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Parallel 42 Updates Flow Adding Landing Rate Monitor and Xbox Performance Improvements

A new update includes a community-made function that now all users of Flow Essentials can enjoy.

Parallel 42 Updates Flow Adding Landing Rate Monitor and Xbox Performance Improvements

A new update for Parallel 42’s Flow Essential and Flow Pro has been released. The news was confirmed by the team over on their blog and gave details on what users can expect from the latest release of the utility tool.

A bit of backstory was provided by the latest release from the team, who indicated that a new feature was actually developed initially by the community using the tools of Flow Pro. Flow Pro allows anyone to create their own scripts within the tool. Parallel 42 noticed a community creator called eGGi, who created a landing rate monitor.

They worked together to then bring this functionality to the masses for Flow Essentials. This means everyone who has Flow Essentials (PC and Xbox) can now access this new tool. It wouldn’t surprise us if more community members created snippets like this and it be included in future releases.

Another notable improvement with this release is the fact that Parallel 42 has completely rebuilt the Position and Portal widgets, which now feature full-colour satellite imagery. Not only that, but it also includes a “significant” performance increase, particularly for users on Xbox consoles.

The update is now available through the Parallel 42 store if you purchased it directly. It’s pending for the Orbx store, and also for the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace (PC and Xbox).

You can learn more about Flow in our past articles, including the differences between the free version, the essential version and the pro version. This isn’t the first update, either, as Flow has been updated a few times improving since its original release.

Flow Changelog


  • Landing Rate Widget (Essentials & Pro) Quickly see your landing rate after touchdown with the new Landing Rate Widget.
  • QR Code (All versions) Added QR code for support in settings


  • Optimizations to Position / Portal Widgets (Essentials & Pro) Faster maps, better look! The position map has been improved with colored map, better markers, display options and better performance.
  • Position Widget / Multiplayer (Essentials & Pro) Added on/off button to show/hide multiplayer, this may help with performance in saturated areas.
  • Portal Widget / Multiplayer (Essentials & Pro) Added friend usernames to map. 
  • Twitch Chat Overlay (Pro) Added a setting to change the duration of on-screen messages.
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