FlyingIron Simulations Announces P-38L for MSFS

11 Sep 2021 16:07z

FlyingIron Simulations has announced they will be bringing the P-38L Lightning to Microsoft Flight Simulator later this month.

Having been in development for the past 6 months, FlyingIron Simulations are now ready to share a little more of this exciting bird. The P-38L Lightning will come packed with features making it highly realistic and detailed. From the use of Wwise sound packages to PBR materials, the aircraft will look and sound like the real thing. A realistic simulation of the twin, counter-rotating Alison engines has been included, which also features a custom temperature model, realistic engine management and prop feathering. However, you will need to look after it as failures are also modelled. Customs coded systems, including full electrical, oxygen and start systems have also been modelled, meaning you will learn about the aircraft as you fly.

To help get the aircraft ready for the simulator, FlyingIron Simulations has worked with GotGravel to help ensure the aircraft flies well in the sky. He has taken on the flight modelling duties of this historic plane, meaning you can expect the aircraft to fly as accurately as possible.

The current plan is to release the P-38L Lightning for Microsoft Flight Simulator by the end of the month, with a release through the Microsoft Marketplace happening 4-6 weeks afterwards. For now, enjoy the preview video and screenshots above.


  • Incredibly detailed modelling, texturing, lighting & artwork
  • Hi-fidelity Wwise Sound Package, using sounds recorded from a real P-38 Lightning
  • Highly realistic Flight Model, fine-tuned down to the smallest details
  • Realistic simulation of the twin, counter-rotating Alison V-1710 1600 HP engines powering the Curtiss 3-blade constant speed Props. This includes our custom temperature model, realistic engine management, prop feathering and failures for an immersive flight experience.
  • Detailed custom systems modelling, including fuel, electrical, oxygen and starter systems powered by over 9000 lines of code!
  • Modern Radio & Transponder integration, as well as an optional in-cockpit Garmin 430 GPS
  • Optional drop-tanks for extended range flights
  • Unique features such as Particle FX, canopy blowouts and blackouts!
  • Plus much more!

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