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Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro Released

Hone your landing skills with Miltech Simulations carrier package.

Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro Released

The recently announced Supercarrier Pro by Miltech Simulations has been released. The developer’s current carrier line-up, consisting of a UK carrier strike group and an amphibious ready group is growing with the addition of several Ford-class and Nimitz-class carriers, as well as Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and Ticonderoga-class cruisers.

Miltech Simulation’s Supercarrier Pro package includes 14 moving ships and 12 static ones. The carriers come fully featured, allowing you to perform catapult launches and landings using the arrestor cables. The carriers also feature a working FLOLS and LRLS system, allowing you to follow the Ball upon approach. Your landing will also be monitored by a LSO, giving you call-outs and feedback on your approach. Furthermore, the carriers feature an animated crew, jet blast deflectors and elevators. The elevators even allow you to take your aircraft into the ship’s hangar.

Miltech Simulations’ Supercarrier Pro is available now for $14.99 through their own website. Customers that have previously purchased Miltech’s USS George H.W. Bush carrier package are entitled to a 30% discount which can be obtained by filling out this form. The Supercarrier Pro package will be coming to the MSFS Marketplace for PC and Xbox in the coming days.


The Miltech Simulations team has already created a roadmap for themselves that will see additional carriers coming to the Supercarrier Pro package. After some minor updates to fix bugs and other issues, the team is planning on adding the CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln Nimitz-class (Theodore Roosevelt subclass) carrier, as well as the French Charles de Gaulle carrier and an Independence-class littoral combat ship. Even further down the line, the team is planning on adding historical expansion packs, including WWII and Cold War era ships.


  • Beautifully Modeled Ships: four ships included on initial release, Ford-Class CVN-78, Nimitz-Class CVN-76, Arleigh-Burke Destroyers and Ticonderoga Cruisers.
  • Roadmap: Additional US Historical Ships and French Carrier Charles de Gaulle planned for free future updates. Other ship packs may be released as expansions.
  • Moving and Static Ships: A total of 14 moving locations and 14 static (anchored) locations are included.
  • Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro Toolbar: In-sim toolbar for full control of the carriers
  • Universally-compatible Arrestor Cables and Catapults: This product was developed in n such a way that any aircraft, stock or 3rd party, can use the catapults and arrestor cables without any modification, and regardless if the aircraft has a tailhook or not.
  • Full Xbox Support: All features are fully supported on Xbox. Carriers have been optimized for excellent performance on Xbox.
  • FLOLS and LRLS: Functional Optical Landing Systems to safely guide your aircraft to the deck – follow “the Ball”
  • Landing Signal Officer: Fully-functional Landing Signal Officer, with functional audio callouts to guide the aircraft on landing and feedback scoring based on real naval operations.
  • Animated Crew, Jet Blast Deflectors and Elevators
  • Fully Accessible Hangar (moving carriers only)
  • Navaids: ILS and TACAN are available on static carriers
  • Exclusive Discord Community to foster group flights, events and interaction among players. Invite is available on the Toolbar
  • Carrier Comms: UNICOM and ATIS are available on static carriers. Carrier ATC Voice channels available over Discord for all locations.
  • Full Multiplayer Support: Both moving and static carriers are fully compatible over multiplayer.
  • Extensive Documentation covering equipment, systems and procedures available at: docs.miltechsimulations.com
  • Teleport (Experimental Feature): teleport your aircraft to the carrier hangar, approach or deck using the teleport feature. Aircraft will change state according to where is teleported to.
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