Fenix Updates A320 to v1.5.2.214

The Fenix A320 has been updated fixing high CPU usage for some users, improving sounds and more.

Fenix Updates A320 to v1.5.2.214

A brand new update for the Fenix A320 has just been released for customers who own the product. To be clear from the start, this is not the ‘Block 2’ update which will feature the new visual modelling, new EFB, and new IAE engine sets. This update, however, is focused on improving some of the flight dynamics, improving various pieces of art and sound, and also fixing an issue with high CPU usage.

In an update post from Aamir on the Fenix Discord server, the new update has rectified the ‘flap 3 drag’ situation, along with polishing the VNAV. There have also been improvements in stability and performance in both the Fenix bootstrapper tool and the Fenix app itself. The full changelog is down below.

This is an update to the already released V2 Block 1, which featured fly-by-wire updates, a new VNAV system and other avionics updates, some new displays, and performance optimizations. V2 Block 2 is still scheduled to release at the end of September.

These updates continue to pave the way for future products for Fenix. So far, we know that they plan on releasing the A319 and the A321 by the end of the year as an expansion pack.

You can obtain the update through the Fenix app or by logging into your account and downloading the latest version.

A320 CFM V1.5.2.214


  • Adjusted G/A trigger
  • Fixed high altitude speed constraint reported with LIRF approach
  • Several crash fixes
  • Fixed panel state issues with unable to start engines without cycling master levers
  • Fixed DES engagement from cruise equal to ALT CST, dist to dest must be < 200nm (reported on one of the KPHX arrivals from FL340)
  • Fixed G/A on wrong flaps conf target
  • Fixed MANUAL leg’s termination is not used as map ref point in plan mode
  • Fixed speed/altitude constraints missing criteria
  • Corrected restricting speed constraints below ECON on DES
  • Corrected not restricting speed constraints above ECON on DES
  • Improved ALT* in DES
  • Made LVLCH in DES mode more aggressive
  • Reprioritised below profile and overspeed relationship
  • Fixed occasional inccorect TOD placement over LNAV path
  • Fixed routing after discontinuity+manual leg when inserting SID/STAR/VIAs
  • High altitude speed constraints should appear in mach and be satisfied/ignored as such
  • Unrestrictive speed constraints are ignored, the actual speed displayed on that waypoint including (SPD LIM)
  • Added +/- is not allowed with speed constraint entry in MCDU -> FORMAT ERROR
  • Allow empty CSTR value
  • Fixed reversed L/DEV


  • Retuned alpha protection to prevent oscillations
  • Fixed blending bug in FLARE to GROUND MODE preventing correct blend being applied
  • Adjusted FLARE MODE to GROUND MODE transition logic
  • Adjusted FLARE MODE nose down controller with corrected data type
  • Adjusted FLARE MODE sidestick input Nz feedback
  • Adjusted spoiler deployment profile
  • Adjusted elevator input Nz data processing during post-touchdown to fix nose-down smashing


  • Adjusted Flap 3 drag values
  • Adjusted rotation weight/feel for greater weight


  • Fixed overly bright cockpit in some scenarios
  • Added SPEED BRAKE text on pedestal
  • Fixed wind sound disappearing in cruise (who knew TAS could go above 500)
  • Cockpit wind noise in high mach cruise improved
  • Fixed N2 whine and buzzsaw LP bug (engines should sound better in cockpit & cabin now)
  • Improved initial spool (20-50N1) sounds and balancing
  • Fixed stereo width on AEVC and cockpit pack samples
  • Taxiing sounds improved
  • Nosewheel on runway lights sound improved
  • Contactors improved (more to come in B2)
  • Y elec pump volume adjusted
  • Fuel pumps volume and balance adjusted
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