iniManager Now Available

The new iniManager will allow you to download and manage your products fro the iniBuilds store.

01 Dec 2021 09:55z

The iniManager by iniBuilds is now available to download and use. The latest tool by the team will allow you to download and manage your products through one convenient application.

By using the new iniManager, you will be able to manage all of your iniBuilds products, including the A310-300 ON THE LINE, the A300 Beluga ST and also their scenery products such as Queenstown (NZQN). In addition to products developed under the ini brand, third party products from the likes of Boundless, Origami and ToLiss can also be downloaded and managed through the iniManager. Essentially, any product available through the iniBuilds store can now be downloaded through this new utility.

In addition to downloading products, updates will now be managed through the new tool. Like similar other tools, the iniManager will look up changes to files and download only those files that need updating. This means you won’t need to reactivate products or re-installing liveries.

The great news is if you’re already an iniBuilds customer (through their store), you are able to access your product library straight away through the new application without having to make a new account.

The iniManager is available both on Windows and macOS.

In the future, you will be able to use the iniManager to download and manage the iniBuilds livery collection.

You can download the iniManager right now from the iniBuilds website.

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