FlyingIron Simulations Updates Spitfire for MSFS

FlyingIron Simulations has updated their Spitfire with new effects, a functional tablet and a new flight model.

17 Dec 2021 17:53z

FlyingIron has been pretty active with supporting and updating their Spitfire L.F Mk IXc for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest update, going by version number 1.1.0, adds several new features and updates some existing ones.

One of the most anticipated features in this update are the new flame effects when you start up the Merlin engine of the plane. The flames will fire from the exhaust pipes in the correct order, and make the start-up of that powerful engine that much more impressive.

The update also adds the FlyingIron Tablet, which has previously been included in FlyingIron Simulation’s P-38L Lightning. The tablet can be used as a quick reference, including a large amount of information and tools. Last but not least, the flight model has received a big overhaul which should lead to a more realistic simulation.


  • Accurate Moments of Inertia according to factory data
  • Flight Model Entirely re-tuned due to the above
  • Faster acceleration during take-off
  • Renewed Instrument Camera setup and tuned QuickViews L1/R1
  • Overall camera improvements
  • Added Tablet & all the goodies along with it
  • Fire in the pipes … 12 x awesomeness
  • A bunch of sound improvements: additions, remixing and rebalancing
  • Programmable Radio (use tablet to program and radio buttons A-D to use)
  • Added loading tips
  • Fixed Mag 2
  • Fixed cockpit light dimmers
  • Improved cockpit texturing
  • Added VR stick control
  • Fixed radio clickables
  • Fixed clock animation
  • Many more fixes and improvements

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