Miltech Simulations Announces UK Carrier Strike Group

Miltech’s latest release sees a UK Carrier Strike Group making your virtual seas a little safer.

Posted: 09-Feb-2023 @ 20:44z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:25z
Miltech Simulations Announces UK Carrier Strike Group

Miltech Simulations is back with another carrier group. The carrier line-up from the developer is looking rather impressive at this point, with their USS George H.W. Bush Carrier Group, Amphibious Ready Group and their USS Lexington. Their latest release, a UK Carrier Strike Group, adds ten static locations around the world where you can spawn on either the HMS Queen Elizabeth or the HMS Prince of Wales. There are also seven moving carriers located in the world for you to land on. All these carriers come with a full strike group protecting them, and several of these ships feature helicopter decks that can be landed on as well. The UK Carrier Strike Group is a great addition for Miltech Simulations’ MV-22B Osprey, but the add-on is fully compatible with any other aircraft, both default and third party.

Miltech Simulations’ UK Carrier Strike Group is available for $15.00 AUD from Orbx Direct.


  • Start your flights at the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth or HMS Prince of Wales at any of the 10 locations around the globe (Static)
  • NEW: 7 Moving carrier locations included (Not spawnable – identifiable with a POI Point (landmark) on the world map, which will spawn your aircraft in the air 0.5 Miles away from the carrier)
  • Takeoff from the aircraft carrier deck using the famous Ski-Jump ramp
  • All Type 23 Frigates and Type 45 Destroyers feature hard decks for helicopter flights.
  • Fully Compatible with our other Carrier products (USS George Bush, Amphibious Ready Group)
  • Static locations are fully compatible with MSFS Multiplayer. Moving locations not compatible (See notes below)
  • Fully compatible with any aircraft, default or third party.
  • Ultra-detailed Ships
  • Ultra-detailed static aircraft on deck

Included Vessels

  • HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) – Spawnable (Static) and Moving
  • HMS Prince of Wales (R09) – Spawnable (Static) and Moving
  • Type 23 Frigates (Hard Deck)
  • Type 45 Destroyers (Hard Deck)

STATIC SHIPS – Locations

All static locations are spawnable from the Runway (ready to fly) or Parking Spot 0 (Cold&Dark)

  • R081 – Portsmouth (R08)
  • R082 – Halifax (R08)·       R083 – New York (R08)·       R084 – Cyprus (R08)
  • R085 – North Sea (R08)
  • R091 – Northern Scotland (R09)
  • R092 – Gibraltar (R09)
  • R093 – Brunei (R09)
  • R094 – East Africa (by Kenya) (R09)
  • R095 – Caribbean (by the Virgin Islands) (R09)

MOVING SHIPS – Locations

Moving ships are not spawnable on the carrier deck. The aircraft will spawn 0.5 Nautical Miles away from the carrier. Locations are not identifiable by ICAO codes, but instead are shown on the World Map as POI Landmarks.

  • Irish Sea (R08)
  • Scotland (R08)
  • Falkland Islands (R08)
  • Australia (R08)
  • Baltic Sea (R09)
  • Mediterranean Sea (R09)
  • USA Pacific Coast (R09)
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