X-Crafts Releases Free E-Jets 3.0 in Celebration of 10 Years Anniversary

X-Crafts has updated their free E-Jets E175 and E195 to be compatible with X-Plane 12.

Posted: 02-May-2024 @ 17:17z

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, X-Crafts has updated their Free E-Jets, comprising of the E175 and E195, to be fully compatible with X-Plane 12 along with a host of updates.

The E-Jets family first flew in 2002 and was designed by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer. The E-Jets family consists of the E170, the shortest of the type that carries around 70 passengers, the extended E175 carrying around 80. passengers as well as the E190 which can handle 100 passengers along with the extended E195 carrying 120 passengers over 2,00nm making them the perfect choice for short hop airlines around the globe.

X-Crafts has previously offered the E175 and E195 free of charge but they have been limited to operating only on X-Plane 11. The new version 3.0 of the E-Jets are now fully compatible for X-Plane 12 and have received over 100 updates, bringing additional functionality to systems such as the avionics and autopilot, as well as visual improvements to take advantage of the X-Plane 12 environment such as PBR exterior materials.

It is worth noting that the free E-Jets do not represent the quality of the payware E-Jets, as they lack developed features in areas such as systems and modelling but they are a great way to access the Embraer family aircraft on a budget and to give you a taste of what X-Crafts produces.

To try out the free E175 and E195 for yourself, head over to the X-Crafts website where you can download them directly. If you would like to read more about X-Crafts, their journey over the past 10 years and their plans for the future, head over to our interview with founder, Marko Mamula.

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