Flight Sim April Fools 2024 Round-Up – Dinosaurs, F1 Cars, Golden Controls, and More

Your round up of April Fools jokes from this year in the flight sim community. Racing cars, Dinosaurs, Peddle Boats and More await you.

Posted: 01-Apr-2024 @ 15:50z
Updated: 06-Apr-2024 @ 14:22z
Flight Sim April Fools 2024 Round-Up – Dinosaurs, F1 Cars, Golden Controls, and More

Oh April 1st, how we love you. It’s the time of year when people can get creative with a few light-hearted jokes. Everything you see in the news should be taken with a pinch of salt, but there’s always a few developers and community members out there who go the extra mile when creating an April Fools joke.

Below are some of those that did just that and provided a few chuckles along the way, whilst keeping things somewhat classy. No, we won’t be featuring “OMG, the Aerosoft A390 is now out!” type of posts, but those that are clever, a pun or simply make a consorted effort to have a bit of fun with their audience.

Check out all those that we have found so far below. Of course, if we have missed any, do let us know!

Happy April Fools!

Parallel 42

This one probably hurt a lot of you to realise it was just an April Fools joke. It’s the add-on people are craving for Microsoft Flight Simulator and one that the community constantly ask Parallel 42 to make. With that in mind, they tricked the community with their exaggerated product title and feature set (who’s subscribing to window blade wipers…?) but some still went ahead to try and purchase the £41.00 add-on. Sadly, when you click the button, you’re directed to some messaging from the team.

That messaging is what Parallel 42 has been reiterating for years now: if you want Chase Plane for MSFS, you need to speak to Microsoft. They have made efforts to bring the camera add-on to flight sim, but the closed API means it’s an endeavour still yet to be realised.

Check out ChasePlane Professional 4K HDR.


April Fools is a chance for developers to go beyond flight simulation and SoFly has done that with their new add-on. This is your chance to step back in time and fly with… dinosaurs!? Yes, the big lizards of the world now roam, soar and swim within your digital world.

Not only that, but there’s a fully featured race course called Jurassic Track that is themed around that pretty popular Hollywood film. Expect to find T-Rex, Pterodactyl and Stegosaurus across the world.

You can download it for free from SoFly’s site.

iniRacing (Formally iniBuilds)

iniBuilds has built up a reputation in the flight simulation community for creating a wide-range of add-ons. But they’re now done with developing in flight sim and instead going to be known as iniRacing.

The first product in their new space is the iniR 24, an F1 car that is completely custom-made for racing around MSFS. The iniR 24 includes a fully featured driving model, custom lap timers and DRS controls on their Yas Island Marina Circuit, an authentic WWISE sound set and also under-glow night lighting.

This is their parting gift to the flight sim community as they move on to sim racing.

You can get your copy for free from iniBuilds’ website.


Ever fancied a custom gold-plated piece of flight sim hardware? Well, VIRPIL has you covered with their newly announced ALPHA Royal Bundles. Installed anywhere in the world with their ‘white-gloves’ delivery team, expect to have the most breathtaking and detailed VIRPIL controls ever made. They can be yours for just shy of 10,000 Euros.

“The #01 left and right set have already been professionally installed in their new home, but the remaining grips from this limited batch will be available to order on the official VIRPIL Controls webstores, The VPC WarBRD-D Royale HOSAS Bundle also includes specially modified WarBRD-D Bases to handle the increased weight of the gold grips!”

Sadly, they have already sold out.


Ever fancied taking a pedalo out in a virtual environment? Now is your chance thanks to our friends at GotFriends. The new Paddle Wheeler is your way to avoid the outdoors and still experience a life on the open ocean. Step abroad and use your legs to paddle at your own pace.

The custom made peddle boat can be operated by your rudder pedals, giving you the chance to go on a mini adventure.

Download yours now.

MK Studios

With simulators becoming more and more technologically advanced, developers are focusing a lot of attention on interior modelling. As a result, MK Studios has formally announced that they will no longer put focus on exterior models. Since most simmers today only want to see the inside of the terminal, there’s no point in developing what the outside will look like.


In light of recent real-world events, FlyJSim has decided that they must now make their aircraft even more real. This is why they’re introducing “Too Real” for their upcoming 727 and 737 series of planes on X-Plane.

This new feature will give you the chance to play ‘Door Plug Roulette’, find loose nuts and bolts across your aircraft and even experience random flat tires. Fly on a bad day and hear passengers scream, but on a good day, when it all happens to go right, you will get praise and cheers from the plebs in the back.


Catering to their Australian audience, FSNews has created a specific theme just for them. Their whole site is now the right-way-up for Australian visitors, which is just perfect for those down under.

Flight Sim April Fools 2024 Round-Up - Dinosaurs, F1 Cars, Golden Controls, and More

Of course, Ozzies could just do the rest of us a favour and simply turn their monitors upside down!

Community – Flight Simulator 2024 Aircraft List

We’re not sure of the exact original source, but Facebook user Hans Björck has shared a leaked memo from Microsoft’s desk that shows what Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024’s aircraft list will look like. We can’t say for sure how real the memo is, but I did ask my best friend who’s uncle’s sister’s brother works for Microsoft who confirmed it to be the real dealio.

It appears the base version of the sim will feature only the Trike Ultralight, meaning most players will want to upgrade to Premium or Ultra packages to get even more planes. Expect to get the A330, 737 MAX 10, A400m and many others in the Ultra version of the new sim. If you want extra planes like the Hot Air Balloon, then you will need to fork out $80.00 USD more.

We can only hope this memo gets revised ahead of its release later this year.

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