Parallel 42’s SimFx Pricing Revealed

Upcoming MSFS utility will not release before Sim Update 15.

Posted: 30-Apr-2024 @ 15:52z
Updated: 02-May-2024 @ 07:51z
Parallel 42’s SimFx Pricing Revealed

Parallel 42 has recently shared some more details relating to their upcoming SimFX addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including a price point.

The add-on, which is currently being advertised on the developer’s website, will retail for £25.00 GBP / $25.00 USD (inc. local taxes) and release no earlier than Sim Update 15, which was recently confirmed to have suffered yet another delay to launch.

The SimFX addon is arguably Parallel 42’s signature addon that brought them to prominence in the first place. A similar add-on package full of visual effects was launched for FSX and P3D back in the day, and it was the success of these add-ons that catapulted the studio to the prominence it enjoys today.

In terms of what’s included with the MSFS edition, Parallel 42 is promising extended contrails with more cloud-like voluminous textures that are illuminated differently depending on the sun’s position and angle. Simmers are also set to enjoy heat blur FX from engines and APUs, engine blast on soft and wet surfaces, wing wash, rotor wash, engine pollution, touchdown smoke, and even the earth’s natural Auroras and shooting stars.

All of these effects will apply not just to the user’s aircraft, but also those depicted in multiplayer mode and injected into the simulator via third-party software like BeyondATC, FSLTL, or vPilot.

Users will also be able to customise which effects apply and their intensity on a per-aircraft basis, meaning that users will be able to fine-tune the sim to grant maximum realism.

The addon is expected to be compatible with almost all third-party addon aircraft, although if you’re not sure what is and isn’t covered, Parallel 42 has offered a comprehensive guide over on their website, along with a handy Aurora tracker.

FSElite will bring you more details on the launch schedule once they become available, presumably once Sim Update 15 is finally launched.

Edit: USD price added ($25.00 USD)

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