Introduce Collections, Threads, and Previews New Search Feature

Some new features are now available with the popular freeware site.

Posted: 29-Aug-2023 @ 12:08z Introduce Collections, Threads, and Previews New Search Feature

The most popular freeware download tool site has announced via their blog some new website features in the hope it will enable users to currate their own freeware lists and find out information a lot easier. The new newly released features are called Collections and Threads.


Collections are a list of addons that have been curated by the community and group them together for the convenience of finding relevant and related downloads. This is useful if you want to create a list of add-ons that enhance a certain region and you need multiple for it to provide the best experience.

Any user can create ‘collections’, but are initially created in a ‘private’ setting. However, users can share them either ‘unlisted’ or with a public link. There are some restrictions on a collection going public such as ensuring each item is relevant and it contains a minimum of 6 downloads.

In order to create a collection, you can open up any mod page and click ‘add to collection’. You can read more about them on the collections page on


With some add-ons seeing well over 30,000 comments, a more manageable solution was needed to ensure that relevant information could still be easily visible to the community. This is where Threads comes in. The new feature mirrors more traditional forum formats, grouping specific subjects or questions into a single ‘thread’ and having users answer it via that format.

Any add-on with over 1000 downloads will receive threads added to the download page, and by default will get ‘Announcement’ and ‘FAQ’ as threads. There, users and creators can participate in discussions without important information getting lost.

You can read more about Threads over on the help page.

New Search Using AI

Following feedback, will be introducing a new “revolutionary” search tool, which will be powered by AI. On the announcement page, said, “we’re testing a groundbreaking feature set to redefine your search experience on Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, our new search functionality will offer personalized mod suggestions and intuitively understand your queries […]”.

They provided a teaser screenshot of what this may look like.

The rollout of this way to search is due to come soon. Celebrate their Third Birthday

In the past three years, has seen over 650,000 people sign up to their services, with 60,000+ add-ons uploaded to the site. Over 56 million downloads have happened over the past 3 years.

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