IndiaFoxtEcho Updates Ford-Class Carrier

An update for IndiaFoxtEcho’s carrier package in anticipation of the nearing F-14 Tomcat.

Posted: 14-Sep-2023 @ 09:24z
IndiaFoxtEcho Updates Ford-Class Carrier

In anticipation of the nearing release of IndiaFoxtEcho‘s F-14 Tomcat, which is being developed in conjunction with renowned DCS developer Heatblur, the team has issued a small update for their Ford-class carrier package.

The update contains some 3D model additions, such as the C-2A Greyhound static aircraft and a tow-bar. The team has also fixed a few visual glitches. Also improved is the island night lighting and some rendering features. As for making the C-2A Greyhound a flying model, the developer indicates that they’d love to do something like this. However, the focus is currently on other projects and a native Greyhound (and Hawkeye) are on top of the list for late 2024.

IndiaFoxtEcho’s Ford-Class Carrier is available through Orbx Direct for $11 AUD. To find out the latest on IndiaFoxtEcho and Heatblur’s upcoming F-14A/B Tomcat, make sure to check back on FSElite.


    • Added C-2A Greyhound 3D model (available also as library item)
    • Added tow-bar model (available also as library item)
    • Improved rendering of deck tractors and fire vehicles
    • Improved deck and tie-down points details
    • Improved island night lighting
    • Fixed visual glitch in CVN79 model
    • Improved deck rendering and tiedown details
    • Improved island night lighting
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