FSDreamTeam Releases GSX Pro Update

FSDreamTeam releases a major update to improve GSX Pro.

Posted: 28-Sep-2022 @ 17:06z
FSDreamTeam Releases GSX Pro Update

Recently, FSDreamTeam took their social media to announce their latest update for GSX Pro. This update cleans up many bugs and adds new features to make the ground handling experience more intuitive.

The highlight feature of this new update is the ability to designate a hotkey to bring up the GSX menu. By default, the hotkey is set to Ctrl+Shift+F12, just like in FSX/P3D. However, GSX Pro now allows users to configure the hotkey to whatever they desire. Another feature for the menu system is removal of the auto-close system. In addition to the menu features, FSDT added Iran Air, Iraqi Airways, and Al-Bruahn as ground handling options and several Japanese banks as jetway logo options.

FSDreamTeam also addressed many bugs that occurred during the ground services. For example, this update addresses the service doors not closing automatically at the end of catering service, and ground services should no longer start when changing cockpit views with the GSX menu open.

Finally, FSDreamTeam took to their forum to lay out the future plans for GSX Pro. First, FSDT hopes to integrate GSX Pro with the new Navdata API released in Sim Update 10, eliminating the need for GSX to keep and read airport cache files. Furthermore, there are plans for a new refueling animation that would properly connect to aircraft with lower wings, like the Boeing 737. Finally, users will have the ability to always leave the GSX open when using VR or multiple monitors and save the jetway floor height in an airport’s profile, which will prevent passengers from walking too high or low.

This latest update can be installed through the FSDT Installer, or FSDT released a forum post with download links in the event the installer does not work. If you don’t already own GSX Pro, you can purchase it through FSDreamTeam’s website for $29.00.


  • New: Menu system changed; Auto-close function has been removed.
  • New: It’s now possible to use a Hot key (Ctrl+Shift+F12 by default, can be configured) to call the menu if the Toolbar icon is Active.
  • New: Updated manual to explain how the menu behavior changed and how to configure the Hotkey. Fixed the PMDG 737 refueling example.
  • Fix: Menu options keys 0-9 no longer activate with Ctrl/Shift/Alt modifiers, causing services starting when changing cockpit views with the menu open.
  • Fix: Passengers created in Air when Boarding at Gates with Jetways starting inside Terminals with solid Roofs.
  • Fix: Error when Reloading SimBrief if the wrong username was used or there was no flight plan available online.
  • Fix: Error happening when returning to the Main Menu if Passengers were still being generated.
  • Fix: Error with font displays happening when moving quickly in the airplane editor.
  • Fix: Service Doors not closing automatically at the end of Catering service.
  • Fix: Refueling stuck when closing menu before service.
  • Fix: Error when listing nearby airports if the airport cache wasn’t ready.
  • New: Added new Handling operators: Iran Air, Iraqi Airways and Al-Burhan.
  • New: Added new Jetway logos for some Japanese Banks.
  • New: Parking Spots with an empty Parking Name in the airport .BGL are now displayed as “Ramp”
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