[Updated 1-Feb-2024] Tropicana Las Vegas Closing in April; FlightSimExpo Team is Discussing the Situation

The Tropicana Las Vegas is closing, meaning FlightSimExpo 2024 will need to find a new host.

Posted: 01-Feb-2024 @ 21:10z
[Updated 1-Feb-2024] Tropicana Las Vegas Closing in April; FlightSimExpo Team is Discussing the Situation

Update 1-Feb-2024 @ 21:10z: In our efforts to keep you updated with the situation, we are adding the latest statement from the Flight Simulation Association team. In short, they have been in touch with both the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and The Tropicana in order to facilitate moving venues.

At the time of writing, the team said that they had three responses to a request for proposals across various Las Vegas hotels. Two of them seem tenable, but more time and investigation is ongoing before any property names are mentioned. The team still intend on hosting FlightSimExpo in Las Vegas on the originally planned dates of June 21st – June 23rd 2024.

The recommendation remains the same; do not alter any travel plans or hotel accommodation bookings.

“We would like to acknowledge the professionalism The Tropicana’s staff has shown throughout this process—obviously, the news has a significant impact on their own livelihoods and careers.”


Update 30-Jan-2024 @ 14:30z: We now have official word from the organisers about what the situation is. It has been confirmed that Tropicana is indeed closing down on April 2nd as previously seen in the memo.

At this time, Flight Simulation Association (FSA) are looking at options for a new venue on the same dates within the Las Vegas strip. In terms of actions from those looking to attend, the team is saying to not take any action until more information is provided. “We will be engaging the Tropicana this week regarding the status of hotel room bookings, room deposits, and alternative venues. They have already committed to working with us on these items.”

For more context, Evan Reiter said on the Discord channel that the team had contractual agreements with the hotel that it would be operational right through to 2026. Obviously this has changed and has the team now looking for an alternative solution. Evan also said that they have already received outreach from several Las Vegas properties offering to accommodate us.

FSA have a conference call with Tropicana on Wednesday to discuss what assistance they will offer, refunds on pre-booked rooms and other logistical items.

We’ll be sure to either update this article or issue a new one once we learn more.

== Original Article ==

FlightSimExpo, due to be held in Las Vegas between June 21st and June 23rd 2023 will now need to find a new venue location due to the hotel closing on April 2nd. In a memo sent out to staff at Tropicana Las Vegas, the hotel is due to be closed on April 2nd 2024 to make way for the Athletics, a Major League Baseball team.

The internal memo confirmed that they expect to close in April, with all hotel bookings relocated from this time. However, there is no mention of what will become of booked events such as FlightSimExpo.

Flight Simulation Association, the team behind FlightSimExpo, appeared to be unaware this was the case. On Discord, Evan Reiter said that they had spoken to the hotel about logistical items as recently as Friday. He even confirmed that they had a signed agreement stating that there were no plans to close the property this calendar year.

An official statement by the team said, “We’re aware of today’s announcement that the Tropicana Las Vegas will close on April 2, 2024. We are actively discussing the situation and will provide more information as it becomes available. Attendees are encouraged to join the FSA Discord for the latest updates.”

The property first opened in 1957 and has been a feature of Las Vegas’s famous strip ever since. It will be demolished with the 9-acre grounds being transformed into the baseball stadium in the future.

For now, we’ll be monitoring the situation closely and be sure to keep you updated. The team are in contact with the hotel and resort and will keep the community updated just as soon as possible.

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