Fenix Begins A320 V2 Rollout, A321 and A319 Announcement

A new update, two brand new aircraft and sharklets all coming in the future.

Posted: 04-Aug-2023 @ 18:41z
Fenix Begins A320 V2 Rollout, A321 and A319 Announcement

V2 Rollout

Fenix Simulations has announced they will soon start the V2 rollout process of their popular Airbus A320 for MSFS. The V2 update has been in the works for quite some time and the changes are quite significant. V2 will contain updates to the fly-by-wire, avionics, EFB and performance of the Fenix A320. More notably, V2 will finally bring the highly anticipated IAE engines to the aircraft, as well as a new visual model of the aircraft.

However, those super eager to try out the new engines will need to wait for a little while longer. Fenix announced that the V2 update will take place in two stages, so called ‘blocks’. V2 Block 1 contains fly-by-wire updates, a new VNAV system and other avionics updates, some new displays and performance optimisations. The rollout of V2 Block 1 will start over the coming days and once it does, the team will share a full changelog of Block 1.

V2 Block 2 will contain the coveted IAE engines as well as the visual model update. It will also contain more avionics changes, version 2 of the Fenix EFB and possible fixes that need to be made to Block 1. Block 2 does not have a set rollout date yet, but the team expects the rollout to be concluded by the end of September.

The reason for rolling out V2 in these two separate stages was also explained by the team. While some work is ready and the team does not want to hold it back any longer, some work on particularly Block 2 is still ongoing and needs a little bit more time. Meanwhile the time in between the two updates will also allow the team to gather feedback that can then be iterated upon after V2 is fully delivered.

Fenix A321 and A319

Parallel to creating the V2 update, the team has been working on a secret project. Although many people had guessed that the team might work on additional aircraft in the A320 family, the team had thus far never shared anything to confirm this. That changes now, with the official announcement of the Airbus A321 and A319. The aircraft variants will be made available in a single expansion package, priced at £39.99. Fenix aims for a release of this expansion package by the end of this year.

Thinking even beyond this, the team also shared that next year they will be bringing sharklets to all these aircraft variants for free. Customers have long been wondering when these would be available and by sharing this timeline, the team can share a little more about what’s in store for their Airbus(es).

The full announcement can be found on Fenix Simulations’ website. We’ll keep you up to date on FSElite regarding the V2 rollout process, as well as more news and information regarding the newly announced Airbuses.

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