Aerosoft’s Next Aircraft Will Be The A330NEO

Mathias Kok says that an A330 NEO is Aerosoft’s next project.

Posted: 04-Jun-2023 @ 18:10z
Updated: 05-Jun-2023 @ 07:52z
Aerosoft’s Next Aircraft Will Be The A330NEO

Mathijs Kok has once again taken to the Aerosoft Forums to give users an important update – following completion of development on the A330-300, the Aerosoft team will be working on the A330 NEO.

The full post, which was responding to a previous comment by user dax re, read: “Well the next project will be the A330neo; we got some pretty good information we can finally use. After that, we’ll go for the smaller fish!”

The announcement was met on the Aerosoft Forums with a mix of optimism and disappointment, with a number of users expressing that they had hoped the company’s next plane would be the Airbus A340.

The A330 NEO will be releasing into a market where a freeware version of the plane, developed by Headwind, already exists to a reasonable level of detail. Making the A330 NEO a commercial success for the company may be challenging, although clearly Mathijs and his team are up for it.

a330 neo
Aerosoft will be releasing the A330 NEO into a challenging market – Headwind’s freeware version of the plane has already racked up nearly half a million downloads on

Some users also pointed out the peculiar timing of the announcement. Popular Twitch streamer and content creator Chewwy94 tweeted: “Interesting that this wasn’t announced at FSExpo, but instead on page 166 of a forum thread almost like a passing comment.

Responding to some of the comments expressing negative sentiment towards the news, Kok wrote again on the forums several hours later saying: Let’s close this discussion, if you do not want our A330neo you simply don’t buy it, there are dozens of fantastic aircraft available.”

FSElite is continuing to monitor the Aerosoft Forums for updates.

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