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Parallel 42 Previews their Juice Goose – An Electric UTV

An all new way to explore the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, thanks to the Juice Goose from Parallel 42.

Parallel 42 Previews their Juice Goose – An Electric UTV

Hold up…this is flight simulation right? Well yes, but we’ve seen that Microsoft Flight Simulator has redefined what could end up in this virtual world. Parallel 42 (//42), known for other utilities such as Campout and Stripr has shown off to those at FlightSimExpo 2023 their next entry into unique MSFS products.

Introducing the Juice Goose, an electric UTV (Utility Task Vehicle). As Parallel 42 puts it, this is something “designed to easily tackle unlevel photogrammetry tiles, poor roads, and various terrains.”

The obvious first question is why Parallel 42 would develop a car rather than perhaps a new aircraft following their FreedomFox/Fox2. We spoke to Edson from Parallel 42 who gave us some answers. “Microsoft recently announced Flight Simulator 2024, a new platform that promises to bring us significantly higher fidelity on the ground. With the resounding success of our Campout Utility, Flow & Stripr, it only makes sense for us to continue delivering unique add-ons that fill a void in the flight simulation community. This particular void pertains to the exploration and celebration of our virtual world not only from the skies but also from the ground.”

Normally, Parallel 42 opts to show off products when they’re right around the corner. With FlightSimExpo, the team chose to take a different approach. //42 are always seeking feedback from customers and what better way to give simmers a first glimpse at something different and gather immediate impressions. Edson said, “it was the community’s first glimpse of a highly accurate ground vehicle “flight model,” and attendees were blown away. People walked away with huge smiles, marveling at a new and unique experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator.” He continued, “Rock climbing and general off-roading is all fair game now. Many visitors even expressed their reluctance to put down the controller! ‘It’s the beginning of an open world Off-Road Forza’ was one of my favorite quotes.”

It wasn’t just attendees that got the opportunity to try it out. During FlightSimExpo 2023, I had the chance to try out the Juice Goose for a few minutes. To sum up the experience, I could identify that the handling of the car felt natural. It was easy to handle, but also a lot of fun going over the imperfect terrain. The way the wheels react to the ground and how the dust bellows up from the ground was a joy to see. I used an Xbox controller, and it was no different to using it for your typical racing game.

Edson commented on some of the intricies of what to expect from the Juice Goose. “I wanted Claude to have a unique challenge in prep for a future release. The Goose is equipped with highly detailed suspension and incredible physics. Every coil contracts and rebounds, rotors spin as you expect, and the tires are beautifully knobby,”

So, despite this being in a flight simulator, it felt very much at home and something I can see myself spending a lot of time with, especially with friends. The possibilities it opens up is actually pretty insane – especially if Microsoft Flight Simualtor 2024 has a bigger focus on more detailed ground environments. Imagine races, obstacle course and so forth, both in the ground and in the air.

I believe most people will enjoy this by taking on some more imaginative challenges. You could take your Fox out for a spin, land at a strip, make a campsite and then drive around the local area in your new electric vehicle. There is a feeling from the team that this will “unite the community, especially those that enjoy multiplayer!”

To close out this short preview of the Juice Goose, Parallel 42 said that this “represents a significant step forward in the flight simulator experience.” Edson continued, “with the ability to explore and celebrate the virtual world from both the sky and the ground, & fans of //42 know they can expect unparalleled immersion.”

The elephant in the room is still very much a question of where Chase Plane is. Parallel 42 are no strangers to hearing that question from the community and are just as keen to get something similar in MSFS. It should come as no surprise then that the team at //42 spent time chatting to members of the development team, which is evidenced from this little Tweet from the team.

As usual, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the team at Parallel 42 and their future products. For now, enjoy this short preview of their Juice Goose coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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