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Immersive Audio Releases MD-80 Pro Cockpit I for XPL12

X-Plane 12 users can now enjoy Immersive Audio’s MD-80 sound pack.

Immersive Audio Releases MD-80 Pro Cockpit I for XPL12

Sound pack developer Immersive Audio has dropped version 2 of their MD-80 Pro cockpit sound immersion pack for XPL12. This pack has been exclusively developed for the Rotate MD-80 Pro for XPL12.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-80, more commonly known as MD-80, was a series of twin-engine aircraft developed from McDonnell Douglas’ popular DC-9 aircraft family. The MD-80 family was easily recognizable for their loud Pratt and Whitney JT8D engines that were located at the back of the aircraft. The aircraft type was produced from 1979-1999 and was eventually developed into the stretched MD-90 and shorter Boeing 717. There are currently over 100 MD-80 aircraft left in service.

The version 2 sound pack builds upon the pack developed for XPL12 with 157 sound files that were recorded in a real MD-82 cockpit. All sound files were recorded at 48000khz, 24-bit quality, and play in true stereo to fully immerse flight simmers into the MD-80. The 157 files comprise of JT8D engine sounds, ground roll sounds, switches and button effects, wind noise, and more. 

You can purchase Immersive Audio’s MD-80 Pro XPL12 sound pack from the X-Plane store for $15.90. Owners of the XPL11 sound pack are entitled to a 60% discount on this new sound pack. In terms of future plans for Immersive Audio, CEO Predrag Drobac announced on social media that Immersive Audio is working on a JT8D sound pack for P3D/FSX and MSFS, with each aiming for a July and end-of-summer release, respectively. Beyond that, there are plans for a PMDG 737 for MSFS and Zibo 737 sound pack.


– 157 sound files included. All sounds are replaced!

– Authentic battery, standby instruments, rack fan and packs

– Authentic bus relay

– Various warnings – takeoff config, stall, engine fire, AP disconnect, altitude warnings, and many more.

– High quality GPWS callouts & warnings, full TCAS. High quality GPWS callouts & warnings

– Realistic nose gear ground roll sounds (specific for runway, grass and dirt),
– Touchdown and gear extension and retraction sounds

– Fully authentic nose gear airflow

– Wind noise

– Flap and speedbrake turbulence vibration rumble and cockpit rattle

– High quality switches, buttons and levers

– High quality and true to life representation of JTD8D engine sounds

– Internal engine sounds include “Immersive” and “Authentic” versions with various volume level variants, so everyone can fit their needs

– Tire skid & lock vibration & rattle

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