RW Profiles has Cut Ties with and Removing all Downloads

The team behind many GSX Profiles are severing ties with due to ongoing issues with the creator programme and website changes.

Posted: 24-Aug-2023 @ 12:43z
RW Profiles has Cut Ties with and Removing all Downloads

Popular GSX profile and freeware creation team RW Profiles has announced via their website that they are severing all ties with and will be removing all their content from the site very soon.

In their blog post, the team cited ongoing issues with as the reason they’re pulling out from the immensely popular freeware website. RW Profiles said they will be removing all files from from September 1st, 2023. They said that no longer has the community or creator community at heart, which is why they’ve decided to pull out.

RW Profiles went into more detail by saying that the premium service, which was meant to be a way to give back to creators, has yet to be proven to support creators. The original plan from was to create a Creators Programme, which would financially benefit the creators. RW Profiles says that despite ongoing promises for this to happen, nothing has materialised. Despite RW Profiles overlooking the ToS issues from a few months ago, this was one of the reasons they have decided to part ways with the freeware download site.

Another reason was the new website redesign, more specifically, changes made to the GSX Profile pages. The team also said that the number of ads on the site for non-premium members also makes it unusable, along with the supposed appearance of NSFW adverts. Whilst some changes have been reverted, RW Profiles say “we feel that’s decisions are all over the place, we have lost any trust in the platform, and we do not agree with the direction the site is heading into.”

This is a major blow for those who used the platform in order to download RW Profile creations. The team say they are working on a user-friendly way to enable users to download their profiles, but for now, you will need to do so via their Discord. You will be able to seach via ICAO in order to find the profile you desire. have had a few instances of controversary lately. Their latest website redesign didn’t go down too well with users and their ‘Terms of Service’ update left a sour taste for creators. Whilst this was changed from feedback, it seems issues are still present for creators over on the platform.

Update 24th Aug 2023 @ 19:55z – has responded to this over in this article.

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