Parallel 42 Releases Flow, Flow Essentials and Flow Pro for MSFS

Flow will change how you interact with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Now available in three variations.

Posted: 20-Dec-2022 @ 10:15z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:25z
Parallel 42 Releases Flow, Flow Essentials and Flow Pro for MSFS

Parallel 42 has released its three versions of Flow for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Flow for Microsoft Flight Simulator brings a new intuitive and easy-to-navigate in-game interaction wheel that is configurable in almost an unlimited number of ways. Instead of using the default toolbar at the top of the simulator, Flow will allow you to control the sim using the interactive wheel which is based on modern design, usability, and customisation.

The new utility tool from Parallel 42 has been released in three variations, depending on the features you wish to have.

Flow is the free version of the tool that gives you access to a fully resizable ‘Wheel’ interface that is clean and modern compared to the default MSFS toolbar. You can adjust how it looks, reorganise the placement of toolbar icons and more. You can download the free version from Orbx.

Flow Essentials is a step-up from the freeware version that gives you the ability to do more with ‘The Wheel’. Adjust weather, find friends and easily change camera views thanks to a number of included widgets with the application. You will also be able to interact with the aircraft with the wheel with actions including autopilot controls, door controls and more. Flow Essentials is available from Orbx for approximately $15.00 USD.

For those wanting the full experience, Flow Pro is the one for you. Flow Pro gives you access to streaming tools and the ability to make your own widgets. In addition, Flow Pro includes “Otto”, the search bar, that allows you to search settings, Wikipedia and even control certain functions of your aircraft. For example, typing LL into Otto will turn on/off the landing lights. Flow Pro is available from Orbx for approximately $25.00 USD.

If you want to see Flow in action, check out the live stream that TwoToneMurphy and Parallel 42 CEO, Edson Soriano, did to demonstrate how it can be used.

Features – All Versions

  • Fully resizable interface elements built for individuals with vision impairment and cognitive or motor difficulties to a spec beyond the default toolbar.
  • Access your currently installed MSFS panels, default or 3rd party.
  • Works in-sim without external app requirements.
  • No measurable performance impact.
  • Sleek & intuitive interaction wheel alternative to the default toolbar.
  • Customizable wheel layouts, arrange panels to your needs.
  • Wheel show/hide can be bound to any assignable key/button.
  • Static & Dynamic wheels. Static always show, and Dynamic show only in a specific aircraft.
  • Xbox controller optimized.

Features – Flow (Free)

  • Access your currently installed MSFS panels,
    default or 3rd party.
  • Enhanced default toolbar replaces “handlebar” style. We’ve modded it to appear with a beautiful, fluid motion.
  • Hide the default toolbar entirely from Flow settings; you can always change your mind and bring it back if access is required.

Features – Flow Essentials

  • Everything from Flow.
  • Portal widget by //42.
  • Weather widget by //42.
  • Time widget by //42.
  • Position widget by //42.
  • Cameras widget by //42.
  • Autopilot
  • Engine Start/Stop
  • Instant Refueling
  • Quit Sim
  • Flaps up/down
  • Aircraft reset
  • Battery Recharge
  • Sim Rate +/-
  • Parking Breaks on/off
  • Door controls
  • Gear controls
  • Lighting controls
  • And more…

Features – Flow Pro

  • Everything from Flow and Flow Essentials.
  • A platform for power users & creators
  • Create scripts (widgets) using basic JavaScript / HTML / CSS
  • Import / Export scripts you’ve created or received from people you trust using our Flow Manager.
  • Twitch Integrations for content creators (ATCBot / Chat Overlay)
  • ATCbot widget sends real-time sim data directly into your Twitch chat via community standard commands such as !info !plane, !alt etc. Streamline your setup; it’s all automatic now!
  • Chat Overlay widget displays your Twitch chat directly in the sim. Restrict to highlighted or subscribers only for added.
  • HUDs or Heads Up Display Widgets show data overlays directly in-sim. These include Control Inputs, Outside Forces, & Wind. Let viewers see the work it takes to land an aircraft!
  • “Otto” is a search bar for true power users. Do math or unit conversions, search Wikipedia, execute shorthand, find METAR data, or calculate your Top of Decent. The sky is the limit!
  • And more…
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