iniBuilds Summer Surprises Launched, Plus Major A300-600 Dev Update

A host of discounts and releases coming over the next few days. Plus a major dev update on the awaited A300-600 gives us a detailed look at the plane.

Posted: 23-Aug-2023 @ 16:15z
iniBuilds Summer Surprises Launched, Plus Major A300-600 Dev Update

iniBuilds has just announced that they are hosting a new Summer Surprises series that kicks off tomorrow, 24th August 2023. Alongside this, the team provided a major update with regard to the development of their upcoming A300-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Summer Surprises

Starting tomorrow, 24th August 2023, iniBuilds will be hosting its official Summer Surprises event, which will see huge discounts and new product releases. Each day, something new will come along, with the discount only lasting 24 hours. The new products being released are either by the iniBuilds team or as an exclusive release by one of their partners.

Be sure to check out their website between 24th August and 28th August to see what the daily surprise is.

iniBuilds A300-600 for MSFS

We saw the first development update for the A300-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator during FlightSimExpo 2023. Since then, the team has worked hard on bringing the aircraft to life in the simulator and has chosen today to provide a detailed update on how things are progressing.

Starting with the modelling and texture work, iniBuilds has said that the aircraft boasts “meticulous attention to detail, with each rivet, screw, panel gap, and placard thoughtfully recreated using high-resolution decal sheet.” The depth of the detail goes right down to the smallest features, including the nose gear interphone panel, external power panel and cargo areas.

The liveries themselves will also be unique, with precise stencils and markings used to showcase the level of detail each plane will come in. There is also “application of weathering effects that mirror the genuine accumulation of wear and tear from the skies.”

As for the systems and flight model, iniBuilds is committed to bringing a comprehensive set of systems to the plane. This includes a realistic flight model, full ACARS, CPDLC simulation and more. iniBuilds went into further detail by adding that CFD simulation will be included that runs over the wings and tail of the aircraft, which is then reinjected back into the aircraft’s flight model. There will be accurate drag and engine thrust simulation and improved ground effect that is also built using the CFD technology.

There is also a brand-new auto-flight system that has been built from the ground up. Expect:

  • New Flight directors giving better smoother guidance.
  • New Autoland system including new LOC and GS laws.
  • New AP handling. This will overhaul LVL CHANGE V/S and all other basic modes for smoother more accurate flying. 
  • New LNAV system better able to handle more complex SIDs and STARs.
  • Improved core system logic.

iniBuilds says that their in-house pilot testing team is “loving the results.”

What is fresh information is that iniBuilds say this will be the last development update until they get to the final testing and release prep for the plane. In terms of timeframes, iniBuilds also laid out their release plans. By the end of 2023, the GE Freighter & Passenger version (v1.00) will be released. After that, a ‘stage 1’ hotfix will also be made available as a free update. Following the initial release, iniBuilds confirmed that a PW update will be released in early 2024 as a free update. This will include PW Freighter, PW Pax version and also an IDC panel update in the cockpit (a modern radio panel option, which simulates CPDLC and ACARS – via Hoppie). After that, an EPIC Mod variant will be released in 2024 as a paid expansion. This adds the EPIC Mod for all aircraft engine and variants.

For now, enjoy the previews and once again, be sure to stay tuned to learn about the iniBuilds Summer Surprises.

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