IndiaFoxtEcho Updates F-35 and Provides Development Update

A new update for the F-35 is now out.

Posted: 08-May-2024 @ 05:40z
IndiaFoxtEcho Updates F-35 and Provides Development Update

Developer IndiaFoxtEcho has provided a new update on their F-35, along with further information on some other projects that they are working on.

The new F-35 update is known as the Echo 19 Sounds and Avionics update, and the changelog is pretty lengthy. Expect multiple fixes across the plane, new afterburner effects, improved HUD pages, and also additional liveries. The biggest changes are to do with the new sound package (developed by Echo19) and also a be rework of the avionics suite. Expect new HMD Boresight and GCAS preferences, new proper CDM symbols and more.

IndiaFoxtEcho also spoke about other projects in their offering and some status updates. On the TORNADO, a major update is in the works. They had a lot of feedback so had to go through each one to ensure they are fixing the right things and adding new features as quickly as possible. They said it’s a complex project, so may take a week or so longer. The T-45 GOSHAWK will also be getting a new update for how the engine responds to throttle changes. Finally, a new update with the F-14 TOMCAT is on its way to Microsoft that fixes an issue with some texture glitches.

Finally, the team confirmed that after sidelining the projects a little bit, they are resuming work on the Queen Elizabeth and Cavour ships. They are working to ensure these are different from competing products, but will be great for the community as a whole.

If you don’t own the F-35, you can get your copy on SIMMARKET. You can get your update via your store of purchase and the update is on its way to Microsoft.


  • Fixed bug causing time indication on the control bar to show 24 instead of 00
  • Removed duplicate entries in autopilot configuration
  • Slight modification to effects of crosswind on flight dynamics
  • Added HMD Boresight and GCAS preferences to permanent variables
  • Reworked afterburner effects
  • AoA bracket now adapts to the model (A, B or C)
  • Additional key bindings are now disabled by default and can be enabled with an option in the
  • MENU screen
  • Fixed multiple minor glitches on PCD FUEL interaction
  • Major restyle of HMD boresight and off-boresight graphics
  • Tweaks to FBW PID coefficients
  • ILS signal can now be received ONLY if the nose gear doors are open
  • Fixed FPV and ghost VV graphics
  • Added proper CDM symbol
  • Reworked off-boresight symbology
  • Reworked waterline graphics
  • FAB: added engine anti-ice captions
  • FAB: reworked landing gear symbology
  • ENG page and FAB: FF indication changed to ppm instead of pph
  • EFI page: fixed waterline position
  • FCS page: added NOSE DOOR functionality on FCS page
  • HUD page: reworked graphics for better match with HMD
  • HUD page: fixed FPV and ghost VV symbology, added CDM
  • HUD page: fixed minor bug in clock indication
  • HUD page: fixed waterline graphics and behavior
  • TWD page: added draft RWR track implementation
  • TWD page: optimized code and revised symbology
  • New sound package by Echo19
  • Added VMFA-311 lo-viz livery
  • Minor tweaks to VMFA-311 hi-viz livery
  • Added RAAF 75 Squadron livery
  • Minor tweaks to all Australian liveries
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