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Simbitworld’s A Pilot’s Life Chapter 2 Coming Soon

Kick start a virtual career with the new chapter of A Pilot’s Life, coming soon for all simulators.

Simbitworld’s A Pilot’s Life Chapter 2 Coming Soon

Simbitworld is back with a new version of A Pilot’s Life. The expansive virtual career simulation tool will soon see a whole new chapter come to life with a huge number of improvements and new features. Following an extensive development period, and learnings from the past 4 years of the original’s life cycle, A Pilot’s Life Chapter 2 will see simmers being able to build a whole new career in a competitive job market system and earn cash, hours, experience and more.

In the new Chapter, those who take up a new career in A Pilot’s Life will be able to search over 575 airlines based on over 280,000 real-world schedules (provided by VASchedules). This will allow simmers to take part in the new career system which is based on pilot rating and ranking. If you want to fly certain aircraft, you will need to ensure you have the right license for the job.

To keep track of progress, there is an all-new flight monitoring logic that will provide scoring and comprehensive flight reports to help improve your flying skills.

Simbitworld’s A Pilot’s Life Chapter 2 is currently in the final stages of development and will be soon available. Like the current version of A Pilot’s Life, simmers can use any simulator platform (P3D, XPL, MSFS) to track their virtual careers.

The final piece of news is that those who own the current v1 of A PIlot’s Life will be able to embark on Chapter 2 for a reduced price. You can currently take advantage of the sale that’s happening with the original A Pilot’s Life by picking it up for less than 9 Euros.

In the meantime, check out the Simbitworld Discord to stay up to date and see what other pilots are doing in their careers.


  • The new job market system – now including around 575 real airlines and their 280 000 real, up to date, summer 2022 schedules – courtesy of VASchedules
  • New career system based on pilot rating and rank; it now matters if you fly good or bad to improve your chances of getting accepted at your favorite 5-star airline. There is also a community angle to this, as users will have to compete for jobs at the airlines.
  • I have also introduced an aircraft license purchase mechanism – you must manage your money to purchase the right type ratings to apply for jobs and fly the correct routes.
  • New types of schedules to be generated (round trips, random or random continued flights)
  • The all new, flight monitoring logic – complete flight scoring and extensive flight reports, based on stages of flight
  • Improved Shop and Community pages
  • New finance, flights, hours, xp reports on different platform for more flexibility and eye-candy
  • And to top it off, a new achievements side-quest
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