iniSimulations A300 Beluga Updated to Version 1.10

Update your Beluga today and carry even more cargo.

10 Dec 2021 18:25z

A new update for iniSimulations’ A300 Belgua on X-Plane 11 has been released. Version 1.10 adds new functionality, along with additional cargo items to load into the Airbus aircraft.

The primary purpose of this update was to add new cargo objects to the aircraft. The new cargo objects include an A400M Fuselage, an NH90 Helicopter and also an A320 Front Fuse/Nose. All of these objects come with unique weights which then are applied when flying the aircraft.

In addition, the new update enhances CPDLC operations from the A310 release and the experimental flight model is automatically enabled with the Beluga. Finally, some other fixes have also been applied such as the flight plan uplink on macOS.

Version 1.10 of the A300 Beluga can be obtained through the iniBuilds Manager that was released earlier this month. You can learn a bit more about the update in the preview video above.


  • New cargo object: A400M Fuselage
  • New cargo object: NH90 Helicopter
  • New cargo object: Chemical Tank
  • New cargo object: A320 Front Fuse/Nose
  • Enhanced CPDLC operations from A310
  • Experimental flight model now enables automatically
  • Fixed SimBrief flight plan uplink on macOS

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