IndiaFoxtEcho Provide Development Update on Tornado for MSFS

Warbird expected to release around March 13 as development draws to a close.

IndiaFoxtEcho Provide Development Update on Tornado for MSFS

IndiaFoxtEcho, who are currently working on a Tornado fighter jet aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has issued a development update on their Facebook page saying that the aircraft is not ready just yet.

The post, which includes some gorgeous previews of the jet in flight, firstly thanks the testers for helping the team to push the aircraft in a direction of being a good rendition of the real plane. The group of testers includes real former Tornado pilots and technicians whose input has been “essential”.

IndiaFoxtEcho Provide Development Update on Tornado for MSFS

The post goes on to say that although the team have been working very hard on ironing out the creases with the product, it has not yet “reached the minimum quality level we have set for our products”. They do say, however, that they are “very close” to hitting that target, with some debugging work to complete before putting together the manual.

The team finally apologises for the delay in releasing, but iterate their mission to provide a high quality product and not rush an unfinished aircraft into the in-game Marketplace, which was updated yesterday.

The statement ends with a hint of a release date; “We still expect the Tornado to be ready for release shortly (our current estimate is 10 working days from now)”. This would put release at or around March 13, given the statement was published on February 28. However the team do say this is just an estimate and that ultimately the product will ship only when it is fully ready.

Another update is expected to follow shortly on completion of development. FSElite will bring you that news when we get it.

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