with good reason.

Posted: 08-May-2024 @ 04:58z
Sim Update 15 Delayed, New Beta Release Now Available

Sim Update 15 was meant to land today (following multiple delays already), but has been delayed. As confirmed by Microsoft on the forums, the delay was the result of wanting to fix issues with WASM.

The issue with WASM ‘Missing Content’ was discovered last week, along with issues on Xbox consoles with freezing and stuttering. As such, the team need more time to investigate what the issue is and work towards a solution.

A new beta build (version is now available for those participating in the lighting program, which resolves the WASM ‘missing content’ error, but still needs sufficient testing before it can be released to the wider community. This update also fixed some issues with DX12, including ‘aerial pop-in’. Furthermore, the team continue to investigate the Xbox stuttering/freezing issue, which they aim to have fixed by next week.

Sim Update 15 will be the final update for Microsoft Flight Simulator this year, so it’s important it launches as error-free as possible. The new update promises to bring with it improved performance, better memory utilisation, new ground friction physics and hundreds of more changes.

If you really want Sim Update 15, you can enrol in the beta program now and get your hands on it. Just be aware that it is beta software and you may encounter some issues. The latest build’s changelog is below.

A new estimated release date for Sim Update 15 was not shared. Changelog

Known Issue (Xbox only)

  • Stuttering/Freezing may occur during flight sessions. To recover, restarting the game is needed. Enabling Rolling Cache in General Options->Data helps reduce the likelihood of this issue appearing.


  • Fixed a bug that limited the throttle to 100%


  • Reworked the rendering of the world tiles to avoid graphical glitches under DX12



  • Fixed the Gizmo scaling feature in the Scenery Editor


  • Fixed a bug which prevented the download of the WASM DLC and made all WASM-based add-ons non-functional
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