PMDG Discusses 777 for MSFS Progress

Things are heating up for PMDG.

Posted: 04-Feb-2024 @ 14:27z
PMDG Discusses 777 for MSFS Progress

PMDG has taken to the forums to share a bit of a status update on the 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the past few hours, a new beta version has been shipped to the 777 testing team. Along with this, the team shared a few new images of the plane in progress.

Robert from PMDG began his post by saying that in the past 6 weeks, out of 541 reports, 432 bugs have been fixed. This data is helping the team realize what the release schedule is looking like. He did not elaborate, but the team will soon begin going through further reports about what features to add (based on feedback from the testers) in preparation for the RTM (release to market) version.

Beyond bug fixing, additional levels of detail are being added, whilst Robert was “tuning the temperature response of the carbon brakes to match the engineering data provided to us by one of our industry partner”. This resulted in the theme of this weekend’s previews.

You can read more about what has gone into this over on the forums.

737 for MSFS

A brief mention of the 737 for MSFS was given in the forum post. For Xbox users specifically, the team has been told that there is good news about getting the EFB onto consoles. “[The] data we collected to demonstrate that the communications features in MSFS appear not to work when run on a production Xbox console, thus breaking the airplane/tablet interface when the 737 is used on an Xbox console. There has been some back-and-forth discussion and we learned earlier in the week that the problem has been identified and resolved.”

PMDG has yet to test this themselves, but will keep us updated.

That sums up all the relevant information from the update. We’ll keep you updated, but check out some of the cockpit shots here.

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