[Updated – Now Free] Parallel 42 Releases Thick Scroll – Improving Accessibility for All on MSFS

Broadening accessibility options for simmers in MSFS.

Posted: 19-Mar-2024 @ 22:59z
Updated: 20-Mar-2024 @ 15:02z
[Updated – Now Free] Parallel 42 Releases Thick Scroll – Improving Accessibility for All on MSFS

Update 20-Mar-24 @ 15:00z: Parallel 42 has listened to community feedback and now made Thick Scroll a freeware mod for all.

Parallel 42 said in a statement to FSElite, “Exciting news! We’ve made Thick Scroll, our UI-focused mod, FREEWARE.” They continued, “while our aim was to keep it affordable at $3, aligning with Microsoft’s $5 minimum marketplace pricing, your feedback matters. Thank you to the community for helping us prioritize accessibility for all.”

== Original Article ==

Parallel 42 has released a brand-new modification for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will improve accessibility for all. Thick Scroll for MSFS improved the navigation and interaction within the sim by thickening the default scroll bars across the whole sim.

The whole point of this mod is to address accessibility issues caused by the thin default user interface offered by the sim. It gives more surface area for users to grab onto when navigating the in-sim menus. This makes everything a bit easier for those who require additional assistance when using the simulator. It is also useful for developers, too, as it allows you to go through menus with ease instead of accidentally changing the zoom level of your camera.

Parallel 42 says that Thick Scroll “[recognises] the community’s diverse needs, our mod caters to users who may need help with the often-overlooked challenge of interacting with thin, hard-to-grab scroll bars.” They continued, “Thick Scroll is not just a mod; it’s a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that the thrill of flight is accessible to all by offering a more inclusive and accessible UI experience.”

Thick Scroll is available now from the Parallel 42 store for free and will also be coming to the in-sim store shortly for PC and Xbox. It will also be made available through OrbxDirect.


  • Enhanced Visibility: With Thick Scroll, the scroll bars become more prominent, making them easier to locate at a glance, especially in complex control panels and menus.
  • Improved Precision: The increased scroll bar thickness improves ease of use during critical flight phases, ensuring smoother navigation through menus and settings.
  • Accessibility Boost: This mod is a significant step forward in making MSFS more accessible to individuals with motor or visual impairments or those who find the default scroll bars challenging to use. Thick Scroll enables a wider range of sim enthusiasts to enjoy flying without compromise.
  • Seamless Integration: Thick Scroll is designed to blend seamlessly with the existing MSFS interface, maintaining the sim’s aesthetic while enhancing usability.
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