Orbx Releases Essendon Airport v2 for P3D

Orbx's home airport has been recreated for Prepar3D v4 and v5.

30 Nov 2021 18:00z

Orbx has released Essendon Airport v2 for Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5. Australia’s second-oldest airport (after Sydney) has been recreated by the Orbx team and includes a number of features to bring the airport to life.

When the airport first opened in 1921, Essendon Airport was used for commercial passenger services. Today, however, it is primarily used for general aviation traffic, along with private and charter flights. Operating in Melbourne Airport, there are plenty of opportunities to take off and discover the nearby Australian city.

Furthermore, Essendon Fields Airport, as it’s now known, is home to Orbx’s Australian office. As a result, there are plenty of features included to make the airport a standout in the Orbx suite of products. This includes custom groundpoly, detailed and crisp orthoimaegery and floor modelling of the main terminal building. The product also comes with the new Bombardier hangar, the EF Auto Precinct and the DFO retail area. Orbx also worked with personnel from the airport itself to recreate the airport as accurately as possible within Prepar3D.

Orbx has already released Essendon Fields for Microsoft Flight Simulator earlier this year. In fact, we reviewed it and loved how they created Orbx’s home airport.

You can pick up Essendon Airport v2 right now from OrbxDirect for $22.72 AUD (approximately US$16.28 | €14,32 | £12.19). There are some bundles available if you wish to purchase related products.

Features for Orbx’s Essendon Airport v2

  • Accurate depiction of YMEN Essendon Airport
  • High-quality PBR textures used throughout
  • Custom groundpoly
  • Crisp orthoimagery supplied by Aerometrex
  • Custom static Skycrane, AMSA Challenger and VICPOL/HEMS AW-139s
  • Interior ground floor modelling of terminal
  • Includes the EF Auto Precinct and DFO retail area
  • New Bombardier hangar
  • Developed with the assistance of Essendon Fields Airport

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