FlyingIron Simulations Major Spitfire Update

A major update from FlyingIron Simulations for their Spitfire adds full Xbox compatibility and much more

Posted: 06-May-2022 @ 07:37z
FlyingIron Simulations Major Spitfire Update

FlyingIron Simulations’ Spitfire L. F Mk. IXc for MSFS has been released already over a year ago, but that hasn’t stopped the team from providing it with updates that include fixes and new features. The latest update, which is a major update for the plane according to the team, once again does all of those things. The plane has been completely converted to WASM, ensuring Xbox compatibility, and several changes and tweaks have been made to the flight modelling as well. The full changelog is quite extensive and can be found below.



  • High-fidelity engine simulation tuned in cooperation with an active MkIX pilot
  • Solved fuel qty rounding error in MSFS Fuel screen
  • Slightly adjusted empty CG to prevent out of CG error at 99% main fuel tank only
  • Corrected pilot description tag
  • Fixed Autopilot binding issue
  • Improved VR Pilot camera view
  • Adjust brake lever animation to be analogue
  • Brake lever animation much more responsive
  • Brake pressure needles much more responsive
  • Fixed fuel pump issue
  • Added CANOPY OPEN simvar in support of fan hardware
  • Added more loading screen tips
  • Refined various cameras
  • Improved exterior HUD
  • Setup detailed electrical system
  • Improved the fuel pressure system
  • Added volts to tablet live data
  • Improved the start-up simulation
  • Implemented MS/FS supercharger gears and made various refinements to the supercharger
  • Changed boost button variable
  • Added ability to toggle GPS power
  • GPS button brightness is now based on the maximum of the two spotlight rheostats
  • Improved the dynamic engine stresses
  • Added more informative mouse-over tips
  • Added engine backfiring (low MP, high RPM)
  • Greatly improved the thermodynamics model, taking into account things such as the gear disrupting radiator airflow and the flaps blocking it entirely
  • Added common power settings to the checklist
  • Fixed RPM stress algorithm

Flight model

  • High-fidelity flight model tuned in cooperation with an active MkIX pilot
  • Added modern prop physics
  • Reduced brake power to ease nose dipping
  • Corrected differential brake value
  • Slightly increased prop efficiency at idle to match the real-world Spitfire
  • Minor correction to wheel contact points
  • Increased flap deployment dip
  • Increased adverse yaw
  • Tweaked flap and gear drag
  • Tuned parasitic drag
  • Added custom prop disc braking
  • Added compensation for the SU9 wind issues


  • Fixed the windshield deice lever animation
  • Fixed gun barrel frost showing if there are no guns
  • Added low altitude dust FX
  • Fixed rudder and elevator trim tabs
  • Added wing tip vortices
  • Added cockpit light bounce & improved cockpit lighting
  • Modified LOD sizes for better optimization
  • Fixed the rudder trim knob not responding to the click spot correctly
  • Improved the instrument panel texture
  • Added canopy physics (the canopy can now slide shut if the canopy is open and the door is locked)
  • Disabled engine smoke (will likely be re-added and improved down the line)
  • Fixed collision box for the cockpit
  • Fixed animation for the boost coil cover so that it no longer clips with the fuel lever
  • Fixed door collision so that it’s easier to click the port switches
  • Fixed gunsight ambient occlusion issue
  • Added the ability to toggle between the default ASOBO pilot and the WW2 pilot


  • Gear thud added
  • Propwash sound improved
  • Ground sounds mix improved 
  • Engine Backfiring improved
  • Improved starter sound
  • Rattles, Winds and flaps mix improved
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