Exclusive: New Details on Parallel 42’s SimFX for MSFS

Exclusive and brand new information on Parallel 42’s upcoming SimFX, which will add many visual changes to your sim.

Posted: 07-Mar-2024 @ 22:35z
Exclusive: New Details on Parallel 42’s SimFX for MSFS

Yesterday, Parallel 42 shared their first teaser image of SimFX for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After a brief conversation with the team following the social posts, we can share with you the first real details of this brand-new add-on coming from the team.

SimFX is a global visual effects add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In fact, Parallel 42 says that this product contains the core code for the future individual hand-crafted Immersion packs. So expect to see specifically made packages for specific aircraft to come down the line that will be of the highest calibre.

Building on their well-established and industry-leading VFX suite in Prepar3D and FSX, SimFX is a “wicked blend of PrecipitFX & Immersion in a single app.” The effects are not always on as everything is driven by “environmental variables and formulas.” This means you could go days without seeing specific effects and then “one day, pure magic on screen,” Edson from Parallel 42 told us.

We got a sneaky look at exactly what //42 SimFX will do for your sim. As you can see in the table below, it will have an impact on default aircraft, community aircraft, and also products purchased from the in-sim Marketplace. For the most part, expect to see enhanced contrails, wheel contact effect enhancements (wet and dirt), along with improved heat blur effects.

Across the board though, you will see a new heli rotor wash (dirt and water), engine thrust wash, engine smoke effects, and all-new ground effect wash. Furthermore, auroras both globally and in realtime are part of SimFX. You can get a little look yourself over on TheSkyLounge Twitch channel.

Edson from Parallel 42 addressed that there are other packages out there that are ‘effect packages’, but SimFX goes beyond anything those do by ensuring that the effects appear in realistic and accurate conditions. As their company mission statement says, “it is these important details that add the most to our experience.”

Edson concluded our conversation by saying “SimFX is coming, and your virtual skies will come alive like never before.” He could not resist sending another teaser image. And if their track record is anything to go by, then teasers mean a release is not too far off.

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