Burning Blue Design Releases Stow Maries Aerodrome

The Great War airstrip in Essex is released for MSFS

Posted: 04-Dec-2023 @ 11:06z
Burning Blue Design Releases Stow Maries Aerodrome

Burning Blue Design have released their rendition of Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the latest in their long-running line of small general aviation airfields in the United Kingdom.

The grass strip located in Essex (just north of Southend) holds a special place in aviation history as one of the few remaining First World War aerodromes that are still operational today.

Originally established in 1916 during the First World War, Stow Maries Aerodrome played a crucial role in the defence of London against German air raids. It served as a home for Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and later Royal Air Force (RAF) squadrons, housing both pilots and ground crew. The aerodrome was strategically positioned to intercept and engage enemy aircraft on their way to bomb London.

One of the remarkable features of Stow Maries is its well-preserved collection of First World War-era buildings, including hangars, officer’s mess, and other support structures. These buildings offer visitors a tangible connection to the past, allowing them to step back in time and experience the life of those who served during the Great War.

The aerodrome has undergone extensive restoration efforts to bring it back to its original condition, providing an authentic glimpse into the history of early aviation. Visitors can explore the various exhibits, displays, and aircraft on-site, gaining insights into the challenges faced by aviators during First World War.

Stow Maries is available on Burning Blue Design’s website for £10.95GPB. A full feature list is enclosed below.

  • Over 90 custom 3D objects each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures.
  • Based on October 2023 layout.
  • Full custom night lighting.
  • Animated hangar doors which close at night.
  • Animated hangar doors which close at night.
  • Completely custom windsock and anemometer.
  • Animated spectators.
  • Real-life static aircraft at Stow Maries:
    • G-ABAA Avro 504K (H2311)
    • G-CJZO Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e replica (A2943)
    • G-ARUI Sopwith Pup Replica (BAPC.179) (​​​)
    • G-BMDB Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a 2/3rds scale Replica (F235)
    • G-WAHT Albatros D.V ‘Otto Kissemberth – Edelweiss livery’ (2263/17)
    • G-BWMJ Nieuport 17/2B Replica (N1977)
  • High resolution colour corrected ground textures taken from Bing maps and manipulated for consistency and realism.
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