BeyondATC Launches in Early Access

The highly anticipated ATC add-on is now available for MSFS.

Posted: 05-May-2024 @ 13:11z
BeyondATC Launches in Early Access

The highly anticipated air traffic control add-on BeyondATC has launched in early access. The add-on aims to deliver a realistic and immersive ATC experience for simmers, something that many feel has been lacking from MSFS so far.

BeyondATC made the announcement earlier over on their website, sharing that the add-on is now available in early access. While this will give you the ability to use the tool, the early access release does mean that BeyondATC does not yet support all features that the team had initially planned. BeyondATC also shared that bugs may occur, particularly relating to getting data from airports.

While in early access, BeyondATC will allow you to do full IFR flights almost anywhere in the world. The previously announced Premium and Basic voices are all functional and working, and you can communicate with BeyondATC via voice, button interaction or via a co-pilot. SIDs and STARs will be selected dynamically based on winds, and the tool supports ILS approaches, visual approaches and vectors among others. BeyondATC also features full Simbrief integration. A full list of supported features during the early access can be found at the end of this article.

While all these features are supported and functional, there are also some features that don’t work yet and need more time to implement. One of the more outstanding features not supported during the early access phase is that of traffic injection and control, meaning that, while BeyondATC can communicate with your flight, the tool is unable to provide ATC coverage for other flights in the sim. Other unsupported features at this time contain VFR flights, emergency procedures, oceanic procedures and a VR interface for virtual reality support.

BeyondATC indicated that they expect their early access phase to last somewhere from one to two years, meaning it might still be some time until all these features become fully available. During the early access, the team will allow users to provide feedback and suggestions, as well as submit bugs.

BeyondATC is available for $29.99 USD. This gives you access to all core features as well as future updates, the Basic Voice Model and unlimited push to talk-time. To use the Premium Voice Model, BeyondATC requires you to purchase additional “characters” every 15-20 flights based on usage. Purchasing BeyondATC gives you access to 50.000 Premium Characters, good for “about an hour of speech“, according to BeyondATC.

Features (Early Access)

  • Full IFR for Jetliners and GA most everywhere in the world
  • 250+ Premium and Basic Voices with accents from around the globe
  • Voice, Button or Co-Pilot Communication with ATC
  • Highly Realistic FAA and ICAO phraseology
  • Dynamic Runway/SID/STAR selection based on winds
  • Pireps, Direct-Tos, Altitude Changes and more
  • Full Simbrief Integration
  • ILS Approaches, Visual Approaches based on weather, Vectors and more
  • Ever-expanding list of custom user data for Airport Specific SOPs
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