Azur Poly Issues First Major Update for C-160 Transall

Developers add all-new cargo drop functionality to French military transporter.

Posted: 17-Nov-2023 @ 11:52z
Azur Poly Issues First Major Update for C-160 Transall

Azur Poly has released version 1.2 of their C-160 addon for MSFS, representing the product’s first major update since it originally launched back in May of this year.

Speaking on their Facebook page, the developer wrote that after many months of hard work, they were proud the release the feature-rich update.

Starting from the top, the team have been able to implement what they describe as ‘dynamic’ payloads. Quote, “We promised the community that we were extensively looking to add object dropping features, even if there is nothing concrete in the simulator to do it easily”.

“Thanks to the amazing help of TouchingCloud, this has been achieved. You can now drop our two VBL vehicles, see them leaving the cargo bay by the ramp into free fall.”

The team have also added animated troops who will jump out the back of your aircraft, and although they say that the complex animations involved in dynamic payloads are currently limited by the simulator, they hope that in the future they will be able to further enhance this feature. Jorg et al, take note!

Moving on, the team are pleased to announce that the plane’s FMS has undergone significant improvements and that it is now possible to conduct an IFR flight fully within the Transall’s base systems. However, for ease of use, a GNS unit has been added to the overhead panel for simmers seeking something more straightforward. The team say that reading the manual will be essential to using the new FMS as the Transall systems featured in the C-160 are “not the most intuitive when compared to modern airliners”.

transall c-160 by azur poly

Additionally, a Heads-up-Display (HUD) has been added as per the specification of the real world C-160NG variant, and a number of bugs have been fixed especially in relation to the Transall’s complex fuel system.

A full changelog is contained below:

  • Animated paratroops and vehicles cargo drop.
  • New head-up display (HUD) with fully custom display.
  • FMS now fully capable for flight plan management.
  • New EFIS ARC and MAP modes.
  • Flight plan display on EFIS.
  • Fixed fuel consumed from only one tank at once.
  • Fixed APU stopping after few minutes.
  • Corrected engine sounds.
  • Removed loud engine sound in multiplayer.
  • Added button to refill methanol.
  • Switch to toggle NAV mode (VLOC/GPS)
  • Fixed formation lights toggling wing lights.
  • New EFB option to set payload weights manually.
  • Fixed propeller RPM drop after touchdown.
  • Fixed incorrect generator frequencies.
  • EFB update with autopilot VS mode.
  • Use Working Title GNS package by default.
  • Possibility to hide yoke.
  • More ergonomic autopilot pitch switch.
  • Fixed IFF knob not changing transponder state.
  • Fixed propeller dust effect displayed with engine off.
  • Updated EFB map source.
  • Small EFIS color changes.
  • Fixed missing decals on French grey livery.
  • Several minor texture fixes.

The package should be available to download for existing customers in short order. For those interested in purchasing the C-160, you can do so here.

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