iniSimulations Releases A300 v2 as a Free Update

The A300 ON THE LINE saw a huge number of changes that build on the already great aircraft.

29 Dec 2021 12:58z

The iniSimulations team has issued a brand new free update for their A300 ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11. This new v2 update adds a huge number of features and additions that improve upon the original release for iniSimulations’ first aircraft for the platform.

Following the release of the A300 ON THE LINE back in August 2020, the aircraft went on to become a staple in the iniSimulations selection. Following on from that release, the Beluga and the A310 from the team took features and capabilities to the next level. This additional learning time for the team meant that the A300 felt a little dated. This is why this free update was released, in order to bring their A300 up to the same standard as that of the A310 and Beluga.

The changelog from v1 to v2 is pretty extensive, with over 4 pages worth of changes or updates. Everything from the sounds and the EFB to the FMS and flight model has been updated in some way. Systems have also seen a large update too, with hydraulic, electrical, bleed and fuel all benefiting from new features or more accurate simulations. As mentioned, the flight model has also seen an update, using new Aerofoil data, along with more accurate climb performance and an enhanced landing feeling. This is all coupled with new 3D models for the engines, improved texturing for the fuselage and an improved soundscape that has been significantly enhanced since the original v1 release.

It is worth noting that VR users will have to continue using the original version at this time due to the fact there is no VR compatibility for the A300 ON THE LINE v2. You will have to contact the iniSimulations team in order to get access to the first version.

Any customer who previously owned the A300 ON THE LINE can update right now through the iniManager. If you don’t already own the A300 ON THE LINE, you can buy it from the iniBuilds website for £69.99 (excluding taxes). If you own the A310, you can 25% off.

If you want to learn more about the A300 ON THE LINE v2, then check out the feature overview video.

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