SIMBITWORLD’s A Pilot’s Life Chapter 2 Upcoming Update and Feature Announcement

A new update for A Pilot’s Life will allow you to take part in local events and interact with the community.

Posted: 28-Jul-2023 @ 17:18z
Updated: 29-Jul-2023 @ 20:07z
SIMBITWORLD’s A Pilot’s Life Chapter 2 Upcoming Update and Feature Announcement

For those unfamiliar, SIMBITWORLD’s A Pilot’s Life is a tool that allows you to build up your own career within your flight simulator. Chapter 2 expanded on the original title by adding new features and functions. The title saw big success, with over 7,400 pilots taking part in over 400,000 flights. “We are regularly in the top spots of the weekly bestseller product on the SimMarket store, the platform where we sell our products,” Ovidiu Ocnaru, founder of SIMBITWORLD, said in the press release for what’s to come with A Pilot’s Life.

ABOVE: Images of the application in action prior to this update

In his post, he named a few new features that have already been released in the past year as he continues to improve the tool: This includes the following:

  • Migration to a better server service provider
  • Improved application-database connection model
  • Implemented in-house developed real airline routes database, updated on a monthly basis
  • Landing details for the entire logbook
  • Tools section that includes: a random flight generator, community addon recommendations, installed addons detection and list saving, checklist recommendations and viewer
  • And of course, a lot of fixes to the core logics and small quality of life updates

The biggest development with A Pilot’s Life Chapter 2 will be an all-new events section, coming in the next update. This new part of the tool will allow users to come together a few times a week and fly with other people. Starting on Sunday, August 6th 2023, a weekly SIMBITWORLD tour leg will be conducted, allowing the community to fly the legs directly using the tool. Outside of this weekly event, others will be added all the time to keep flying fresh and exciting. All of these events will be scored and you can earn virtual currency from taking part.

The system is flexible enough to handle one-time events also (or custom missions if you like). Those will be added regularly to get the pilots out of their comfort zone or for those who want to earn extra virtual money,” Ovidiu Ocnaru said.

There is a lot to this update, and Ovidiu suggests people join their Discord to get to grips with this significant update. New features are due to be announced soon, and you can stay up-to-date via their Discord server.

As for when the update will be made available, SIMBITWORLD says that users can expect it to drop early next week. You can then subscribe to the events so that on Sunday, you can take part in the first of the world tour.

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