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Aerosoft Details Latest Dev Update on the A330

A brief update about the number of bugs was shared on the new Aerosoft A330 Hub Page.

Aerosoft Details Latest Dev Update on the A330

The move for Aerosoft to its own dedicated hub has meant that the development updates on the Aerosoft A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator are now a bit different than they once were. The latest update from them showcases the testing process the team is going through to make sure the A330 is ready for the sim.

We last heard through their ‘snapshots’ that elements like VNAV were causing a few issues. However, a more detailed post highlights the volume of bugs the team is now tackling. Currently, there are 20 people involved with testing the Aerosoft A330, and between them, they have identified 285 different bugs. This is broken down into different categories, including 30 which are low priority, 29 of which have been resolved, and a further 90 currently identified and in the process of being fixed. The remaining amount requires a bit more investigation before it can be assigned to the relevant team member.

An additional graphic was also shared highlighting how these bugs are broken down. The vast majority of them are down to system visualizations, whilst the second biggest category is system logic. Animation and 3D work make up 18% of the bugs in the system, with the remaining 12% assigned to ‘other’.

“The issue categories in the graph can give you a good idea of the current status of the aircraft. Of course, it must be taken into account that none of the figures reflect the complexity of the individual tasks,” the development post said. It continued, “it is quite conceivable that 9 out of 10 bugs can be solved within a week, but the 10th takes a whole week. Our current focus is to sort out the bugs first before continuing to add more features.”

Of course, there is no indication at this time of a release date. It’s clear that Aerosoft is working to ensure that the plane is ready as soon as possible, as it is one of the most highly anticipated aircraft in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Aerosoft said that the A330 is more of a platform than a singular product, which is likely why the A330NEO will be the next major aircraft after it has been released.

If you want to learn more about the Aerosoft A330, check out our first impressions article from when we went hands-on with it back at FlightSimExpo 2023. Feel free to also watch the recent trailer for the plane.

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