Fenix Releases V2B2 of their A320 for MSFS

The awaited V2B2 for the Fenix A320 is now available to download.

Posted: 28-Feb-2024 @ 17:00z
Fenix Releases V2B2 of their A320 for MSFS

After a long and anticipated wait, Fenix Simulations has released Version 2 Block 2 (V2B2) of its A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The changelog below will give you a full understanding of what to expect with this all-new version of the Fenix A320. If you’re looking for some highlights of what is included, here’s an idea. V2B2 comes with improved EFBs, a new cabin announcement system, full GSX integration, and vast improvements to the engine simulation. Speaking of engine simulation, you will now get IAE engines included with the package, now completing both engine types for the A320 series.

V2B2 also comes with some impressive new 3D modelling. As a result, all your old liveries are now redundant, meaning you will need to download a fresh set. To help support efforts on making the most comprehensive livery set possible, Fenix has teamed up with a number of community artists who have made some stunning-looking liveries.

A new blog post was shared that gives you some fundamentals to understand some things that has changed with the new update. It’s worth reading to answer any burning questions you may have as you download your update.

If you don’t already own the Fenix A320, you can buy it from their store for £49.99. If you want to update, you will need to head to your customer portal and you can download from there.



  • Added button that opens logs
  • Adjusted default settings
  • Minor UI tweaks


  • Rewrote idle descent pathing generation
  • Rewrote idle descent calculation math
  • Fixed random early application of descent speed limits
  • Fixed wrong speed target being used in descent
  • Fixed managed alt modes not being available in engine out conditions
  • Ripped out the old Cost Index calculation method, which was wildly inaccurate, and replaced it with all-new data, and all-new calcs for all phases. Climb, cruise, and descent.
  • Improved Cost Index calculation, should now provide more accurate values during all phases of flight
  • Overhauled the system that loads per-livery configuration settings and determines which engine type is shown on the displays.
  • Fixed brakes increasing temperature when in a GSX pushback.
  • Reworked the brake temperature model to accurately model the heat generated by braking, and dissipation both by radiative and convective transfers. Including a simulation of the difference in real disc temperature vs indicated temperature.
  • New brakes now have variances in disc mass.
  • Adjusted cooling dynamics for brakes in gear up (closed environment w/ 0 wind) configuration
  • Parking brake now affects how fast brakes cool down
  • Further improvements to VNAV.
  • Updated METAR and TAF API.
  • Fixed multiple crashes.
  • Added FADEC hot start handling for IAE engines.
  • Fixed display of pseudo waypoints with discontinuities.
  • Updated weather API for AOC WX.
  • Fixed crash caused by calculating CI values when CRZ ALT value was no longer available
  • Reduced VDEV jumps caused by erroneous distance calculations
  • Pseudo T/C and T/D should not appear in the f-pln behind PPOS.
  • Fixed TERR STBY false positive bug
  • Fixed wiper sound playing quietly when wiper CB is pulled
  • Updated grid heading formula
  • Fixed MCDU parse error when constraint context is passed instead of value
  • Added common AOC interface
  • Fixed go around not initiated if thrust levers never moved below FLX
  • Fix holding entry is recomputed and reappears after finishing entry in some holdings
  • Rolled back onToga() calls from the TLA toga level to edge
  • Fixed VNAV does not match fixes to correct legs, causing distancemap to be wrong
  • Changed CDU brightness key sensitivity
  • Fixed crash if cockpitsetup.xml is not in the expected location
  • FWC no longer remains in takeoff mode during single engine flight
  • Fixed LNAV calculation bug on FD legs
  • Fixed default transponder code not matching the code shown on TCAS panel
  • Fixed transponder not syncing when set externally (e.g. “.x 1234” in vPilot)
  • Fixed climb speed limit when in a SID with a more restrictive speed
  • Fixed DES SPD LIM not accepting input
  • Fixed TERR STBY showing when in GPS PRIMARY
  • Fixed ditto symbol (“) display on F-PLN page
  • Fixed ToC/ToD overlap on short routes
  • Added ICAO validation on AOC WX page
  • Fixed transponder codes below 0100 not working
  • Fixed bootstrapper not loading if it encountered unexpected data in an aircraft.cfg
  • Improved autothrottle mach hold
  • Fixed brake temps indicating below 0 degrees
  • Fixed brake temps not showing “XX” above 999 degrees
  • Fixed brake 2 using brake 1’s indicated temp (they’re now independent)
  • Fixed energy being added to the brakes when in slew
  • Multiple fixes to improve the reliability of EFB assets loading
  • Fixed CI speed issue when in lbs – this issue caused early speed reductions during descent
  • Added DCDU cockpit setup item
  • Added further failures: bird strike, engine fire, hung start
  • Added new configuration items for V2B2 art
  • Added support for LATLON waypoints in flight plan uplinks (55N052W, 5510N05215W, 552336N0521627W)
  • Adjusted FDU fire output signal for col1 & col2 lights to check both loops
  • Fixed formatting and precision on FUEL PRED page
  • Fixed missing space after un-entered ZFWCG
  • Fixed reversal in some ECAM procedures for GPWS FLAP MODE switch
  • Fixed “SPF” typo in an ECAM message
  • Added engine surge failure
  • Cargo door go boing
  • Fixed several ECAM messages for formatting and input sensing
  • Fixed pitot icing
  • Completed cargo door hydraulic simulation
  • Fixed GS showing on LOC only approaches
  • Fixed VNAV DES CSTR filtering
  • Optimised speed target detection
  • Fixed errors relating to TAS -> IAS conversion and overriding tropopause
  • Corrected PFD sidestick deflection activation
  • Display sync on by default
  • Added LVARS for engine type and cargo meat
  • Fixed EFB aircraft settings not saving
  • Fixed error in CAS calculation
  • Added IAE startup FADEC “bug” when high OAT
  • Fixed cargo door mechanical uplock
  • Fixed landing gear panel UNLK light logic
  • Fixed pack valves not reopening after engine start
  • Fixed IAE N1 FADEC reporting threshold
  • Made IAE engines read CONT IGN state from EEC
  • Fixed idle detection for high idle demand
  • Added SDS
  • Fixed engine shutdown procedure not triggering after engine failure
  • Added lvars for various hardware readouts (FCU, RMP, ADIRS, XPDR, QNH, Battery Voltage, and Rudder Trim)
  • Added IAE ignition faults
  • Various changes to support V2 art (engine values updating more frequently, annunciator brightness, auxiliary SimObject container titles, new interior lights)
  • Updated code signing certificate
  • Optimised LVAR setting
  • Fixed cargo isolation valve faults not closing cargo isolation valves
  • Fixed IR lights not working
  • Allow registration panels to be hidden
  • Added and tuned newer VNAV idle descent data recorded from
  • Added CVR fault ECAM
  • Added new internal input event system
  • Added proper switch to reverse in engine model
  • Fixed the elusive issue where the aircraft gets yeeted into the ground at mach 100000000
  • Fixed route showing below TA ONLY box
  • Fixed DDRMI position/numbers/test
  • Fixed alignment of 24 character ECAM lines
  • Fixed SD COND not being shown when zone controller fails
  • Fixed numbering on SD WHEEL page
  • Fixed display of ND mach CSTRs
  • Fixed yellow line on PFD when IRS are off
  • Tuned deceleration distances in VNAV pathing algo
  • Added ability to disable knob acceleration
  • Adjusted flap axis calibration
  • Adjusted throttle calibration
  • Adjusted throttle axis
  • Fixed some ECAM typos
  • Fixed strobe lights not activating when set on via MSFS control binding
  • Added GSX integration
  • Added ability for multiple armed failure conditions to be chained (so both a speed AND altitude arming)
  • Fixed issue where SID/STAR were not filtered based on runway selection.
  • Fixed STBY AOA shown as F/O AOA in ECAM
  • Removed SimBrief username from Fenix App (caused conflicts with EFB setting)
  • Added announcement system
  • Added sound attenuation from speakers within the cabin. Position within the aircraft affects the volume (directly under a speaker will be the loudest)
  • Built Audio cutout/stutter when power is interrupted (e.g. switching from APU to generators)
  • Announcement volume in the cabin increases when engines are starting, like real life
  • Cockpit door affects audio volume of announcements
  • Functional ACP PA receive knob, with adjustable volume
  • Slight randomness in announcement timings
  • Announcement soundpacks installable in Community folder, and selectable on a livery-basis (based on icao_airline in the livery aircraft.cfg)
  • Added engine fan heating ground service
  • Added REFUELG when GSX fuel hose connected
  • Added ability to call jetway/stairs when MECH overhead button is pressed
  • Added catering service during refuelling
  • Added normal brake to requirements for CAT III
  • Fixed another category of SID/STAR not showing correctly based on the runway
  • Fixed timing of yellow electric pump with cargo door
  • Fixed rudder trim not showing “L” if it’s 0
  • Ensured NORM BRK in green only shows on WHEEL page if alternate brakes or autobrake fails
  • Added opt-in error reporting
  • Added tags and variants to cabin announcement system
  • Added the ability for some cabin announcements to repeat. For example, BoardingWelcome will play every 5 minutes during boarding
  • Added support for multiple layers of cabin sounds. Music can now re-start after BoardingWelcome announcement
  • Added Turbulence announcement that plays when in climb or cruise phase, and seatbelts are switched on
  • Added cabin ready configuration item
  • Fixed more potential crashes
  • Fixed incorrect speed constraint handling
  • Fixed crash experienced when DCT TO or setting an altitude constraint (usually when in APPR phase)
  • Fixed SimBrief uplink where the alternate did not have a plan_rwy (BAV)
  • Changed annunciator light bright/dim values
  • Added engine surges system handling
  • Added call sound triggering for cabin crew ready announcement
  • Smoothed out autopilot roll
  • Added N1 filtering to XEM
  • Fixed yellow hydraulic pump starting when cargo door is not in the open freefall position
  • Fixed text and formatting in OIL LO PR ECAM
  • Fixed issue that could cause APU to shutdown after a quickstart
  • Fixed pre-planned DECELs missing
  • Fixed false positive TOO STEEP PATH on high angle glideslopes
  • Fixed alternate flight plan not having fuel calculations
  • Changed hydraulic pump response during cargo door movement
  • Improved timing precision of all sounds
  • Adjusted smoothness of N1 delta when bleed demand changes N1
  • Added new tiller logic (including rudder pull tab clickspot to toggle tiller)
  • Added cabin light switching when the announcements play
  • Added hold speed modification for IAE engines
  • Improved engine no light logic
  • Improved VNAV idle descent path building
  • Changed livery configuration names to make them clearer (breaking change from the old cockpitsetup.xml format)
  • Updated external dependencies
  • Fixed even more crashes
  • Fixed selection of alternate flight plan cruise alt
  • Fixed ECP ALL button switching back to the default page
  • Fixed some crashes in VNAV
  • Fixed pack fault when cranking
  • Improved failure integration with XEM
  • Fixed igniters not automatically shutting off during MAN START
  • Many performance improvements to internal code, particularly in communicating with the simulator and between our various systems
  • Added inHg/hPa to EFIS BARO syncing
  • Improved handling of TOO STEEP PATH
  • Improved ISIS sky colour
  • Improved CAB PRESS page showing too often
  • Improved rudder travel limit
  • Fixed N2 XX display threshold
  • Fixed pack valves not reopening after master switch returned to NORM on ground
  • Fixed VERT REV showing mach incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with default panel state not being set
  • Fixed min flex being greater than max flex
  • Fixed RMP SEL light showing in incorrect conditions
  • Optimised navdata database to improve query speed
  • Added “prefer CPU rendering” option
  • Added doors opening when EVAC is commanded
  • Renamed “use wizard displays” to “display sync”
  • Removed old “use display synchronisation” option
  • Significantly improved latency between keypress and something happening on the MCDU
  • Fixed first character from being cut off on F-PLN page
  • Enabled frame pacing for display sync
  • Various small improvements to MCDU codebase
  • Made displays full res in alternate renderer
  • Fixed four systems crashes
  • Improved FBW A.Prot program (AoA dampening, alpha protection law)
  • Improved autothrottle to reduce fluctuations in steady flight
  • Updated gear cooling factor when retracted
  • Fixed crash when changing SEC F-PLN
  • Fixed another three different crashes
  • Changed default SELCAL to “-.-” if fnx_selcal_code is not provided or empty
  • Improved EGT rise threshold for no light detection
  • Fixed EPR not being visible when FADEC is powered
  • Added curve to brake input
  • Added queueing for CIDS sign audio
  • Fixed AP aggressiveness when engaging G/S
  • Removed some unnecessary logging
  • Fixed ground spoilers bumping up slightly upon retracting
  • Fixed diving below VPATH
  • Added rudder damping (controllable via EFB)
  • Fixed VNAV error causing VPATH jumping
  • Fixed AT wobbling slightly when engaging open climb
  • Improved FBW pitch behaviour


  • Fix left/right arrows rendering off screen on AOC FUNCTION page
  • Fixed ND: SPD Lim symbol EIS1 style
  • Fixed ECAM SD ELEC page- BATT wont show OFF
  • Fixed BATT label when off
  • Fixed V1 and Vr symbol overlay logic incorrect
  • Fixed PFD missing yellow middle marker when LS pb off.
  • Fixed flight path (including waypoints, restrictions, …) should be on top of arc – overlay issue
  • Fixed ECAM: The red part of the outflow valve in a location should be in amber
  • Fixed ND – ADF2 offset.
  • Fixed ECAM Memo underline and box line too thin.
  • Fixed ND Navinfo Manual Marker line too thick.
  • Fixed ND – Unable to see VOR/ADF info while ADIRS are off, it should show even when those systems are failed.
  • Fix next waypoint info missing in ARC mode
  • Fix battery label on ECAM
  • Fix some crashes when using wizzard/Display Sync
  • Fix rectangle showing around XX EPR on EWD
  • Add PFD yaw bar
  • Resolved possible conflict with Nvidia Streamline
  • Added IDG LO PR/DISC
  • Enabled BUSS
  • Fixed RA threshold for turning green
  • Fixed MACH SEL overlapping with FMA line
  • Fixed alignment of upper row messages like “TA ONLY”
  • Fixed DC BATT not showing XX when off
  • Fixed GEN1/2 percentage colour when value is 0
  • Fixed alignment of ECAM memo text
  • Fixed NAV LS mode drawing
  • Fixed alignment of OFST and chrono element
  • Fixed nav info missing when IRS not aligned
  • Fixed ND range rings when IRS not aligned
  • Fixed FPA showing 5 dashes instead of 3
  • Fixed ND aircraft symbol not showing at the correct layer
  • Fixed FMA fonts
  • Fixed FCTL FCDC 1+2 and SDAC 1+2 fail symbology
  • Fixed CPC 1+2 fail symbology
  • Fixed missing “ANTI ICE” on BLEED page
  • Fixed alignment of “ALT SEL” text on lower ECAM
  • Fixed missing “XX” in COND page during SDAC 1+2 fail
  • Fixed EMER GEN frequency and voltage values, adjusted alignments
  • Fixed MAN and SYS 2 overlap
  • Fixed some colours for ND VOR info
  • Fixed FD/FPV and birdie drawing order and symbology
  • Fixed missing VOR1/VOR2 red symbology when failed in ROSE VOR mode
  • Corrected FCU minimum brightness to still have digits visible
  • Added EPR N1 mode (WIP)
  • Fixed FCU brightness visible when no power
  • Fixed speed tape left yellow mark cut off
  • Fixed PFD check alt
  • Fixed TCAS amber message on PFD and ND
  • Minor adjustment of TCAS flag on PFD


  • Switched over to V2 artwork and sounds – highlights:
  • Completely rebuilt exterior model and textures, for higher detail and accuracy
  • Completely rebuilt cabin to feature more modern fixtures and better detailing
  • Reduced VRAM usage and drawcalls
  • Improved cockpit window modelling
  • Remapped entire cockpit for more efficient texture and memory usage
  • Improved wingflex
  • New CFM and IAE soundsets
  • Added shadow-casting lights
  • Realistic engine spinner blur with accurate phase-shifting
  • Added multiple SatCom antenna options
  • Improved cockpit integral lighting
  • New LCD simulation for the displays (more realistic at night)


  • Switched over to EFB V2
  • Made significantly more responsive
  • External EFB optimised for more screen sizes
  • Added external MCDU accessible from web browser
  • Added AMDB charts from Navigraph
  • EFB data now uses Navigraph for Airports/Runways
  • Added new custom intersection functionality
  • Added send to MCDU functionality for TO perf and ZFW/ZFWCG/Block Fuel
  • Added ability to change backgrounds
  • Added keyboard Inputs
  • Added QRH in Documents
  • Added persistence in apps
  • Added a new failures app, moved from MCDU (bad UI) to EFB (good UI), filter by armed failures and failed systems.


  • CFM Engines moved to XEM
  • IAE Engines moved to XEM
  • Improved spoiler coefficients for CFM+IAE
  • Adjusted drag with gear down
  • Adjusted contact points for new gear
  • Adjusted CFM & IAE airframe drag based on telemetry readings
  • Fine tuned CFM & IAE ram drag
  • Adjusted CFM & IAE flaps for better pitch attitude/drag


  • Liveries now install into a single “fnx-aircraft-320-liveries” folder, decluttering your Community folder
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