Immersive Audio Releases MD-80 Pro Cockpit Sound Immersion for XPL

24 Dec 2021 16:15z

Immersive Audio is known for its range of sound packs that improve the original recordings included on numerous aircraft. The team has focused its time and attention in the world of Prepar3D in the past, but now, the team are ready to unleash its first product for X-Plane 11.

The MD-80 Pro Cockpit Sound Immersion package for X-Plane 11 replaces the default sounds found in the Rotate MD-80 Pro. In total, 144 brand new sound files are included replacing everything from the avionics and wind noises, to the engine and cockpit rattle. All of the sounds were recorded from a real MD-82 cockpit and feedback from real-world pilots have authenticated the sounds as being realistic.

The sound package replaces all sorts of sounds including wind noises, flap rumble and cockpit rattle, nose gear ground rolls and authentic standby instrument and pack sounds. Furthermore, there are high-quality sounds for the switches, buttons, levers, along with a realistic representation of the JTD8D engine sounds.

You can check out the official promo video above for previews of many of the sound effects included.

Immersive Audio’s MD-80 Pro Cockpit Sound Immersion for X-Plane 11 can be bought now from simMarket for €13.90.

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