Burning Blue Design Releases United Kingdom VORs for MSFS

Visual aid, or radio navigation instrument?

Posted: 04-Aug-2023 @ 09:45z
Burning Blue Design Releases United Kingdom VORs for MSFS

Burning Blue Design has released their latest product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, United Kingdom VORs. This package includes all 50 VOR (Very high-frequency Omnidirectional Range) ground stations scattered across the United Kingdom.

The VORs have been accurately recreated in this package, with attention to detail paid to the lattice towers, buildings, and surrounding terrain. The textures are all PBR (Physical Based Rendering), which means they look great in all lighting conditions. There is also a wide variety of vegetation, walls & fences, and ground clutter to add to the realism.

In addition to the static objects, there are also animated people and static vehicles to be found at some of the VORs. The ground has been merged and terraformed to create a smooth and seamless transition between the VORs and the surrounding terrain. The VORs have also been merged with existing airports and airfields to ensure a consistent look and feel.

Finally, each VOR station has its own Points of Interest (POI) that can be used to help pilots navigate. These POIs include the VOR tower, the antenna, the buildings, and any other significant features.

United Kingdom VORs is a great addition to any Microsoft Flight Simulator pilot’s library. It provides a realistic and immersive experience while flying around the British Isles.

The package is available now from the Burning Blue Design website for £8.95.


  • All 50 VORs across the British Isles
  • 8 different VOR lattice types
  • 5 different VOR building types
  • Full PBR textures throughout
  • A wide variety of vegetation, walls & fences, and ground clutter
  • Animated people and static vehicles
  • Ground merging and terraforming
  • Merging with existing airports and airfields
  • Points of Interest for each VOR station
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