MSFS’ Expert Series ATR 42-600/72-600 Major Update

An extensive update for the popular ATR.

Posted: 19-Jan-2024 @ 10:19z
MSFS’ Expert Series ATR 42-600/72-600 Major Update

Microsoft has issued an update for their Expert Series ATR 42-600/72-600. The update, which goes by version number v1.0.36, comes with an extensive changelog, which can be found down below. The update comes with some welcome additions and fixes based on issues reported by users.

The update can be downloaded through the Content Manager in the simulator. If you do not yet own the Expert Series ATR, you can purchase it for $19.99 through the in-sim Marketplace.


  • Added marker for MAX throttle position to calibration window
  • EFB Options items re-arranged
  • Fixed Nav source not switching to NAV2 when V/ILS2 is selected on CPT side
  • Fixed MFC test timing
  • Fixed CoG graph coordinate calculation
  • Added EFB option for display unit clickspot help overlay
  • Added clickspot help overlay to MFD and EWD (graphics are placeholders!)
  • Changed nose wheel steering to a new method (without fighting control inputs)
  • Fixed Flight Idle TQ now drops to 0.0% in flight
  • Fixed Gear lever now locked in down position on the ground
  • Fixed PROG page total distance and EFOB calculation
  • Fixed Power Management knobs animation synchronization
  • Fixed GW/FOB indications on EWD not updating when engines running
  • Removed automatic wind entry from PERF APPROACH page
  • Fixed VApp calculation on PERF APPROACH page (FCOM LIM.3.4.9 p15)
  • Fixed roll hold mode
  • Added workaround to reduce the prop RPM of engine 2 in hotel mode to around 0
  • Fixed enroute holding tracking
  • Fixed PFD throttle hint status not loaded from config (Community report)
  • Fixed cabin/compartment temperature jumping
  • Removed COM3 radio from systems.cfg
  • Fixed MAN CAB ALT default position to neutral
  • Fixed SOURCE SEL pushbutton to show MAN when released
  • Fixed MODE SEL pushbutton to show MAN when released
  • Changed SOURCE SEL and MODE SEL pushbuttons to be pressed in on loading
  • Added Landing Elevation is now set to destination airport/runway elevation after activating flightplan
  • Changed default setting for DH/MDA knobs to MDA
  • Removed standby instrument baro from synchronization to allow standard operating procedure of leaving it at local QNH
  • Corrected INT/RAD switches to spring-loaded 3-state switches
  • Added a separate button for ACW Ground Power on the EFB Aircraft page
  • Fixed EFB aircraft state buttons not reacting on mouse over
  • Fixed Probes warnings with ACW gens offline, while airborne
  • Fixed AMP meter indications
  • Fixed bug where AICE FAULTs would not be shown in the MFD MEMO area
  • (Re-)activated conditional drawing for certain PFD/MFD display areas
  • Fixed bug where ECL procedure version would not differentiate between PROP BRAKE SET or NOT SET
  • Fix for MFD VCP PERF PAGE Confirm Takeoff Data button not being updated
  • Added animation code for CVR Test and lighting for GND CTL button based on Magnars description
  • Fix for PFD MDA colored altitude shown, despite MDA not being active
  • Implemented IS_PROCEDURE_DETAIL_SET() method
  • Fixed power source for MECH Call Horn which should be connected to DCEssBus
  • Fixed EFB pax loading related bug
  • Implemented cockpit door state dependant MFD VID image
  • Added multiple localvars for third party virtual co-pilot implementations
  • Fixed second MCDU sometimes locked on a different page than MENU
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a negative distance calculation for a waypoint following a route discontinuity
  • Fixed a bug in the EFB weight calculations (note: There are no partial passengers, so weights might deviate a bit)
  • Added support for 3 letter airport codes in the United States
  • Fixed a bug in DME distance calculation
  • Fixed a potential crash in the DME arc drawing function
  • Added new loading tips localizations
  • Added waypoint 1500ft above airport level if no SID is selected
  • Fixed all DTO sub pages showing the first listed waypoint as active
  • Fixed approach speed remaining selected ON after FMS reset at end of flight
  • Fixed MFD SYS CABIN page not reflecting temperature mode (MAN/AUTO)
  • Fixed COM2 radio not reaction to reducing volume to zero (VATSIM)
  • Fixed gear extending/retracting without hydraulics (note: sound not in sync yet!)
  • Fixed a bug which caused DC Gen 2 to show FAULT if only engine#2 was running
  • Fixed engine can not be started after shut down by pulling fire handle (“Repair engine” button added to EFB)
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