DCS Announces A-1H Skyraider

A new module announcement for DCS.

An exciting announcement for a new module was made by the Eagle Dynamic team for DCS. Developed by a new third party developer, Crosstail Studios, the team has announced the development of an A-1H Skyraider.

The A-1H Skyraider, dubbed the ’Spad’, is a single engine attack aircraft capable of carrying large loads of ordnance as well as long endurance, inspiring the Thunderbolt later on. The DCS: A-1H will aim to be the most accurate representation of this aircraft for any simulator we have seen yet. Due to Crosstail Studios’ partnership with the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, the team has access to two airworthy Skyraiders. The team has already spent a large amount of time recreating the plane based on 3D scans, while subject matter experts have guided the development of the flight characteristics and other key details. Furthermore, Crosstail Studios is partnering with Echo One Niner Audio Production to help bring this plane come to live from an audio perspective as well.


A small update was also given by Eagle Dynamics regarding the Supercarrier. The developer is still working on the PRIFLY and Briefing Room of the DCS: Supercarrier. The briefing room will allow the briefing officer to display details, such as the F10 map, on a projector to all pilots. Planning information can also be shared across tablets.


In an upcoming update, Eagle Dynamics is updating how AI will behave in dogfights. AI will favour one-circle, two-circle or a combination of the two based on performance characteristics. This means that a combination of aircraft type, aspect angle and energy state will dictate how the AI will react to your aircraft. The AI will be able to better maintain optimal sustained turning rates and adjust its nose position to maximise this, or convert energy into altitude. Based on how fights develop, AI will become better at switching tactics and react more dynamically to its opponent. These changes to the basic flight manoeuvres are currently under development and will be making their way to the simulator at some point in the future. For World War II era aircraft, Eagle Dynamics is working on a different BFM toolbox that will see different and unique improvements to these aircraft.

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